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A Case Study of Easton Sod

John Easton is the owner of Easton Sod and we helped to provide him the marketing tools he needed in 3 ways:

1) Videography Solutions

2) Website Enhancement Solutions

3) Creating Search Engine Optimization Friendly Web Platform

Throughout the years we have been blessed to work with big time brads like Maytag University, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, Hewlett Packard and OXI Fresh. Many times when clients call us they need a mountain of items and a complete business make-over and turn-around, however John Easton only needed 3 tools to help him grow his already existing and successful business.

1) Videography Solutions – In terms of videography solutions, Easton just needed to capture some customer testimonials from his existing and happy customers while creating a customized commercial video that introduced new potential sod buyers to the high quality sod products and services that he currently provides. As with all clients we took the initial time to meet with the client to assess his needs to clarify what they main objective of the project was. After doing this for about an hour, a game-plan was produced and the video shoots were scheduled. Easton Sod is an established company with much to celebrate, catalogue and to showcase so building a powerful video for them was easy.

2) Website Enhancement Solutions – Unfortunately many web developers have not been paying attention to this little company called, Google and the search results that they deliver for most humans. It is true that some people use or, but for the most of the world, Google is the currently the search engine of choice. Thus, it is very important that every site is Google Compliant and built on the basic HTML coding platform. In the case of Easton, his website simply needed to be enhanced and upgraded to the current Search Engine friendly format Google uses. As we do with all clients we sat down and explained to him how Google works so that he could truly understand our plan which involves supplying the massive amounts of original quality content, verified back links and the overall HTML architecture and website layout that Google requires. Just do a “Google Search” for “Tulsa Sod” to see our handy work.

3) Creating Search Engine Optimization Friendly Web Platform – When designing a website it is very important that we design a website that is “Google Friendly” at that gives the business owner room to expand his or her content base without constantly having to recreate the website from scratch on a week to week basis. As the top Tulsa PR Firm, we are absolutely maniacal about this. So many businesses we meet with hired a “web guy” and they must call this “web guy” every time they want to make a site update. However, the “web guy” they hired has usually moved or is “going through something” and is thus unavailable. If you want to avoid this drama, just give us a call here Make Your Life Epic.

Today when you do a “Google Search” for “Tulsa Sod,” “Oklahoma Sod,” “Bixby Sod” and countless other sod-related terms our friends at Easton come up top in the search engine results. To us, this is rewarding and we are sincerely excited to see their business expand as their inbound call volume increases. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

**Learn more about John Easton (Mayor of Bixby), by clicking the link above.

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