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Create Your Own History of Success by Implementing the Proven (Best-Practice) Systems, Processes and Workflows Used by America’s Top Companies:

**A note from Clay Clark

Since founding my first business out of my college dorm room, I has been able to some incredibly high levels of success while still maintaining a fairly low level of test scoring skills.

Vision without execution is hallucination.” – Thomas Edison (Inventor of the light bulb, recorded sound and recorded audio. The man who has more patents than anyone else in U.S. history…if you believe that he stole the light bulb from Tesla, I’m not going to fight you on that)

  • How it possible that I had to take the ACT three times just to get into college, yet I can successfully start, run, manage and coach countless successful companies?
  • Does I have some mystical business building powers? No, my incredible paleness is just natural.
  • Do I have  incredibly good looks and talent that just allows me to just successfully frolic around the world of business? No, I’m not a beautiful man.
  • Do I have some mega connections from some super rich celebrities that have secretly funded me in some sort of Illuminati Conspiracy Theory sort of way? No, the Illuminati wouldn’t return my calls.
  • Do I have a rich uncle who included me in his will or trust? No.

Friends, to achieve success this is all you have to do (below) and really all that we help you to do here at the Make Your Life Epic PR and Business Growth Firm.

“Define. Act. Measure. Refine.” – Reid Hoffman (Co-founder of PayPal)

  • Find a G.O.A.T. – This stands for the greatest of all time, or some might say “the best-practice” or others might say, the “proven systems.” The point is that we all need to take the time to find companies and people that are getting it done right and winning.
  • Study the G.O.A.T. – At Make Your Life Epic we are obsessed with studying America’s top companies, case studies of success and every possible proven best-practice system that we can get our hands on. Why? Because I love studying business in the way that most rationale people love going on vacation. What is a perfect vacation for me? Reading case studies while creating action plans for businesses looking to grow and then hanging out with my 5 kids while hitting on my wife.
  • Create an Action Plan – Once we know what to do, we help you make a super-detailed action plan to get it done. It’s not good enough to say, “Well, we know we need to create a compelling mailer, a solid pro-forma and search engine strategy.” These sorts of statements help no one. Somebody actually has to create the mailer. Someone will some serious excel and accounting skills actually has to make the pro-forma and somebody has to actually create an HTML-based Google friendly website, back links and thousands of pages original high quality content for your website to be “Top in Google”
  • Execute the Plan with the Spirit of the B.O.O.M. – Once the plan has been made we actually have schedule the times, the people, and the resources needed to do it. This is something that most people don’t do for some reason. And when you do execute a plan you want to make sure that you bring the B.O.O.M.! What is the B.O.O.M.? The B.O.O.M. stands for, the Big Overwhelming Optimistic Momentum. Nothing gets done in the world of business unless some energy and passion is brought to work every day. We’ve met thousands of clients who have great plans, but they never have actually implemented them. At Make Your Life Epic, we are obsessed with the euphoric feeling clients experience when they actually get something done, which doesn’t happen until somebody actually does something.
  • Measure Results – Once action has been taken we need to take the time out to measure the results and to learn from these results? Did John make the calls? Let’s listen to John’s calls to see if John actually followed the script and what actual customers actually thought about his actual calls. Did Kyle actually update the website? How many people actually clicked the website? How many people actually bought something as a result? After doing all of this work, did anyone actually make any money here or were we just busy?
  • Refine the Action Plan – Once the data has come in, every business must then refine their plan and make a few minor adjustments. Then we get back to executing the plan again.

“Telling people I’m an entrepreneur means I’m unemployed and busy to about 90% of people.” – Clay Clark

If you are ready to start or grow a business that you love then you need to check out Thrive15.com for the best online business education and mentorship program on the planet, or you need to give us call for the best one on one business coaching experience on this planet. We have yet to go to other planets so we cannot guarantee we are the best in the galaxy at this point.

Sincerely Boom!

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