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A Case Study of Dynamic Sports Development

Jon Conneely is the founder and owner of Dynamic Sports Development. Under his leadership Dynamic Sports Development has grown to become the training facility of choice for many of Oklahoma’s top professional and amateur athletes including the “Gatorade Player of the Year” and the “Major League Baseball #1 Draft Pick” of the Baltimore Orioles, Dylan Bundy.

Since signing on to work with Dynamic Sports Development, our entire focus has to be help his brand grow by simply showcasing the results they produce, the atmosphere players are trained in and values / philosophies of the coaches who actually do the training. In order to do this we have engaged in the following activities:

1) Professional Videography

2) Professional Photography

3) Search Engine Optimization

4) Website Design

5) Branding

6) Video Optimization

7) Public Relations

8) Workflow Enhancement

9) Systems Creation

As with many of the businesses we work with, the owner of the business clearly has the skills and knowledge needed to deliver an extremely high level of product and service, however many times a great product and answer is simply not enough. During our time spent with Coach JC and his team we have simply focused on showcasing the incredible results that his athletes have been getting, the great atmosphere that the athletes are all trained in and the sincere passion that each coach has for training the athletes and helping them to develop both as people and as athletes.

1) Professional Videography – Whenever you capture anything on video it is very important that end (final edited version of the video) video product is of the same quality of the product or service you are filming. Then once this high-quality video has been created it must be appropriately catalogued so that it can be easily found and used for social media, web-site enhancements, training tools and sales tools, etc…

2) Professional Photography – It has been said throughout history a picture can tell a thousand words. At Make Your Life Epic, we believe that professional Tulsa commercial photography sessions can tell millions of words. Coach JC is passionate, sincere and an absolute expert about all things related to photography. When working with people like him the photos on the website must tell a compelling story and must make the viewer walk away saying…”WOW, that company is impressive.” Think about NIKE commercials for a second. Think about Adidas commercials for a second. Why are they always high quality? Why do they always use professional photography? Why can’t they just use amateur photography? These big brands can’t use terrible photography for the same reason you can’t. People do judge you based upon their first impressions of you and your business. At Make Your Life Epic Tulsa PR Firm, we know that we must make sure that you look world-class.

3) Search Engine Optimization – The “Google Search Result” can absolutely make or break a developing company today. Back in the day, the YELLOW PAGE AD used to be the “big deal.” Customers used to ask me, “Hey, can you help me to develop an incredible YELLOW PAGE AD.” Now, most customers and business owners aren’t quite sure what to do when the YELLOW PAGES are delivered. Should we try to pretend like Google doesn’t exist? Should we just use it to be nice? Should we just use it as a “coaster” so that we “don’t waste all that paper?” When working with Dynamic Sports Development and any company our #1 focus was on helping them get to the top of “Google Search Results” and we did that by focusing on implementing a proven system. As the best Tulsa Search Engine Optimization company, we have a reputation for getting our clients to the top of search results. However, at Make Your Life Epic, we don’t believe we should get you there, we believe we should also teach you how we climbed to the top so that you and your team can execute the strategy with or without our help in the future. Some companies choose to outsource these aspects of their business to us, while others have a desire to learn the skills and to turn them into a core competency for their actual business.

To see the results that we have generated for Dynamic Sports Development we highly recommend that you would invest just a few minutes searching for keyword terms related to his industry while adding the word Tulsa. In short, the results have been epic. Boom!

4) Website Design – At Make Your Life Epic Tulsa Marketing Firm we literally do work with the best web-developers in Tulsa. This is not a puffery statement, our designers are the best that Oklahoma has to offer. When working with DSD we had a big challenge. Make a website that looks at good as Jon Conneely’s reputation. That is tough to do with an award-winning entrepreneur like him, but we pulled it off. Visit to see the results.

5) Branding – Many marketing firms almost hide behind this mysterious one syllable word called, “branding.” It’s almost like this word has become so generalized it has no meaning like when someone says, “I’m going out.” That could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. At Make Your Life Epic Tulsa PR Firm, when we say branding we simply mean the following: The goal of branding is increase the perceived value of the products and services being offered by our clients by helping them to gift wrap themselves and their products in a differentiated and world-class way. When working with Dynamic Sports Development, we have painstakingly focused on making sure that all marketing materials look as good as the results that he has been consistently delivering to clients over the years.

6) Video Optimization – If you are a human reading this you will already know this because you are human, but more and more people are expecting to find video solutions on the websites they visit. When visitors come to website that does not have video on it, they spend dramatically less time on each and every page. However, when a website features interactive video, the amount of time they are willing to invest visiting a website goes up dramatically. Once a user spends more time interacting with a website they are more likely to buy a product or service from this website. Since working with our team has been focused on getting his video solutions to the top of Google search results so that his ideal and likely buyers can find him.

7) Public Relations – In every city all across this country you will find some sort of local media outlets that are consumed by your ideal and likely buyers. Also throughout the world you will find national media that is consumed by your ideal and likely buyers. At Make Your Life Epic, it is our job to make sure that you ideal and likely buyers find your company and the products and services you deliver when reading their publications of truth. How do we do that? That’s where the magic happens. When working with Coach JC, we’ve worked diligently to make sure that local media outlets know of the expertise that he can deliver. As they produce weekly and daily media features many now call him when they need an expert who is an authority health, fitness and sports nutrition related topics.

8) Workflow Enhancement – As the businesses we work with become larger and larger we focus on creating duplicable processes, systems and checklists that can be used by the new employees and staff members that begin to come on board to facilitate growth. Most entrepreneurs personally know how to deliver the products or services they sell in a spirit of excellence, yet they struggle to teach others how to perform the services at the same high level. When working with our job by and large has simply been to “clone” or “replicate” the existing success he and his team have been producing for clients. Creating this checklists and systems takes time, yet it always proves to eventually become the backbone of any healthy and growing business.

9) Systems Creation – Every aspect of a business has to be systematic and organized or the entrepreneur is not really growing an organization, they are simply becoming “a busy disorganization.” JC and his team are fortunately very organized and focused and our role has been to just take the time needed to sit down with them to carefully organize certain aspects of their business into checklists, forms, processes and systems.

We are proud of the work that we’ve done with Coach JC over the years and we highly encourage you to visit both of his businesses, and When it comes to health and wellness, his businesses are changing lives.

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