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A Case Study of Revolution Health of Tulsa

Over the years it has been an absolute honor to work with Doctor Chad Edwards and his staff. When we first began working with Doctor Edward we were absolutely blown away by his passion to help people truly improve their overall health in a holistic way. Essentially Doctor Edwards wants to find and treat the root cause of your medical problems and not just treat the symptoms you are experiencing with pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries and countless other common practice modern medicine solutions that produce long-term side effects that can be often life-threatening.

Because Doctor Edwards was actually starting a business when we first met him we have provided a massive variety of solutions for he and his medical practice including (but not limited to):

1) Business Plan Creation

2) Capital Raising

3) Logo Design

4) Branding Design

5) Website Creation

6) Business Card Creation

7) Print Piece Creation

8) Vendor Referral Generation System Creation

9) Daily Operational Processes Creation

10) Financial Modeling

11) Daily Workflow / System Checklist Creation

12) Revenue Optimization

13) Videography Solutions

14) Photography Solutions

15) Public Relations

16) PR Kit Creation

17) Trade Show System Creation

18) Social Media Marketing Campaign

19) Search Engine Optimization 

20) Customer Appreciation Event Planning

21) Celebrity Marketing

22) And Countless Other Turn-Key Services…

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1) Business Plan Creation – Whenever someone is looking to start a business, 9 times out of 10 they are motivated to start the business because of a burning passion they have to solve one of the Earth’s problems. For Doctor Edwards he was passionate about REVOLUTIONIZING the healthcare profession as it relates to interacting with your local family physician. However, in order to do this, every business must eventually start somewhere. We worked diligently with Doctor Edwards to find out exactly where he wanted to take the business and to create a business plan that would help him get there. The process of creating a business plan can be overwhelming, yet there is a formulaic approach that one can take to create the desired outcome. Once we helped him to create a financially viable business plan, the next step we needed to take was to help him secure capital.

2) Capital Raising – Once we had a completed business plan formed and agree upon, the next step was to go out and raise capital to fund the start of his new business. Because of our established relationships with lenders, lending institutions, institutional capital, bankers, and the owners of bank luckily raising capital was not a long process for the doctor. From the time we completed his business plan until the time he was able to secure funding was less than 60 days, which is like “sprinting” in the world of banking, lending and business funding.

3) Logo Design – After capital had been raised, it was now time to work with him to create an exit strategy from his existing hospital while beginning the design process of creating a logo that ran parallel with his vision to REVOLUTIONIZE health care. Our team invested the time and brought their combined decades of experience to the table to create a logo that he was very pleased with.

4) Branding and Design – After the logo was created it then became time to create the branding materials. Creating branding materials can often sound pretty ambiguous so specifically we are talking about: creating letterhead, creating signage, creating the slideshows to be show in the office, creating the social media pages, etc…Branding is very important because a company’s brand often provides the company’s first impression to the general public. If the branding is terrible, customers tend to stay away. If the branding is great, potential customers begin to have their curiosity peaked.

5) Website Creation – After the branding elements were fully created and agreed upon it was time to create a website that was both search engine friendly and viewer friendly. What does this mean? Most people today use their smartphone and Google to find the products, services and reviews they need to make informed buying decisions. Thus, we had to create a site that would score very high in search engine results, but that also created a world-class first impression. Within 45 days we were able to layout a website that absolutely wowed Doctor Edwards. Within 90 days the phone began to ring from potential patients who had begun to find his website and his practice in their search results. These search results eventually grew to become the strongest marketing channel for his new business.

6) Business Card Creation – Business cards are met to provide the people that you come in contact with, with the proper contact information to reach both you and your business. However, in my mind, a poorly designed business card can stress to people NOT TO CALL YOU. If a business card looks amateur and is filled with errors, don’t you then begin to juxtapose this feeling on everything that the company does? Many times we shouldn’t do this as humans, however we do and it’s called judgement based on patterns. If you have business cards you want them to be awesome or you don’t want to have them at all. We worked with Doctor Edwards to create some incredible business cards to go along with his incredible vision for a more holistic approach to health care.

7) Print Piece Creation – After we created business cards that had the right look and the high-quality feel that he was looking for, we then began to create an array of print items from mailers, to post cards, referral cards, guest sign-in registration information, etc…Every print item simply has to be world-class, but especially in a new or starting business. Customers are looking for reasons to not trust you and your business and poorly designed print pieces convey the message that YOU ARE OPEN, BUT NOT READY FOR BUSINESS. Doctor Edwards was full of ideas that we were able to incorporate into his marketing pieces.

8) Vendor Referral Generation System Creation – In the medical industry doctors often refer each other because they know of the commitment to excellence that a given doctor has. However, as a new doctor or a new business owner you can’t enjoy this luxury of receiving referrals from “trusting colleagues” if no one knows who you are. In order to bridge this gap, we organized a systematic approach to setting up interactions between Doctor Edwards and the other doctors in the area. Over time more and more referrals began coming in as more and more people began to learn of him and the excellent level of care his practice was providing.

9) Daily Operational Processes Creation – In America’s top businesses nearly the same things happen every day. At Southwest Airlines, people are safely flown from point A to point B and they are greeted by a flight attendant who says almost the same thing to the same types of people every day. Customers learn of the company as a result of a television and marketing plan that is virtually the same every day as well. Over time top companies listen to the feedback provided by their customers and determine ways to get incrementally better week after week. However, in the world of small business most business owners greatly struggle with setting up the initial structure and systems that they need to run and manage the daily aspects of a successful business. In most small businesses, random amounts of extreme effort are exhorted to fill the gap created by having a lack of systems in place. Nobody no what they need to do and their is generally no management in place to make sure that anything is actually done correctly. However, because of the strong systems driven military background of Doctor Edwards and our rich experience in building duplicable business systems and processes that deliver value to both customers and ownership, things are Revolution are different. At Revolution their is daily processes and systems in place which are proving to be the very backbone of the company as it grows.

10) Financial Modeling – In every business, money comes in and money comes out, but how much should be profit? In most American businesses the ownership has no idea how much money is coming in or going out. In the world of medical care where medical reimbursements (payments) from insurance companies dramatically and often randomly very dramatically from one insurance company to the next, financial modeling can be difficult. However, our team financial modelers was able to help the good doctor to develop a sustainable financial model that will poise him for growth over both the near term and long-term. As legislation changes so must his financial model. But by having a system in place it will always be “viable” and profitable.

11) Daily Workflow / System Checklist Creation – Checklists, systems, accountability and daily management are what drives the continual growth of a business once the “proof of concept” phase has been completed. We worked with Doctor Edwards to create this tools to empower him to be able to manage is growing company as it dramatically expands.

12) Revenue Optimization – Once a business begins to create consistent cash flow, it is very important that the revenue “profit” is optimized to balance the losses that other aspects of the business may take from time to time. As an example if a Doctor is providing a certain type of care to patients that is only being reimbursed 50% by the insurance companies, the doctor simply must make up for this revenue somewhere else. In order to do that we took the time to analyze the needs and wants of his existing customers and then we made the conscious decision to have the products and services they were already buying and desiring more readily available within his practice.

13) Videography Solutions – It is very important for a business to show up high in internet search results, however it is also important to wow the potential buyers when they first visit the website. In order to accomplish this, we have interviewed countless patients who have shared their often dramatic stories of their health’s restoration as as result of their interaction with Doctor Edwards and Revolution Health. These stories were then optimized for Google Search Results and were embedded on Social Media Platforms and the Revolution website to add to the credibility and trust factor of the brand.

14) Photography Solutions – Image is not quite everything, but it is important. That first impression can often times make or break a deal which is why we invest the time to create quality head shots and marketing photographs for clients like Doctor Edwards. When the media calls and asks for a headshot you want to make sure to give them a photo that you are proud of and that truly represents who you are and what you are about.

15) Public Relations – Public Relations is really all about making sure that your ideal and likely buyers perceive you as an expert and a leader in your field as a result of the value you bring. With Doctor Edwards, this was relatively easy to achieve because of his high level of expertise. By sharing his “PR KIT” and some fascinating insights that he has with our contacts in the local media we have been able to secure him features on Fox23, Channel 8, Channel 6, Tulsa World and countless other publications.

16) PR Kit Creation – The media expects personalities and experts to have certain “media ready” items and these include: An accurate biography, head shots, a summary of your accomplishments, your differentiators and an angle or unique approach that you are personally able to bring to table. We worked with Doctor Edwards to create a PR Kit was both accurate, and differentiating. It was important when making this document to focus on creating a document that would convey his sincere desire to Revolutionize the medical and family medicine aspects of modern health care without making him look as though he was so counter cultural that he was crazy.

17) Trade Show System Creation – Most companies go to trade shows and when they do they waste a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF TIME AND MONEY because they don’t have a proven-plan or strategy that actually has a snow ball’s chance in hell of working. Essentially, companies just show up and pass out business cards and print pieces. After they go to one trade show they then realize that they didn’t get enough fruit from the event to justify the expenses they put into it. This is where the “Print Piece Wars” begin. They then go back to their graphic designers and ask for even better print pieces and even better banners. This cycle happens over and over until the entrepreneur just gives up and quits going to the shows all together. However, there is actually another way. Over the years we have worked with companies like Revolution Health to help them devise a trade show marketing strategy that produces results. It is ACTUALLY POSSIBLE TO GO TO A TRADE SHOW AND MAKE MONEY. We worked with Doctor Edwards and his team to implement a proven system and guess what????!!! It worked.

18) Social Media Marketing Campaign – For many business owners social media can be a massive waste of time as they frantically update their Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Facebook accounts. Once they begin to “feel good” about their social media marketing then another platform like Pinterest or Flipboard shows up and melts their mind entirely. With Doctor Edwards we helped him to develop a sustainable social media marketing campaign that has produced results. Boom.

19) Search Engine Optimization – Getting to the top of internet search results is game-changing or most businesses and it is no different in the medical industry. As the top Tulsa Search Engine Optimization Company, I laugh out loud and I almost cannot stop myself from laughing when I hear professionals say that, “We don’t need to market on the internet because our business is mostly word of mouth.” 1st, this concept indicates that the entrepreneur believes that the only way to generate new business is from word of mouth. 2nd, this indicates that the owner of the business might not be aware of this thing called “the internet.” With Doctor Edwards he and his staff have embraced the need for search engine optimization and together we have work to dominate internet search results locally. We keeps a steady stream of new customers coming in who then tell their friends which generates that “sweet word of mouth” referral.

20) Customer Appreciation Event Planning – Customers are really the boss of any business when you stop and think about it. When customers vote for someone other business by choosing to spend their dollars somewhere else a business owner loses. Thus, it’s very, very and even VERY important to let your customers know that you appreciate them in a systematic and consistent way. While working with Revolution Health we have created, planned, organized, launched and managed customer appreciation parties which have produced big results. These events featured great music, good, giveaways and celebrity appearances from members of the media.

21) Celebrity Marketing – Whether we should or not, many people decide to buy carrots because they are endorsed by “The Biggest Loser” and underwear because it’s endorsed by “Michael Jordan.” Does this make sense? Who cares? It works. Thus, we have connected Doctor Edwards to numerous celebrities including, “The Biggest Loser Ever” Danny Cahill. As the people of the community have learned about their endorsement of Revolution Health it has greatly impacted the health of the business in a beneficial way.

22) And Countless Other Turn-Key Services – For Doctor Edwards and all of our clients our number one goal is to help them build a scalable and duplicable business model that will create enough profit to help them have more possibilities, more options and to achieve their dreams.

In one word, our experience with Doctor Edwards and Revolution Health = Boom!

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