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Trinity Employment and Tulsa Staffing Services – Tulsa, OK. (918) 622-2588 – Staffing solution for many of Tulsa’s largest and most successful businesses including: hospitals, medical facilities of all types and medium-sized businesses.

It has been an absolute honor to work with the folks at Trinity Employments specialists and their team of diligent team members. When working with Trinity we devoted our efforts into helping them grow in a scalable and duplicable way. Essentially the team was already consistently delivering excellent service, but they needed help turning the daily excellence that they were already delivering into a repeatable and duplicable business model that was able to scale.


The primary focus areas that we worked on during our time together included, but were not limited to:

    • Tulsa Search Engine Optimization The folks at Trinity are excellent at staff, and like many businesses they were also not maniacally focused on the latest and great best practice search engine techniques. We helped them to quickly to climb to the top of Google search results in a way that translated into increased inquiry call volume and business growth.
    • Tulsa Public Relations – Tulsa is not a large community and we assisted Trinity into spreading their word of mouth influence through the mediums of AM Radio, printed newsletter paper and television media outlets. Trinity helps thousands of people to find a job on an annual basis and we simply helped them share this story in a way that was of interest to the local news media outlets who are focused on providing rich and meaningful content to the citizens of Tulsa on a daily basis. During our time together we created PR Kits, press releases and the tools needed to interact with the media in a meaningful way. Some of the Trinity media features that we helped them secure include:


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  • Sales Conversion System Enhancement – Trinity’s Founder was excellent about converting inbound leads into satisfied customers. We worked with him to document and create duplicable systems so that new members to the team could reproduce his success metrics systematically day after day. In order to do this we helped to create sales scripts, appointment forms, and numerous documents to help turn the already successful systems into duplicable processes.
  • Leadership Consulting – Growing from me to we can be challenging, yet the founder was up to the challenge and was committed to being the best boss he could possibly be. We helped him create meeting agendas, accountability metrics and a variety of systems that helped him scale his business model.
  • Tulsa Videography / Photography Production Many videography and photography firms absolutely take advantage of small businesses by charging them $3,000 to $5,000 per videography and photography shoot. We helped the team to record numerous interviews, videos and media tools that could be used to interact with customers, new employees and the media on a daily basis. In terms of commercial photography, as always we made sure to make the owner look good at all times.
  • Print Pieces – We created quality tangible marketing items including: business cards, print pieces, advertisement designs, posters, trade show banners and all of the tools the company needs to put worth a high quality first impression that is on par with the actual services they deliver.
  • Pro-forma / Financial Consulting – We worked in concert with the members of the team to develop an accurate financial overview and sustainable business model that will position the company to be in a great place for long-term growth.
  • Management System Installation – We worked with the leadership of the team to develop management metrics and systems that allowed the team to optimize the performance of team members while rewarding the diligent members of the team with a merit-based pay system that was appropriate for the business type.
  • And, much, much more…At Make Your Life Epic we understand that becoming successful in business requires business owners to do “whatever it takes,” and that is what we do as well. With each client we work with we help them in all facets of their personal and business development so that companies can growth by solving problems for ideal and ideal buyers in a sustainable and mutually beneficial way.

As the leader in the Tulsa staffing industry, Trinity Employment Specialists is uniquely positioned to help companies achieve their goals by finding the right people for the right job.

For more information and the quality business growth services we offer visit us online today at

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