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Remember growing up when everyone talked about the future and how different everything was going to be? Well guess what. That future is now. Today people rely on social media, online reviews and anonymous pier reviews more than ever. It’s insane, and it can be very frustrating for those of us who work in this industry, but reputation management is now absolutely essential for your business. One competitor with a quick-wit, tenacity and medium-level amount of tech savvy about them can produce quite a negative shock for your business.

As an example. A while back there was a local restaurant in Tulsa that received a super-negative complaint for an “anonymous restaurant patron” claiming to be “extremely dissatisfied” with the poor customer service and the horrible quality of the food that was being served. Unfortunately before the business owner discovered that the complaint had been posted online it had already gone viral over the internet. Within hours all of Tulsa was commenting, judging and making false assumptions about this business.

 **This video features a “Social Media Marketing Video” that was created for MYLE client, Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge

**This video was posted by MYLE Tulsa PR Firm.

Months later it was discovered that the “complaint” had been posted by an frustrated competitor that was unable to win the battle for customers by fighting fairly. Thus, this competitor had resorted to negative “scare tactics” to lure customers away from his competition. Had the company had its defenses up by having a social media management system in place they would have caught this terrible act and put a stop to it quickly. Had their been a social media manager in place, the company could have fought back. The company could have offered their side of the story. The company could have publicly challenged their competitor. The company could have be quick to respond. The company could have told their customers through the media about the falseness of these accusations, but instead it did nothing.

Meanwhile as it did nothing the snowball only grew bigger and bigger as this message gained momentum. Happy customers, kept asking themselves, “why is this business owner not responding?” Then finally a concerned customer alerted the owner to the rash of bad PR that his company was receiving and the massive jab that his reputation was being hit with. Unfortunately, by that time the damage had already been done.

Today this business is not longer in business. Sad? Yes. True? Yes. Don’t let this happen to your business. Begin growing relationships and friendships with your clients via social media. As your conversations with your customers expand in their frequency and your candor you will notice a dramatically increased level of loyalty to your brand, product and service.

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