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From events with 2,500 guests to small group workshops and 1-on-1 coaching sessions, clients and event attendees are experiencing phenomenal results.

Over the years our business coaching/speaking clients have included:

Hewlett Packard, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, Farmers Insurance, OxiFresh, Maytag University, QuikTrip, Valspar Paint, Celebrity Athletes, Kanbar Properties, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Community College and countless small to medium-sized businesses.

Below you will find:

*An Endless Variety of Testimonials

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*Video Samples

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“Absolutely phenomenal! If you have not seen him, you have to go to, you need to look at that website because he comes to you with basic principles. Basic principles being is it’s great if you learn all of this stuff if you take notes, if you read books, maybe even his book, but you got to put them in practice. What are your action roles when you are leaving.

“The reason why you need to have someone like a Clay Clark come and speak to your group is because he keeps them engaged, he keeps it light, he keeps it funny. But at the same time all the seriousness of how it could change your life your business your family your community is all put into this presentation “

Paul Friedlander

Membership Director

West Pasco Chamber of Commerce

We appreciate all that you have done for us to help brand the Realty Sisters this past year, your help and your team have been instrumental in helping us have such a great year. Thank You,

– Lisa and Kelli


“Clay is very engaging, very charming and very humorous and his presentation had a very practical side too. He teaches you things that you can use to make yourself more successful and your business more successful. But, perhaps more significantly he has that genuine enthusiasm. After I listened to his presentation, it was like an emotional spring board. It was one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen Jack Canfield and I’ve seen Tony Robbins, and I can tell you that Clay made a far greater impact on me than any of those other speakers as great as they are and as great as they were at that time.”

Lance Dawson

Mortgage Broker

“Clay, I just want to say thank you! I appreciate all you have done for me helping me out with everything (the website, the branding, the coaching, the online shopping cart, the t-shirt design, the logo design, etc…)!”

Phil Pressey #26

Point Guard | Boston Celtics

Clay motivated the group with tangible ways that you can apply immediately! He was knowledgeable about our business. Was very energetic, personable and real! I would recommend him highly to other organizations!

The event was great! I got some great initial feedback. I told Clay that the long line of people to get his book was a testament that it was a good reception. I thought it was a homerun for sure! To have the feedback we got from this event has been just great.”

Greg Wright

President of Capital Assets, Inc

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Clark when I managed over 2.2 million square feet of downtown office and retail space. I can recommend him highly and without reservation. I had hired Mr. Clark to rebrand the portfolio and reach out to prospective tenants. Throughout the course of the campaign, Mr. Clark was a consummate professional. He conducted market research, built a website, and coordinated obtaining pictures, print materials, and gaining media attention within what I would deem record time. Within the first week of Mr. Clark going public with the campaign, he generated hundreds of prospective tenants. Mr. Clark’s positive attitude is contagious, he is hard worker, and he is genuinely a great guy to work with. I hope that in the near future I will have the opportunity to work with Mr. Clark again.”

David Atkinson

One Place, LLC

“I have owned my business for over 8 years but over the last 6 months I have been able to confidently move from being a sole proprietor to a business owner. I had never thought about there being a difference between the two but man was I wrong. There is a huge difference!!!

I have been able to develop systems for my entire business that I had not had before. I would get worried about an employee leaving because I had so much time and training in them that if they left I would be “screwed.” I have no fear of that now that I have systems in place for each position in my business.

My employees now know what is expected of them every day and we discuss it in our daily meetings where they have to turn in their daily reports. The daily meetings and using the agenda that Clay helped me develop has made a major impact for me and my employees!

Clay has been able to re-energize me in a way that I didn’t think was possible and he has helped me to think differently about my business. I truly can’t thank him enough for his mentorship and leadership!!”

Nick Smith Insurance and Financial Services Agency

5317 S Sheridan Rd

Tulsa, OK 74145

“I thought Clay’s presentation was great! It was very inspirational. I liked that Clay’s no too in your face but he is more creative and very funny so he kept my attention the whole time. The thing that stood out to me the most was what he said about recognizing great customer service that his team does like buying them steaks, I thought that was great…I just got a bunch of fresh ideas on things and take some things away from it so it was great. I would definitely recommend Clay Clark. It was a great seminar.”

Emily Adair

IREM Team Manager

“Clay and team. You all are doing amazing with SEO – I am getting 4-5 calls per week from the website. Thank you for all you are doing to bring me patients! According to our front staff, we are receiving more calls than ever before.”

Dr. Kris Parchuri, D.O.

Spinal Surgeon | Neurologist

Founder of

“We opened 22 NEW LOCATIONS in first four months of 2014, and we expect an additional 28 new signings by the end of the year. The openings include OXI Fresh’s first international territory in Ottawa, Ontario.  In additional to extending the brands national footprint with added with added territories in Hawaii, Texas, California, Illinois, and other states. Clay, leave it to you to give such a powerful congrats!!!! Thank you for personally working with me and helping me grow!”

Kris Antolak

Franchise Development

OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Lakewood, Colorado

“I’ve been implementing time management. WOW, I’ve got more done in the last week than in the last few months! I’m now up at 5. I can’t sleep any longer. I’m excited to wake up and get to my mini plan for the day.”

Scott Tetz

Event Organizer of the ITPA Spring Meeting

Millenium Hotel Knickerbocker – Chicago, IL

International Trucks Parts Association

“Hi Clay! I’m excited to give you some great feedback regarding Dream 100.  It’s a DREAM!  We have been diligently touching the masses in and around Tulsa with Barbee Cookies.  I’m proud to announce a 20+ percent increase in sales from this time last year.  We have also landed some huge accounts that have been a result of working Dream 100.  You have encouraged us to be diligent and consistent with taking our delicious cookies to area businesses and following up with calls. I’m thrilled that our work has paid off!  Thank you for coaching us and helping us grow our business into something truly amazing!  Coach, you’re greatly appreciated.  BOOM!…Fun fact…on this day one year ago our daily total was $437.38 (sad I know, but fairly common for January here)…Today we ended the day with $1,307.79.  BOOM!!!!  Teamwork makes the dream work!  Thanks Coach!


Kat Graham

Co-founder of Barbee Cookies

“The feedback was fantastic!

Overall people in attendance loved your humor and high energy but most importantly the message you delivered. You spoke directly to the business owner and their sweet spot. Your suggestions about simple steps to put into action to be more efficient and customer service driven in their businesses were inspiring. Right on mark for the opening of the HIA-LI Annual Trade show and Conference!

We’ll definitely keep you mind for other things in the future.

Thanks again and please look us up when you’re in NY again!”

Terri Alessi – Miceli

President | HIA – LI

“I work with independent contractors. The Take Away’s for me was to really look at leadership and to look and to define it as an active mode. It’s very active. Leadership is something that is very active. It’s something that you really have to think on a regular basis. You really have to build that habit but you have to involve others.  I think where Clay resounded with me was his four E’s and also taking that vision and making it purposeful each day that’s what builds success, really impactful. “

“Clay’s style was very engaging to our group, we have contractors in the service industry, especially in the mechanical trade and roofing. He spoke with a high energy level. He spoke with a lot of experience and examples and items that do work and why they work. And as I watched our group, they were taking really good notes and part of the evaluation when it was all over was that they had good take-aways that they could write down. How to be a manager, how to execute, am I clear on my vision; that’s a huge take away.”

Paul Riddle

Vice President | Success Group International

“We invited Clay to present at our 2014 Success Seminar for Universal Windows Direct.  From our initial phone call (which he personally picked up) to his generous follow up after the event, it was our pleasure to have worked with him. Clay Clark is awesome. Bottom line. If you want to reach your team on a real level, open their eyes and drive them to function at their premium, he is your guy. He cuts to the point with real applicable solutions to problems that all business owners face on a daily basis. Very “between the ears” content, just what our location owners needed to hear. His great attitude and commitment to “making your life epic” was contagious. He is truly memorable and will inspire your team to want more for themselves.  We would love to have him back any time! Plus you know you can trust him, he’s so honest you can almost see right through him…literally, he is very fair skinned. J You’re the best Clay! Thanks so much! Just so you know, you’re “BOOM” phrase is a daily at Universal Windows Direct because of you!”

Shelly Seme

Dealership Development Director – Universal Windows Direct

Cleveland / Akron, Ohio

“Clay, I wanted to say thanks for your efforts at the TBC annual meeting. Your ability and willingness to customize to what we needed was well received and appreciated.

Your challenges to the group helped make us better and will push us strive and hopefully thrive. Your story, your passion and your sincerity are hallmarks of a good messenger and inspiring speaker. I am hopeful both you and your family enjoyed the visit to Rockwall. God Bless!”

Darren Croom

Vice President – Texas Book Company

Book distribution company of choice for the U.S. Military Academies

8501 Technology Circle Drive

Greenville Texas 75402

“You helped make our Success Seminar the best one yet! I know our location owners took a lot away from your awesome presentation!! We would love to have you back any time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if we can help expand your brand in the” future. You’re the best! Thanks again!”

Shelly Seme

Dealership Development

Universal Windows Direct

7813 First Place Street

Oakwood Village, OH 44146

“Both Jamie and I have learned way more than we had expected to learn, since starting our services with you. Again, we truly appreciate all of the lessons you taught us that go way beyond business. Thank you so much for all you have done for our company. So glad that we got to work with the most humbled man who is also a pale-skinned father of 5!! How much better do I feel about my business than 2 years ago?  Let’s just say, way better.  I have much more confidence in the way we operate on daily basis.  I don’t come in to the office feeling confused about what’s being done and feeling overwhelmed.  I have so much more control of the company period.  I actually see productivity and the growth with Greenleaf, whereas in the past, I was unsure of.  I have a much better understanding of how to manage employees and to have systems in place to keep things stream-line.  I will say that moving forward, Greenleaf will be a huge success and that you were a huge help in getting us kicked into the right direction.

We have more weed control accounts than we’ve ever had. You helped us to get the loan to buy another company. We’ve doubled in size. In terms of snow plowing we are absolutely killing it. With all the systems we are booking more jobs, and collecting more revenue. By June we should be to the point where we are collecting nearly $20K per month of automatic monthly sales.”

Josh Mathias & Jamie Nix

Jamie Nix, Lawn Engineer

Green Leaf Weed Control

Cutting for the Kids

“You’ve really got the guys over here really fired up and sales are happening. We’re booking alot of DISCOVERY DAYS. Thanks so much.”

Jonathan Barnett

President | Founder of 250 Franchises +

Oxi Fresh “World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner”

“Thanks for sharing, Clay. Your workshop was amazing and energizing! Heard great things from the bankers about it afterwards.”

Ann Chen

ICBA – Independent Community Bankers of America

Social Media Strategist / Conference Planner

“You certainly were the on-site leader that we needed for this calling campaign.  By watching you work with these students and seeing the result, I became reassured that hiring you to do exactly what you did was the right thing to do.  Your team brought in over $120K in gifts and pledges, which may be an all-time ORU phonathon record!  But I’ll have more for you later. Again, thanks for everything….and don’t drink too much Red Bull!”

Jesse D. Pisors, B.A. (1996) M.A. (2005)

Director of Alumni & Ministerial Relations and Annual Fund

Oral Roberts University

“We just landed 11 leads in one week! Insane! Thank you. This SEO is changing the game for us at Face and Body.”

Deedra Determan

“We’ve gone into overdrive to get Brenda trained. We’ve had a record month!! We’ve collected $60,000. We have quite a bit pending insurance as well. Can’t wait to finish all the numbers!! That’s awesome! Thank you, Clay, for all that you do! We have had 9 patients come in from the Internet in October and 7-8 patients in the last 2 weeks for mole removal that we have never had before – we are top for mole removal on Google. Dr. Atkins is booked out through December and this is normally not a busy time of the year! Good news on the SEO front that I thought I would share!”

Jennifer Cushman

Office Manager

Face & Body Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa

9906 Riverside Parkway – Tulsa, OK


Upon completion of the installation of a new door for client, I decided to go over our needs sheet.

Leaky faucet (15 minute on site repair added $45.00 to receipt)

New Siding

Great Referral

Husband is president of Summit Bank.

House is for sale by owner and will need new siding.

THANK YOU! We had a $57K week so far and it’s only Tuesday!!!

I’m excited for this new year and implementing your techniques to grow our biz like never before. You Sir are a tremendous blessing to me and my family and I am honored know you and to be able to work with you! Thanks for all you have done.

Now that’s exciting !! Total of 4 web leads for the week of 12/29 thru 1/2.



Randy Curtis

Wizard of Saws Custom Remodeling

“Everyone had a good time and EVERYONE LOVED CLAY!”

Jacqueline Delara

US Cross Attach Manager


“The attendees all left with pages and pages of takeaways. They really enjoyed the energy, and the SPECIFIC ACTION POINTS you gave everybody. You and our Accounting Presenter got top marks. You really made this year’s training EPIC.”

Anitra Nichols

Maytag University

100 S. Anaheim Blvd. Suite #250

Anaheim, CA 92805

“I really appreciate all the hard work Clay and his team gave me over the year and a half he worked with me. Being in the healthcare industry it is very easy to lose track of the daily business affairs of the office.  Clay’s enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air and I welcomed our weekly meetings to ensure progress on our re-branding project for our practice.  If you are looking for a dependable, hard working, and extremely driven individual that can help with every aspect of a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign for your business, Clay is your man.  I can say without hesitation Clay will go above and beyond to make sure that your expectations are met and on many occasions even exceeded. Throughout the course of the year his team assisted in the complete rebranding of my company, they assisted in the development of the new brand name, the creation of a brand new website, building marketing videos, creating customer care videos, online marketing, social media marketing, photography, publications, media coaching, search engine optimization, customer testimonial video creation, work-flow enhancement and countless improvements.”

Lindsay A. Smith, D.D.S.

Membership and Membership Services Committee Chair of ODA

President for the Tulsa County Dental Society

Member of the Oklahoma Dental Foundation

Member of the Academy of General Dentistry

Member of the American Dental Association

Member of the Oklahoma Dental Association

Member of the Tulsa County Dental Society

“Clay, Randy and Wizard of Saws are proof that you are exceptionally good at what you do. We are both thankful that God brought you into our lives. Thanks again!”

Randy & Lori Curtis

Wizard of Saws (Formerly Windows, Doors & More)

“BTW  Thought I’d let you know we had a patient come see us from Texas because she liked the videos.  And she scheduled surgery. Thank you for all that your team has done for us!!”

Doctor Jeanette Padgett, MD

“Clay, Our sales process has improved greatly over the past few months.  I’ve learned how to differentiate ourselves from the competition with our sales approach (purple cow) by making it more excitable and learning how Oxi Fresh can help people reach their goals while reaching ours.  My passion and motivation have never been higher by keeping my personal goals at the forefront to have Oxi Fresh help me get where I wanna go.  My work ethic has improved immensely by understanding the mindset necessary to reach my goals for our company and myself.  You continually inspire me every week to better myself by learning what it really takes to be successful in business and life.

I would like to learn to improve on how to motivate our sales staff and the others around me.  Also, I need to read more as I haven’t been a huge reader since college.  Look forward to our call!”


Director of Franchise Sales

Oxi Fresh

“Clay, You have helped me from day one to be a better leader of my family and my business through the passion you bring to both! Thank you sir. I’ve applied some of the philosophies from your awesome book, “Make Your Life Epic” to my LegalShield business and they have helped me achieve the top spot in the state…THANK YOU for your leadership.”

Robert Johnson

Legal Shield

“Progress Report: Because our team is doing what you are telling us to do we are seeing results. It’s all about implementation. We just landed a big company in Tulsa (Williams) and 8 quotes for access controls. We’re top in Google for “Tulsa ID Badges, Denver ID Badges, and Colorado ID Badges. It’s exciting this month we had the most web traffic we’ve ever had and we got a lanyard order for $900 from a hospital we couldn’t get in before after we sent out the brownies from the Hot 100 list. We sold some product to the Rose Medical Hospital and the big new Children’s hospital going up. By the way, we love your guy Daniel.”

Dianne Lippoldt | Operations Manager | ID EDGE

“Just completed a contract TONIGHT for $30K over the next 5 months to develop training program curriculum for a non-profit group! BAM! Cartwheels! Clay, you’ve been a great coach through all this new direction for me. You’ve taught me how to think like an entrepreneur and not just a salaried worker! IT’S HAPPENING BRO! In the first 60 days since finishing my initial coaching with you, I’ve made over 800% return on the investment! You da man! Just landed another life coaching client this morning…I finished with a client and set up a follow up that will pay another 10% of the original agreement and I got a great testimony from the workshop and came away with several hot leads.  It’s working man! Clay,

I just landed this gig in Nashville!  2500 people at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  These are the other two speakers!

Chicago – Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) announced today that business motivation speaker Mark King and entrepreneur and The New York Times best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk, will deliver keynote addresses at the 2013 Dscoop annual conference. Dscoop8: Spark, the organization’s eighth annual conference, will take place Feb. 21-23, 2013, at Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn.

King is CEO and President of TaylorMade, the world’s leading golf equipment manufacturer. He has spent 30 passionate years immersed in the golf industry and has gained an incomparable understanding of his customers and consumers. King has consistently been named by Golf Inc. magazine as one of the 10 most powerful people in golf and has been featured in some of the nation’s top business magazines such as The Harvard Business Review,Fortune and Brandweek. King will share his stories of success and leadership despite a challenging economy and a slow-growing industry at Dscoop8.

A business visionary, self-trained wine and social media expert, Vaynerchuk launched in 1997 and helped grow his family’s business from $3 million to $45 million by 2005. Considered one of BusinessWeekmagazine’s top 20 people every entrepreneur should follow, Vaynerchuk is known as a true social media trailblazer with close to 1 million Twitter followers. In 2009, Vaynerchuk and his brother AJ launched VaynerMedia, a new breed of agency that helps Fortune 500 companies like Campbell Soup Company, PepsiCo, Green Mountain Coffee, the NY Jets, and the Brooklyn Nets find their social media voices and build their digital brands. Vaynerchuk’s presentation will provide an original take on entrepreneurship and the new frontiers of customer service made possible by the Internet.

Oh…my…lord!! I’m doing the closing session!  I’m jazzed up and ready to rock!  wow!  thanks for all your training!  I’m playing with the big boys now! 

Clay Staires


The Leadership Initiative

“(Within 2 months) my percentage of success on calls is drastically improving by using humor (4 new contracts with 5 calls). We’ve increased our profits by $2,800 per week (12K per month of gross income). We are above 1,100 staffing hours, we had been stuck at 700. The procedures make me feel better. We are not there yet, but we are getting close. We almost have all of our templates for client responses written. Are scripts are almost uniform. My way of thinking is changing and I am looking for ways to connect with people of influence. Our consistency is getting better. I am becoming a better manager and much more confident. Your prep for the media really has helped me to be ready.  Thank you very much for that! I appreciate you for all of your assistance in getting us to this point.  I appreciate the encouragement last night as well. Thank you both!”

Cory Minter

CEO / President of Trinity Employment Specialists

“We have been very successful at creating an amazing experience for new leads when they come in for their free sessions. This has improved sales and as a result with new private and group clients we brought in 36 new clients in the past 30 days. Also, I think the systems we’re putting in place have created a rise to the top work environment and my team has never performed better.

The BIGGEST CHANGE IS THAT WE’RE NOT SITTING BACK AND WAITING ON LEADS TO CALL US. We’re proactive in our approach to finding new clients. Specifically: dropping toys, cold calling, follow up strategy, weekly staff meetings, to do lists and action steps. Gift cards that joint venture partners are giving to their customers too. Introducing the incentive based pay has really helped trainers step their game up and they are very conscious of trying to make raving fans as opposed to being just satisfying customers. Just wanted to share with you that in July, not only were we the #1 studio in Oklahoma, (second place was $18,296.50 lower than us!!!); but we actually were the #15 studio in the entire FT Franchise System!! It’s NOW making us a force to be reckoned with across the US! I mean literally many of the studios above us and below us charge nearly double the per session fee that we do! I greatly appreciate everything you and encourage you to keep it up!”

Michael Watkins

Fitness Together Franchise Owner

Jenks / Riverside

“I got the dropbox invite and am downloading now and I will put it into practice personally at least. Already started reading Chet’s book too. Thanks for all the info.

Kevin Payne

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Premier Drivetrain Components

“The topic was really well received. I know people were engaged by looking at their faces during your presentation. Your mix of humor, anecdotes and clear action steps really made the difference at this year’s event (National HR Conference – Hosted in Springfield Missouri).”

Chris Pridgen

Employment Manager

O’Reilly’s Auto Parts

Springfield, Missouri

“We are receiving an awesome response from the guys. You were well received received.  Most of the guys are telling me that they feel they retained more of the material because of the 45 minute turn around in the presentations and the energy in the delivery.  Great Job! Thanks again.”

Carter R. Beuttel

V.P. of Sales

Anchor Paint Co.

NACE level 3 coating inspector

“In terms of our website we weren’t even on Google and now we are the top in Google search results.  Already 70 kids signed up for camp. Could have 80-90 before it’s over. The site really give us a big time look. I’m happy with it.”

Don Calvert

Founder of Score Basketball

“Clay and Vanessa I appreciate all you’ve done for me. Speaking has always been my dream. I might not be able to walk, but I can talk. Thanks again for helping me find my platform.”

Nate Waters

“You single handedly saved this event (Tulsa Sports Charity Fundraisers for Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Eddie Sutton)…. He also asked if they could do a “Eddie’s Worst Scowl” contest with the TV stations, and I thought he would love that… I think they are now drinking from your Cool Aid!!!”

Stephen E. Sutton

Vice President

Public Sector / Financial Associations Portfolio Manager

“I have not see the students this excited in years. Your energy was right on point and your delivery was hilarious. Thanks for teaching everyone the CUPID SHUFFLE. You had us all laughing when you were talking about “that guy” and negative / positive momentum principles.”

Nate Todd

Director of PSS

Oklahoma State University

“On behalf of Axel, myself & the entire team at Gormsen Maytag, please accept out heart-felt thanks and gratitude for the excellent work done during the 48-hour takeover! The dust has finally settled here but we are still in awe over the grandness that is our new showroom sales floor. We can’t possibly thank you enough and our customer’s are thrilled! We are excited to build on this motivation and continue our action plan to drive business into our beautiful new store.

Clayton, please forward this note to Seth. He was a fantastic addition to the team and I’m sure we are all excited to see the footage he captured!”


Heather Gormsen

Gormsen Appliance Co.

1429 Garnet Avenue

San Diego, CA 92109

“Having been open for barely 10 months we are now nearly booked out every day. We are getting about 25% of our business from Google, 50% from referrals and the rest from everything else. Our business is really taking off. Clay and his team have coached us through every step of the process. He organized and  hosted the Grand Opening Event for us, designed and built our new brand, built a new website, designed an office workflow system, created and implemented Google optimization plan, designed business cards, built print pieces, created a membership plan, created a detailed financial pro-forma, helped us create our initial business plan and he even helped us pitch it to get our business loan. “

Becky Edwards

Office Manager of

“Hi Clayton, Thanks for the book, I found the event to be eye opening.  I, like most folks my age (30) have dreamt of big things and are hoping for the best.  After listening to you speak I decided I needed to take action, I’ve begun dedicating a good portion of my free time, time that I’m not spending with my family, to reading and learning about my profession and other successful people in business.  In fact every day when I wake up the first thing I think of is, “how can I blow someone’s mind today”.  I hope our paths cross again someday and I can share a GREAT story of MY SUCCESS. Thanks.”

Ray Chavez

Inside Account Manager PPS

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett-Packard Company

“Our phone has been blowing up since you all started killing it on Google. It’s amazing. It’s ringing all day!”

Jose Cisneros


Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge

“Clay, I want to thank you for coming to IDEDGE and changing how we think and do business! We have been working on all the new idea’s that you have brought to us. We are all very excited! Thank You

On a personal note: You are such a nice young man and thank you. I really enjoy listening to you and reading your book’s. Thanks, Dianne  ( I am going on vacation, talk to you when I get back).”

Dianne Lippoldt | ISDA Conference Attendee | Business Coaching Client

“Hi Clay! WOW!

I just wanted to say thank you again for coming out to speak with us and being flexible with our timings 🙂  The whole event was a success and I have had heard really positive feedback.  More importantly, everyone really enjoyed your speech.  We had staff talking about your speaking points on Monday and telling us they were going to use the “boomerang of positivity. Hope you enjoyed the resort and hanging out with us Saturday evening.  Thanks again and hope to see you soon!”


Human Resources Director

Vitalogy SkinCare

“We were able to move to the top of Google searches in the competitive mortgage internet search category, we got featured on the news twice and we closed nearly 35% more loans within the first 6 months. The contact management system, search engine strategy and PR system you set up are producing results. Our only issue now is scaling. Let’s talk.”

Adnan Sheikh

Founder | President

ZFG Mortgage

“So far we’ve generated $63,600 of additional annual gross revenue as a result of the ACCESS plan you helped us create. We are closing in on $10K in monthly revenue. I just signed up additional ACCESS client and it’s the 2nd one that I’ve landed in the last 30 days from Linkedin. And the only thing I’m doing on the Linkedin is the Myth versus Law and the Legal Mumbo Jumbo. I’m not doing any other activity. So that appears to really be working in that medium. So I’m making $850 a month off of my free Linkedin subscription. So I’m kind of excited. So I just wanted to let you know that some of what we are doing is working.”

Scott Reib

Attorney at Law

“Good morning, Clay, we’ve had great feedback and you helped make our event a success. We appreciate you and your team, Clay.  Thanks again. Everyone was wowed with the energy, the humor and the action steps you gave us! I don’t think anyone will ever treat our customers LIKE THE DMV AGAIN!”

Jo Anne Cochran

Payroll Management

Customer Service 101 Conference Attendee

Austin, TX

“Hi Clay! Just had to start your Monday morning (oops, I forgot, your day is half over b.c I know you are up at 5:00am on Mondays preparing for your week!)….Anyway, with some GREAT NEWS!! Sweet Bottom, LLC entered a the 5th Annual Business Plan Competition at the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership in New Jersey.  Guess what, we were a FINALIST!  We were so excited for the exposure for our company. I had to fly up there this past Thursday and we had to deliver a 3 minute pitch to the judges, investors, entrepreneurs, community members, etc.  We nailed it!

We WON the entire competition!  A prize package valued at $30,000!   Attached photo shows our enthusiasm! Just wanted to say thank you again, for your inspiration, and long distance support!  You really impacted me that day at the Mount Pleasant Business Association on what one individual can accomplish in this world- gotta love capitalism! Thank you, Shawna, for arranging Clay to speak at our Expo!  I know you inspired thousands via your efforts! (By implementing your concepts) I am a mere 3 weeks away from new wrappers and amazing website. I was thrilled to actually receive an additional handwritten note The Governor wrote. Will share the good news once it comes to fruition!

Enjoy your weekend.  Welcome home!”

Michele M. Lewis

VP Business Development

“Clay is a force to be reckoned with. He is a contagious, mind-expanding, “get off your blessed assurance” motivating business coach that is positively changing my world and soon to be the whole world.”

Tim Redmond, CEO

Redmond Growth Initiatives

“In the news 6 times in 6 months, featured on the cover of the Tulsa Business Journal and the cover of the Tulsa World Business Section, top of Google, and he helped me land the biggest commercial real estate owner in Tulsa, Oklahoma all within 6 months of starting a new company. He’s a little crazy, but no one works harder and is better at making systems than Clay.”

Braxton Fears

Founder of Fears & Clark Commercial Real Estate

“Best Emcee and entertainer we have ever used. From the time the first guest walked into the room until the last guest left, you electrified the room with your energy! Thank you for taking our event to the NEXT LEVEL (as you like to say)!”

Event Planning Team

11th Annual Zenith Awards

“I really appreciate everything you did for us. Your archived 10 years of videos, got us up in the search engines, built us a brand and you personally sold 90% of the tickets for the Legend’s Dinner. Thank you. All this technology frustrates me, but you made it happen. I just wanted you to know that we had a meeting with the Director of the Ronald McDonald house and other big board members and the video you made just really took them over the top! It was the video you all made that really wowed them. I pulled it up for them on my IPad and they loved it. The video was put together very, very well.” – Tommy Thompson | Director of Tulsa Sports Charities”

Tommy Thompson

Co-Founder of Tulsa Sports Charities  

“Hey Clay I just wanted to thank you. I got really pumped about starting my own business after leaving hearing you, and that’s exactly what I did. I started a window cleaning business believe it or not and it’s becoming very successful! I just landed Church on the Move as a new customer and was recently awarded Best Window Cleaning in Broken Arrow and Coweta. I wonder where I’d be today if I hadn’t heard you. Thanks again man!”

Garrett Groll

Owner of Broken-Arrow Window Cleaning

“Clay, The Google Docs and Calendar are holding people accountable and being all on the same calendar avoids the “ Do you know where so and so is? “  It also holds everyone accountable, why were you there for so long? The scripts will get everyone saying the same thing all the time. I know the website team is going forward on the changes you helped us with, the Wounded Warrior and the new logo.  We are excited and have a game plan now !!!! “We just landed a big company in Tulsa, Oklahoma named Williams. We landed 8 quotes for access controls. That’s exciting! We got a lanyard order for $900.00 from a hospital that we couldn’t get in before. We have one that ordered after we sent them brownies.”

Steve Lundgren | CEO of ID EDGE

Onsite Business Coaching / Consulting Clients

“Clay I want to personally thank you for speaking at our leadership luncheon. You were very inspirational and informative. The students and members were enthused and challenged by your ideas.

Thank you again f   r inspiring our group. Wow!”

Curtis Evans

Bixby Optimist Club

“Hey Awesome Clay! First off, thank you so much for doing such an incredible job!  You were definitely one of the highlights of the conference. All of my feedback is good.  Your energy was perfect and I loved how you interacted with the audience and got them to relate to you (e.g. telling stories about your kids).  You were truly able to inspire people because you’ve been there/done that.  I think people were genuinely motivated to work harder and stop focusing.

You also had a perfect amount of humor weaved in, which kept everyone interested and engaged.  I specifically remember your story about painting your car in college, and the picture you showed – that was awesome. On the back end, you were very organized and I really appreciate that.  Thank you for getting your presentation to me ahead of time (even though I misplaced it), and thank you for delivering a spot-on message based on our hurting points that we discussed.

We definitely want you involved in our next conference.

Thanks again, you’re a rock star!”

Crystal McClain

Director of Operations | Event Coordinator for Oxi Fresh Annual Franchise Conference

“Every Saturday the employees are now looking to go and do something. Their attitudes are improved and they don’t come in complaining anymore. The pay scale you helped us set up takes care of them. Have now have guys making good money. They are now trying to convince Jamie and I if they are sick that they can come in and work through the weekend to make up for it. Nobody on the mowing team is now probably making less than $17.00 per hour. Thank you.”

Josh Mathias

Co-Owner of

Green Leaf Weed Control

“Wow that was fun! Hi Clay, I really enjoyed your presentation for the ISG in Louisville earlier this week. I was looking forward to receiving the slides as well as the video of your presentation if it’s available. I know there is stuff that I missed and would like to review it. If I could coach our employees to be ½ as productive as you it would be a great thing. Also, I love all of the PR ideas and although there is not easy access to cows in California your stories have sparked some ideas. I will look to order your book on Amazon. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!”

Chanda Brewer

Marketing/HR Director

Capture Technologies

“You were a beacon of truth, light, and inspiration, to the valiant few band of brothers (and sisters) [que the sound of a single puppy tear striking the ground]. Seriously thank you for motivating, coaching, inspiring and leading our team.”

Calvin Moore

Alumni Relations

Tulsa Community College

“Conversion has always been our issue, just knowing what to say. Since the training, the calls have been phenomenal and I really took what you said to heart. Since we’ve talked last I’ve really taken what you said to heart and realized that people don’t just wake up and think about paying us. So I’ve called them and we’ve actually landed 22 new lessons over the past 2 weeks.”

Chris Langwell

Basketball Coach at Score Baskeball

“One thing that I particular enjoyed is when he said he was going to cold call millionaires and that’s similar to a belief that I have where you never put yourself underneath someone’s pedestal because really no one is unappreciable. You should have the confidence to walk up to anybody, introduce yourself and try to pick their brain and try to get to know them and get some information from them.

Well he was very motivating, he really did his job today absolutely. He put humor into the mix, he kept it light but kept it real, and you really have to put it into that perspective.”

Eric Anderson

West Pasco Chamber of Commerce

“I attended the afternoon session of your Time Management session at the Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission and I was blown away! Thank you so much. I was truly inspired. I now know what I want to do and how I can find the time to do it! Thank you. “

Melissa Z.

Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission

Time Management and Stress Management Seminar Attendee

“Hey Clay, Thanks for all your help last year, we’ve done a lot of work, reading and investing and the results are truly amazing.  Our best staff ever, continuous increases and overall happiness like never before, (and yes more profitable than in years and in a down economy)!  I feel like we now have entirely new understanding on the importance of culture in the workplace. Do you have any more books you could recommend?! Thanks again Clay!”

Dave Bauer

“I have come to realize that foundational sales principles work regardless of what your selling. I work at a coffee shop and my boss told me “Hey, we really need to sell more coffee beans.” So I started employing the creative use of imagery, humor, phrasing and tried and true sales methods taught to me by Clay Clark and the book he recommended I read, “Soft Selling In Hard World.” I made posters describing the different coffees with funny pop culture references along with legitimate consumer reviews of each coffee. I also began using designing “The 90 second close.” Our store shot up to the spot of #1 in whole bean sales out of 613 stores in our entire region. Not only that, but we are averaging 5 pounds sold out of every 1 hundred customers that come into the store where as the average store in the US is averaging 1 to 1.5 pounds per every hundred customers that come in. These numbers don’t lie and they just point to the fact that a proper training in sales by someone who knows what they are doing and that has a track record to prove it can make you succeed in sales in whatever business realm you find yourself in, even the coffee shop business.”

Scott T.
Store Manager & Barista
Starbucks Coffee


“I’m getting lots of referral traffic from Facebook and social media. My website and biz card looks awesome. The $50 referral program is working great and I have my templates for responding to emails and my sales pitch down pat.”

Dominick  Cooper

Founder of Launch Academy

“Clay, I wanted to thank you for the incredible seminar I attended on Monday. I know for sure that it will not only save me lots of money in the near future but make my appliance business profit more than it ever has. Many of my colleagues who attended were completely wowed by your presentation we could not stop talking about it among ourselves and with others.

I desperately wanted to make it to your presentation Tuesday morning but I needed to place my appliance order. I’m sure you had a great turnout. I will take you up on your offer for a E-Book copy of ” Think & Grow Rich” and plan on not wasting time on the Internet and to make a plan to increase my sales with Social Media.

I have already been in contact with a customer who purchased 3 appliances from me that operates a small sports card shop and  also has a radio spot on Saturday mornings with over 10,000 e-mail addresses. I will definitely be in contact with you. Continued success and well wishes for you and your family.”


Rick Gallatz

Maytag Appliances

“I’ve really started getting alot more calls. Just in the past few weeks it’s really picked up. I just booked a big graduation and wedding order!”

Cara Leavitt

Founder of Sweet Mama Cupcakes

“I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice and have, for the past 12 months, been working in the fitness Industry. I finished up my degree (Sports and Health Sciences) and am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have officially become the real deal. I am working with ABC on the development of a BIGGEST LOSER web series and things are looking up. I just wanted to say thanks for the honest words and tough love when it counted. I still have a long way to go and will keep you posted. I’m excited to see the progress that you have made as well. I’m by no means an Entertainment Legend, but I’m bringing alot of communication and presentational skills to the table that most people in my industry don’t have. Skills that I wouldn’t have had it not been for my relationship with YOU! BTW… You are among the most life altering individuals I’ve ever crossed paths with.”

Bucky Brown

“I met Clay in 2008 and contracted with him to assist my business with recruiting and developing talent.  Clay helped me achieve business results. In 2009 our primary concern was developing systems to attract the best candidates possible.  These systems helped attract 6 new agents in the business for 2010.  He developed ongoing training and implemented some accountability measures that assisted these individuals in producing results well above initial expectations.  In 2011 we added an additional 5 new agents that are continuing drive results.

In late 2011, I decided to invest more in our business relationship and increased his responsibility in marketing and continued business coaching.   His creativity and fresh approach brings a consistent motivation to my team that raises the bar of what we think we can achieve.  I’m excited to see what new heights we can reach this year and for many to come.”

Kirk Fryer

District Manager / Career Development Center

Farmers Insurance

“First I would like to thank you for speaking to the Business Development Crew this month. I have been getting incredible feedback from people!! We had over 25 people in attendance who had never been to a BDC meeting before. Clay, we can’t thank you enough to take time from your schedule to do this for us!!!”

Evan Tipton

Event Organizer For Tulsa Young Professionals

“Clay, Just wanted to let you know I have had a lot of positive feedback on the video. A few minutes ago I just got a call from a lady who watched my video and called. We set an appointment for next week to get started on a Trust for her and her husband. Thanks!”

Breanna Grove

Attorney at Law

Grove Legal Services

“It was really good and actually alot of the people have walked away and are talking about it. Everybody loved it! The next day we ended the day early that we could implement the action steps that you talked about. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Overall it was just a REALLY GREAT PRESENTATION!”

Danielle Jorgensen

Marketing & Communication Manager

“Thank you Clay, you did a SWELL JOB! Everyone thought your (PR and Sales) presentations were very good and thought provoking. We ended up setting up 4 different round table groups to create scripts and systems that they could begin using in everyone’s businesses right away. I’m following up with Data Card today to see if you can get you all some more business right.”

Roger Sigler

Executive Director

Identification Systems Group

“Dear Clay, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time to speak at the IBC Monthly Breakfast Event.  Our audience thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday. The delivery was so engaging that we were almost tempted to give you an extra 30 minutes. By any measure you are a very effective speakers and motivators.

On behalf of the IBCg Team, thank you for a memorable presentation and hope you will partner with us again.  Former Dean from ORU Dr. Henry Migliore, was very impressed and would like to invite you to lecture to his students.

Clay your were exceptional, and the presentation drew the audience in and held their attention for those 30 short minutes. We would also like to thank you for the seed that you sowed into the lives of the attendees.  It is a seed that is going to produce a harvest that you will not have room enough to contain.  Blessings will abound!

Thank you once again for such a worthwhile presentation!”

John Benjamin

“Meeting went well.  Looks like we got the deal!  He will run it by his elders next week, but he’s pretty sure it will happen.  I’ve got a lot of questions for you after the meeting. thanks clay!  first week, first client!!  Bingo!”

Clay Staires

The Leadership Initiative

“Thank you for a wonderful speech you gave at the LoneStar Pet show! I would like to learn as much from you to help better myself to help better the Pet Store…So if you have any another information that you can share that would be helpful please let me know. Your talk was amazing! Thanks again for all your help and I hope you have a wonderful day!”

John Ethridge

Pet City Houston

“It was on my newly made to do list to send you a heartfelt “Thank You” for coming out to West Texas and giving a encouraging presentation.  I know that I was really inspired by what you said, and I called on your words to help me through the presentation that I had to make at the Annual County Judges and Commissioner’s meeting this morning.

You probably remember that I was pretty anxious about it, but I was prepared and it went fine.  I remember your story about stuttering, so I decide just to be candid with the audience from the beginning, so I started my presentation with the fact that I had never given a presentation to such a large audience, never stood on a podium, and never spoken into a microphone.  I then proceeded to tell them the story of my childhood disaster at my piano recital.  I knew my piano piece perfectly, and my teacher told me that it didn’t matter if I made a mistake, just to keep going.  After starting out well, I got nervous and my hands got on the wrong keys.  I remembered her advice to keep going, so I finished the whole song with my hands on the wrong keys.  It was awful and I was humiliated and I believe was the beginning of my lifelong fear of making a fool of myself.

Murphy’s Law….the speakers they hooked up to the laptop for my presentation decided not to work.  So, 2 You Tube videos I had embedded in the slideshow didn’t work.  Luckily, the first one was a funny 9-1-1 story, which I went on to tell the story myself.  The audience laughed!  I was so excited.  The rest of the presentation went well, I felt like my voice was strong, and I was even interacting a little with the audience.  I actually had a man come up to me before I left the podium to ask for my business card.  Others were very nice and said how good the presentation was.   In fact, one of the other presenter asked me if I would go around the State and make the presentation.  Huh???  Wow, I never expected that.

I sincerely appreciate your presentations yesterday.  I believe you helped me, by your words, to prepare, do the best I could do, and then go on to the next thing on my list. I would like to purchase your new book from you, and if you would be so kind as to autograph it for me, I would be delighted.”

Your fan for life,

Gail Robinette

Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission

Midland Texas

Oh my goodness—that is SO FUNNY!”


Kathy Taylor / Former Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Great flexibility substituting for another speaker. Good job. The “winning @ work” got highest marks from 44 of 56 survey respondents.”

John E. Trubey

Senior Analyst U.S. Government Accountability Office

Dallas, Texas

“Clay, Thank you so much again for such a great presentation this morning. For someone like me who is growing, expanding and started their own business from nothing, you really are motivational and inspiring!!

Hopefully our paths will cross again.”

Kerri Green

Celebration Creations Wedding & Event Planning

Celebration Creations Business Services

“Inspiring, funny & brilliant! Clay, thank you so much for the brilliant presentations you made to our students in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. You motivated, entertained and educated us! We truly appreciate your time and hope to see you again in the near future.”

Professor Jeretta Nord

Oklahoma State University: Spears Business School

” I have 20 weddings on my books for just this year alone. I am enjoying the freedom of time I have being the shot caller of my own life. Also still on the worship team at church.”

Logan Lucia

Entrepreneurship Conference Attendee

Lo Angeles, California

“Clay, it is seldom that someone inspires me…It is seldom that I am moved by another’s attitude and conviction that I take inventory of my own life and make steps toward change. Thank you for encouraging that I read, ‘The Laws of Success.” I ordered it!”

Paige P.

Conference Attendee

Farmers Insurance Agent

“Clay, thank you so much for speaking at the Mount Pleasant Entrepreneurship & Business Expo. All the feedback I have received has been extremely positive. Your speech and seminar were the highlights of the event!”

Shawna Garris Branch Manager

Kerri Green

Celebration Creations Wedding & Event Planning

Celebration Creations Business Services

“Every day I run this business, I appreciate the level of insight and knowledge of business and systems you brought to the table. Thanks for everything.”

TJ Markland


Mosaic Productions

“Clay, Ok, so the meeting yesterday had a great outcome!  The first question took them over 10 minutes to answer!  Plus the Trustee that had set up the meeting for me was a real talker.  However, I felt like I was able to stay in the driver’s seat of the conversation…I listened for them to reveal where they had concerns or where they were wanting to go.  Boom!  They began to talk alot about their students “integrating their faith” into all aspects of their lives.  They are wanting to expand the opportunities for their students to APPLY what they’re learning. They were at an 8 (on the scale of 1 to 10 question you taught me) with their existing programs, they just want to increase the options.  They were using a lot of “my language” so I let that do the selling for me.  It worked. Boom, I knew that The Furnace would meet all their desires.  So it was a easy lead in to say… “Well, let me tell you about what I do with The Furnace.” I was able to do that in just a few minutes.  I handed out a brochure and a media piece while I spoke.  And then led them into the video on my laptop (a short panic, while my computer paused to load the dvd) and they loved it!  They smiled and nodded their heads while it was playing.  Again, a lot of the same language.

When it was over, I gave each of them a copy of the dvd and moved to a call to action.  I felt very confident at this point.  It was great, I pulled out my phone to go to my calendar and as I did that each of them did the same.  I said “I’d like for you to see all this in action.  The best way to do that is for me to do a workshop with some students and faculty here at the university.  I have some dates in late March.  Would the 27 work for you?”  Butta baby!”

Then one of them chimed in and said, “I really like what I’m hearing from you.  I’m thinking of two classes that I teach that could really benefit from what you’re saying.  Would you be able to come and speak to them?”  BINGO!  Then another guy added the idea of doing a workshop for students that would be interested in The Furnace. By the end, we had set up a date in April for me to come teach two different classes then do a workshop.  They had also confirmed that students doing The Furnace could receive credit at OBU.  Then the Dean of Theology started talking about the possibilities of using our training as a part of their CURRICULUM!  Wow! So, there you go!  It was a great day!  Unfortunately I didn’t have any cards to leave them.  But my contact info was on each of the handouts.  I left a copy of the First Year Furnace Curriculum with the Dean of Theology, collected all their cards and made promises to stay in touch between now and April.

I have a few questions for you and I’m looking forward to our next meeting.  Can you do a phone call tomorrow or Friday?

– Clay Staires

Consultative Sales Trainee & Business Owner

“Learning from Clay was an empowering experience!  Although I am a car sales man, understanding what Clay taught me has brought me to become one of the top salesmen and gave me the desire to become a business owner. I’ve  learned that if you’re in sales and want to be at the top, you have to “dial and smile”. To also learned the importance of using humor to help me be unique and not just another salesman. I’ve learned the power of the “drip campaign”. I’ve also learned that anytime you have an idea or a goal, it needs to be accompanied by an action step to see its realty. Thank you Clay!”

Tim Markland

Workshop Attendee

“Hi Clay. You have no idea how you blessed me with our conversation and the book recommendations. When I was in Tulsa, the Brazilian government made a sudden change in the regulations for the housing market that drove a lot of people out of business.

We pretty much had to reinvent our business to survive.February through June were not fun… However, God blessed us and we were able to survive and prosper. We have now about 20 employees working on 3 different construction sites. The principles in the books you recommended and the ones I ‘caught’ during our conversation have helped me a lot!

I often tell my wife: ‘If Clay Clark can run 5 businesses, then why can’t I run a business and a ministry?” You have been an inspiration! Thanks my friend!”

In Him,

Rubens Cunha

Brazilian Missionary

“I bought a copy of your book for my husband Dan to read. I thought it was great- so fully of great stories with ways of pulling life and business lessons out. Your family is so amazing – just wanted to let you know!”

Ashley Herd

Purchaser of “Make Your Life Epic: From the Dorm Room To The Board Room”

“I began working with Clay Clark in 2005.

He has helped me develop my internet marketing business to what it is today,

teaching me to build sales & delivery systems and goal setting to the point that

I now work with multimillion dollar companies like SLAP Watch and ZanyBandz.

I would recommend Clay’s services to anyone wanting to build the ultimate sales machine.”

Clarence Fisher

“Clay, Thank you again for presenting yesterday, I had guests tell me it was the best one of the year! I know I definitely got some good take-aways for my small business clients. I hope we can have you in again sometime and that you made some good contacts. Have great day.”

Warren Unsicker

Small Business Program Manager

Tulsa Metro Chamber

“Before I ever start this with our staff I obviously need to know the content as well so I just finished “The greatest Salesman in the World”. Thank you for a fabulous recommendation!

Meaghan, I and Jennifer have been busy making implementations and developing outlines of our goals steps to get there.  I’ll be in touch to schedule a brief session with Bob and I soon and I would imagine with Jennifer and Meaghan as well. This training is going to change the way we do business!”

Dave B. / Regional Manager

Maytag Appliances

“Clay Clark has been instrumental throughout in providing me with the business guidance at the right times!

I have a big vision in what God has called me to do and sometimes as an Entrepreneur you can dream so big that you can lose focus. With 3 successful companies I knew that it was time for growth and sustainability so that we could reach the people that we needed to reach. I truly believe that God brings certain people into your life at certain times and I thank God for bringing Clay at a time of need. Clay has been instrumental in combining his business savoy with my big vision. The bottom line is that I am in business to help people…but to not run a business but to make money doing it, and that is what clay has helped me do! If you are considering bringing Clay on for anything business related it will be the best investment you ever make.”


Jonathan Conneely “Coach JC”

Founder / President, JJC Enterprises

“We are so happy engaged Clay Clark’s services for the recent Builder’s Convention I recently organized.  His ability to meld his presentation in with the specifics of our builder’s needs was most impressive.  His goal of having each person in that room walk away with one or two items they could implement to help grow their businesses was fully achieved.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an inspiring, motivating speaker to address their group.  In fact, we hope to further utilize his additional services addressing specific needs (such as learning to design your website so that it becomes #1 in Google Searches) in the near future.  Thank-you so much for a wonderful, exciting presentation that brought solid ideas and useful techniques to our group.”

Gail M. Stojak

IAUF Executive Asst.

UBuildIt – Orland Park

“The speaking was more than motivational, it was life changing. The first thing Clay passed out was the 12 Success Principles worksheet that had space on it to physically write down hopes and goals for our future careers. Clay did not stand still while he spoke. He had many hand motions and even drew hilarious visual examples on the screen to keep us engaged while he was speaking. I laughed nearly the whole time. Physically writing down the goals encouraged us to actually get things done!”

Victoria Ferguson

Conference Attendee

“After having had the pleasure of attending one of his motivational conferences, I must say, I am a happier man. All too often we loose sight of what really matters in our professional careers. Is it money, a day off, benefits? NO, it’s knowing that we have gone out and done our best, that we really put out the effort to be the best, and to do our best. When we really try, and get our eye on the target, that’s when we really perform, that’s what keeps the race horses running. That’s why I’m happier, he got my eye back on the target, and gave me the inspiration to be the best, and when I’m in that frame of mind, my life is great. Thank you Clay for the “gift”

Ted Sales Manager

Valspar – World Leader In Paint & Coatings

“I met you during the NCCA conference.  Once again your presentation was great!  It was thought provoking, funny and inspiring. Thank you.”

Zennee Johnson

Sr. Credit Manager

PPG Industries

“Talk about a fun.  Our members could not stop talking about how much fun you made the night.  You did a great job and we really appreciated it.  I have looked into the SW Nuts book, I just have not made it over to Barnes and Noble.  Again, thanks for doing a great job.”

Brad Harris

Harris Pattern & Mfg., Inc.

“Hi Clay, I want to thank you  so much for taking time to talk to me, you are truly a breath of fresh air. I love the energy and the ideas you shared. I’ve got alot of homework to do!”


Enzo O

Business Owner

2009 Chenango County Entrepreneur of the year   

“I love you and the word from my office is all positive. Wednesday and Thursday several people were quoting you as we sat through sessions and at our Christmas Dinner. Thank you again for lifting our spirits and for sharing your story with us! I hope to hear you speak again.”

Sherry Decker, ENP

Training Coordinator

“Hello Clay, I wanted to personally thank you for your time and talent this last weekend and I have been utilizing the 6 step sales process and have enjoyed it very much. my personal sales have been effected in the positive, Thank You. can you by chance give me a list of other books that you recommend, I love the book Think and Grow Rich.”


J David Jewelry

“Clay, Thanks for setting the time aside and helping the ”little guys” get started. Your free e-book was very inspirational and packed with practical questions that everybody should ask themselves before starting their own business. I live in the DFW area now but grew up in Tulsa. Sounds strange but I’ve been following your successful career for about four years now- since you visited my DECA class my senior year at Broken Arrow High. Your presentation that day was very inspiring, so inspiring that it stuck with me since. Since then, I have read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ countless times and Im re-reading it as we speak. I’ve also made a dream-book, like you encouraged.”

Jonathan Arguello

“I just finished reading the One Minute Manager and wanted to thank you for the gift of knowledge.  This book has already impacted the way I manage our staff and I’m certain we’ll be a better company in the future for it. Thank you for the practical training!

Enjoy your day and everything that God is providing for you on this day.”

Dave Bauer

Brief Biography of Clay Clark’s “Forest Gump-Esc” Career:

He is truly a “Self Help Guru.” An award-winning entrepreneur who had to overcome poverty in route to achieving tremendous business success, Clay Clark is an engaging-entertainer and a nationally recognized educator. With national accounts including Farmers Insurance, the United States Government Accountability Office, 1st Option Online Mortage, Valspar Paint, QuikTrip, UPS and many more…his journey to success started in his college dorm room at age of 18. By age 20 he had received national attention when he received the Metro Chamber of Commerce “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” for his “innovative best practice” customer service practices in his numerous businesses ventures. By age 27 he was able to add the United States Small Business Administration “Entrepreneur of the Year” and the U.S. Chamber “National Blue Ribbon Quality Award” to his resume.

“Hey Clay, Hope the business is going great and the family’s well. Just wanted to say thanks for teaching me some of the secrets of succeeding at jobs and going beyond what is just required. I took a lot of the things you told me to heart and have tried to put them to use in even the normal jobs I’ve worked. I think it’s thanks to those teachings that I’m now the second board operator in a decade that’s had a chance to move up to on-air staff at Stillwater Radio. I’m at a disadvantage since the bossman really wants to hire a female to fill the spot, but I’ve been doing what I thought you would do and staying an hour late after each shift to practice commercials, importing exporting and everything that I’ve talked the other full-timers into teaching me since starting there. Before I heard your success tips I probably would have just accepted it as fate and quit, but seeing what a guy just two years older than me has done in such a short amount of time has made me realize that I have to be aggressive if I want to move forward. So thanks for the business lessons and wish me luck.”

Case Capehart

Seminar Attendee

“I highly recommend Mr. Clay Clark for his speaking and entertainment services.  Clay was the guest speaker at our Student Council District Convention in April, 2009 and he was very professional and captivating to the audience.  We had 700+ Middle & High school students and 72 teachers in attendance at our convention and Mr. Clark kept these kids and adults entertained the entire time.  He not only gave a wonderful speech but he also announced our Talent Show at our convention. We had 13 schools participating in the talent show and Clay did an awesome job in announcing the acts and getting the audience involved in the show.  Clay has a wonderful sense of humor and kept the kids laughing and made our convention a true success.  After the convention, I had so many teachers come up to me and say how much they enjoyed the speech and what a wonderful job Clay did in keeping the kids on track and focused during the course of the day with his quick wit and sense of humor. Clay came a little early and stayed a little afterwards and was able to visit and connect with the kids and other teachers on a personal basis to get a feel for his audience.  Thanks again for making our convention the success that it was!

Rebecca White: Sponsor of Student Council, LaGrange High School

“Mr. Clark, I wanted to thank you for speaking to us at the Inspire Conference, your words really meant a lot to me and made me think about things in a whole new light.Thank you again!”

Bianca Hollins

Inspire Conference Attendee – Oklahoma State University

“Hi Mr. Clay, This is Natasha Jones I want to say that I enjoyed your presentation yesterday you really inspired me to keep pushing on in my dreams it gets tough at times but I want to succeed in life and have a comfortable life without to many worries I have a criminal background and I get denied jobs alot even with the skills that I have but I feel that someone will say yes. Thank-you for your time to encourage me in times like this.”

Natasha Jones

Inspire Conference Attendee – Oklahoma State University

“Dear Clay, I appriciate all the time you took to talk to us and motivate us.  My name is Marisa Drones and i am an Empower student at Rose State College.  When you first came in I have to admit I was not sure what you were going to say… But as soon as you started talking I knew I would be changed by the words you spoke!  Every saying you gave us, some quoted by others and some your own truly inspired me.  I was not just listening to you, I was HEARING you.  Thank you for making me want different things in my life and forever changing it!  Dont ever quit speaking!”

Marisa Drones

Empower Conference Attendee

“Your influence has inspired me to reach new heights. Thank you for giving your time and expertise to the students you meet at ORU. Your help has been incredible. I am going to start a new social networking site. I wish to successfully cultivate my idea into a vehicle that gives towards the Church, and its mission.”

Seth Quant

Oral Roberts University

Conference Attendee

“Thanks for the inspiration and the hope that you’ve instilled into me. You and Marquess both have shown me that all it takes is hardwork, will and confidence in yourself to acheive your greatest dreams.”

Billy Kinsey

Seminar Attendee

“My father-in-law just went to a Brand Source National Convention and Summit in Texas and attended a talk you gave. I really learned ALOT. You got my mind swirling with ideas so fast I almost couln’t keep up with myself. I would like to read your book and apply your teachings to our business. Thanks again!”

Chuck P.

Sleep Doctor Mattress Gallery

“Thank you for speaking at the Rotaract Club today. You are an inspiration and a wonderful mentor!”

Jeri Barrientos, MBA, AAMS

First Mate Financial Advisors, LLC

“Thank you for the inspiring peep talk at the Oxi Fresh conference. Immediately deploying ideas learned from you. Clay, I learned the internet trick of connecting with targeted contacts and then send them an offer to clean a room for free to show what we can do.  It is already paying off with 1 appointment and I started yesterday! Thank you for helping me pick the right book. Gotta go…..100 calls to make! Have a wonderful day”

Chris Conway

Oxi Fresh Franchise Owner

“I enjoyed meeting you and hearing you speak. Your talk greatly inspired me to TAKE ACTION. My best to you and your family.  Hope our paths cross again.”

Patricia D. Donnelly

Director of Credit and Risk Management

Osterman & Company, Inc.

“Clay, David and I just wanted to tell you thank you for coming to Westwood Golf Course and inspiring the staff (with your customer service talk).  David is having me get him a couple of books you suggested.  I am not sure when he will fit them into his busy schedule but I know he will try. You were great!”

Cheryl Lisle &

Dave Lisle (PGA Golf Pro)

Westwood Golf Course

“Clay & Cody, thanks so much for your help! We’re already working on putting the (optimization and efficiency) action steps in place and hopefully I can let you know how it is working out before I leave again. You guys are the best! Thanks again! “

– Shannon Farmer: South African Outreach Initiative

“Clay’s training has made a HUGE IMPACT on my sales team. From cold calling, to closing the deal now. His workshop DELIVERS.”

– John Toole: Farmers Insurance Regional Office

“No one has ever been so free with information and suggestions as you were…Most folks, like I probably would be, would save that for the paying customers. You gave more good information then I might have ever recieved (from reading other books and attending numerous other seminars).”

Chad Hackmann, Owner/Operator


“Inspiring, funny & brilliant! Clay, thank you so much for the brilliant presentations you made to our students in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. You motivated, entertained and educated us! We truly appreciate your time and hope to see you again in the near future.”

Professor Jeretta Nord: Oklahoma State     

University: Spears Business School

“I attended the seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona last week and was very impressed with your contagious attitude. I would like to thank you for your time. It was inspiring!”

Thank you,

Sharon Allen

Accounts Receivable

“FYI—The search engine optimization and conversion system is working. This guy found me STRICTLY via the website, got a call via 855-PAW-ELKA too.”

Jared P

Mid America Growth and Capital

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and was very impressed by the energy and sincerity of the program.  It is easy to see how you earned your success and I hope emulate you by investing in myself and put myself on a fast track to success.  Again thanks for your encouragement through example and may God bless you in your endeavors.  It was a pleasure meeting you. Your program was great!”

Juan F. R.

9-1-1 Program Manager

“Clay, I can’t thank you enough for your time yesterday. Dave and I both said that we felt like we had gone to school after meeting with you (we learned alot). I can confidently say that I have never met a better salesperson than you – you have an unreal ability to articulate yourself, and to teach others. I really can’t thank you enough. I also realized when we left that I didn’t even pay for your lunch – I owe you that and much more.”

Joseph O.

Commercial Real Estate Consultant

“I own Facchianos Bridal and Formal attire and have had to pay thousands of dollars in the past to have websites that were sub par and not what I needed for my business until Clay taught me how to do it myself. Now my company website comes up on the search engines in the first three searches.

It has changed my business overnight on how many times our phone rings. It can change the life of your business to be in control of your website.”

Jennifer Thompson

Owner/Bridal Stylist

Facchianos Bridal and Formal Attire

“The overall feedback was excellent. The students all rated the event very highly, and some asked to have you back again. Some of the things that stuck with students the most were: working with a sense of urgency, accepting failure, reaching for goals, and working to learn. I thought that the event went really well. I think from our standpoint it would have been better to plan it on a Friday so that more students could attend. The students who participated (I think) benefited from it. You were funny, and very engaging for the students…Overall, I was very happy with the presentation, and I’m glad we had the opportunity to work together.”

James Jesse

Coordinator of Special Projects at Tarrant County College

Tarrant County Community College College

“It is indeed a privilege to recommend Clay Clark to you.  Having been in the classroom for over 22 years, I have had the opportunity to observe a variety speakers and others working with my students. None have had the charisma or the ability to capture an audience and engage them as Clay has done. I never miss a chance to have him in my classroom.

He inspires students to be entrepreneurs and challenges them in several areas and to think about their futures.  My students always look forward to Clay’s visits.

It is difficult to find words to properly describe Clay.  He is unique individual.  He is inspiring and entertaining.  He is a giver.  It has been my experience, once you meet him, you feel like he is your friend.  He has qualities that are rarely seen.

Even though Clay’s accomplishments speak for themselves, I can honestly say—he is amazing, I have watched him work with some of my most ‘challenging’ students that were otherwise non functioning in the classroom and motivate them.  He can also relate to the more intelligent as well.  Perhaps it is because he is very well read and resourceful that gives him the ability to read his audiences and relate to them.  He has experienced success but has also experienced struggles to success—which seems to aid his ability to identify with and engage any audience.

Because of his business experience, insight and ability to work with young people, we have asked Clay to be part of our Advisory Committee for our Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America youth organization at school.  Even though he has an extremely full schedule, he has graciously served on this committee for approximately the last 4 years.

Clay’s initiative and level of commitment sets him apart from others.  He gives more than 100% to whatever he does.  I recommend Clay to you with absolute confidence that you will not be disappointed.  Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.”

Kathy Farquhar, Instructor

Adult & Family Living

FCCLA Advisor

Broken Arrow Senior High School

“10! 10! 10! Clay’s presentations were very professional and, yet, humorous.

Clay held everyone’s attention during both sessions he gave.

The time for his sessions seemed to fly by! The information was new and informative to me. I liked the tips Clay pointed out for recognizing opportunities for advancement.”

Stacie T. Last

Advanced Audit Techniques Specialist

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

“Hi Todd, the checks we were waiting on both hit today so Kristen is going to be sending the wire this evening she said.  Thank you so much for the hospitality the entire team shared with us.  We were totally blown away with what the team has put together so far.  You are truly trying to make this a fail proof system as long as you use the tools you are providing.  We are looking  forward to a great future with Oxifresh.  At the end of the first day we saw a beautiful rainbow on the way to dinner.  The second day we got the wonderful leis and the terrific screen saver from you and then when we got to the airport, our Frontier Plane had an Orca whale on the tail.  We just laughed and said it must be a sign!  Anyway, thanks for such a great time and the first class treatment the team bestowed on us.  Again, we are looking forward to a terrific future with the Oxifresh Team.”

Rick Hampton

Hawaiin Owner of a New Oxi Fresh Franchise

“It was definitely great to have Clay come in and share his failures and successes with the group.

I wish they would have given him a little more time, but what I heard was great, the fact that he did not try to hide the importance of family life to make things work in the material realm was a breath of fresh air ( I applaud him).

I have regained a new prospective on sales and basic approach to life!

Peter Teixeira

Territory Manager

Valspar Paint – House of Color

West Orange, New Jersey

“Clay was terrific!  All of the feedback that I heard was great.  He was energizing, clear, instinctive, funny  and tenacious. His refined/distilled common sense was genius.  It was a success.  Clay was definitely an asset to our conference, not to say that a cat juggler wouldn’t also work with our group.

You will be hearing from me in the future.”

Ric Slanczka

KCAHE President

“We had a lot of compliments about you. In fact one very sweet high school girl sent a thank-you note about you, that when I get a copy of it I will forward it to you. Hope you know that I appreciate you helping me out this year, and I feel you made a great impact. Thanks a million, Clay!!!”

Deb Ward

RCIDA  Project Coordinator

“Clay, we have been hearing rave reviews from our guests about you! Thank you for working with us. Everyone loved you.”

Rhonda Anderson

Personal Assistant To The President

ABC Table Top Advertising

“Great flexibility substituting for another speaker. Good job. The “winning @ work” got highest marks from 44 of 56 survey respondents.”

John E. Trubey
Senior Analyst
U.S. Government Accountability Office


“Clay, Enjoyed your presentation. It was energetic, specific and practical. I have gotten some great advice from you.  Now it’s time to implement.”

Doug Ford

Pavement Coatings Co.

“Thank you, Clay!  I enjoyed listening to your talk last week…thanks for the good advice and entertainment!


Julia D.

Citi Global Transaction Services

“It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I really appreciate all the information you provided and I really enjoyed your workshop, I got a lot of great notes and very helpful advice…your seminare really empowerd me! Thank you so much for all the helpful information you have provided! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and stay blessed!”

Elizabeth Tirado

“Clay! I really wanted to thank you for coming down there. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into this trip. The event really got our team FIRED UP with PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS. I have already noted a boost in morale in the office with sales and office personnel referring to things that you said during the meeting. On behalf of V.H. Marketing Ltd staff, we appreciated your seminar last Saturday. We thank you for coming and enlightening us with your views and thoughts. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.”


V.H. Marketing Ltd

Clay brings a lot of energy!”

“Hmmm…Clay, uh very energetic, ever be-cent a lot taller then I was expecting, large teeth, big smile.”

“I really liked the fact that stuff went point by point. And the fact that I could have a very concise idea of who needs to hear it shows that points were very specific because if I could target it at people in my life I could find those parallels for myself as well.”

“I think increasing my system is something that I started but put on pause, its something that I will be able to pick up and continue to expand. I will continue to share this information with other leaders so having the retainer of the website is something nice to show people who weren’t able to attend the event to be able to follow up with some of that content.”

Becca Stiles-Nogosek | Membership Events Coordinator 

Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce

“Clay is amazing! Lots of energy and real with people.”

“I am a Vocational Business Educator at Sequoyah High School in Claremore, OK.

“We have have worked with Clay Clark for several years.  He has spoken to our Business

Professionals of America Organization several times.  The students are so impressed

with his knowledge of business and his motivation for success!  He is inspiring

to young students…When in need of a dynamic motivational speaker you

should consider Clay Clark!” your choice.”

April Blackwell: Sequoyah High School

“I am overwhelmed with motivation!”

“DJ Clay (DJ CONNECTION) is by far the best entertainer we have ever used for “Project Graduation.” He keeps it PG rated & is very up to date with today’s young people. He is awesome!”

-Vickie (Coppell, TX HS Project Graduation Committee)

“Jennifer and I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for providing such a tremendous service at our wedding. I don’t believe we would have known which way to turn if your weren’t there always leading us in the right direction. You certainly kept the event on track, as we were told, provided stellar entertainment for all of our guests. I hear there is an unofficial “bragging rights” competition amongst the employees of DJ Connection…Thanks again for the exceptional service.”

– Lee W. Watkins III

Marketing Director of Enrollment Services of America

“He was great! Very motivational!”


“Meeting Clay was amazing!”

“I wanted to tell you that you did an awesome job yesterday.  I love seeing people hang around after events, such as your workshop, discussing what was just learned and of the ideas they have. I know you have made a difference to those of us that were able to attend (especially for Krista).  I hope you will continue your relationship with our SIFE team for years to come.  We will be sending you a copy of what we were able to video tape and a copy of the photos taken throughout the workshop and the luncheon.  I look forward to conversing with you in the future.  Feel free to pass on any ideas you may have for us or for me personally at any time.  I would love to keep you as a mentor, as you know we could all use one. Thank You!”

Terri Dubay

Rogers State University SIFE “Entrepreneurship Day” Organizer

“Clay was real and relatable!”

“Hey Clay,

Wes, Devin and Megan here! We wanted to thank you so much for coming in and helping out our marketing department. We all learned a lot from you and things have been working out great for us! Every week we are getting closer and closer to completing and implementing everything we learned from you.  We hope you are doing well and enjoyed those yummy caramels! Thanks again!”

Wes, Devin and Megan

ID Edge – Denver, Colorado

“An hour of enjoyment!”


Hey Clay!  First, I want to thank you for sacrificing your time to lead the Fall Break calling campaign. Coming into it, I was not sure how it was going to turn out, but you made the experience invaluable. You taught me so much about success, learning, first impressions, mentoring, over-performing, discipline, etc. Honestly, you made the campaign more than worth it. You were truly inspirational.

I do not know if I was just luck that I was provided the opportunity to participate in the calling campaign and meet you, or if it was divinely appointed. Either way, it was truly a blessing. Thank you!”

Nate Avery

Student Worker / Call Campaign Team Member

Oral Roberts University

“Very dynamic! Brought a lot of information.”

“Clay, Saw this article today on CNN and thought about your book. You probably already saw it.

As your are developing and perfecting the voice of Thrive15, I think the potentially there to be a voice of hope and renewal in a obviously evolving pessimistic America is very great. I hope this how the mentors see it.

I know you can be hard to work for sometimes, but I never hear my kids complain about that. What I see is my kids with hope, drive, challenged and encouraged to move and develop toward their own dreams and a future. So if I haven’t said it yet, thank you Clay Clark. and if that’s is what Thrive15 produces on a larger scale that is truly a great thing.

Oh, one more thing you might want to get some more boats, and I will explain that next time I see you. :)”

Brett Hutton

Author of Smart Leadership

Father of kids whom you have employed


Just want you to know that this last year has been unbelievable.  I’ve gone from poverty thinking to just a small measure of wealth thinking and, as the book said, the universe has discovered me!!! I’ve never felt so free!  I truly have become what T. Harv Eker calls, “a money magnet”!  And it’s only the beginning.  We have 7 revenue streams now and each of them are growing and contributing daily.

Thank you Clay Clark!  My life is expanding and you have been a major influence on me! Have a great day, my friend!”

Clay Staires

Professional Speaker/Trainer and Growth Expert

The Leadership Initiative

“Clay is very open and raw!”

“Pretty much because I am in the line of sales in the chamber of commerce and what we are trying to incorporate is that I am not going to let people say no, they just need more information and I’m going to keep trying and I’m going to keep learning. I’m going to do everything in my power to not shoot at ducks and go for the big elephants.

I loved his speaking style he’s energetic, he’s alive, he makes everything come to real life and the way he is able to incorporate everything that happened in his real life into everything that is going on in our world really had an impact on me “

“I think Clay was an awesome speaker, he really was able to connect with the 250 people we had in the room, he really made an impact and people said they are going to focus on those 8 things and I’m going to thrive.”

Chip Wichmanowski


West Pasco Chamber of Commerce

“Creative, honest, and passionate!”

Tulsa World: A Heritage of Mentoring and Counseling

Community Spirit Magazine: A Message of Promoting Family

Channel 6 News: The Forge/The Right Expression Programs

Video on Forerunner Program and The Furnace Training


Missouri State 3A Track Coach of the Year (1999, 2000, 2001)

Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (1996)

Teacher Of The Year (1997)

Chamber Citizen of the Year for Skiatook, Oklahoma (2012)

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and success on this campaign. We have raised over $100,000 for the WPS (matched)! Thank you!”

Yvette Webb

Development Event Coordinator
Oral Roberts University


From the Dorm Room to the Board Room

An award-winning serial entrepreneur who had to use gorilla marketing techniques and sheer determination to overcome poverty in route to achieving tremendous business success, Clay Clark started his first successful business while still a freshman out of his college dorm room at Oral Roberts University. By age 20 he had received national attention when he received the Metro Chamber of Commerce “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” as a result of the success he was experiencing with his entertainment business, DJ Connection.

Laugh and Learn with Clay Clark

In 2007 Clay was able to add the United States Small Business Administration “Entrepreneur of the Year” and the U.S. Chamber “National Blue Ribbon Quality Award” to his resume. Today on a daily basis Clay manages his 5 children and 9 different business entities. Due to his unique ability to inspire people through his unique laugh and learn approach to business, Clay is now a much sought after national speaker, consultant and business coach. Since 1999 he been the entertainer / educator / consultant of choice for companies both big and small including the United States Government Accountability Office, Valspar Paint, Farmers Insurance, Hewlett Packard, Oral Roberts University, Bama Companies, QuikTrip, UPS, and countless small businesses.

With his witty, humorous and relevant delivery style, Clay has a unique ability to connect with today’s business professionals in a memorable and impacting way. Since 1999, he has entertained, educated & inspired nearly 1,500 audiences both large and small. You can reach Clay & the Make Your Life Epic Institute today by calling 918-851-6920 or by e-mailing the Make Your Life Epic team at


These videos showcase the optimistic, humorous and motivational delivery style of Clay Clark.

Clay teaches: It’s Your Time To Thrive! to a group of Chamber of Commerce members:

Clay teaches Customer Service 101: The Art of Providing Excellent Customer Service:

Clay teaches It’s Time To Thrive! How To Move Beyond Surviving to a group of business professionals in New York, New York:

Clay teaches the Millionaire Mindset To Entrepreneurship to a group OXI Fresh Franchise Owners:

Clay teaches Social Media Marketing On Steroids and the Millionaire Mindset To Time Management to the International Community Bankers Association in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Clay teaches “The Millionaire Mindset To Time Management” to a group of trucking professionals in Chicago, Illinois:

Clay teaches The Wheel of Wealth: How To Build A Scalable Repeatable Business Model at Maytag University:

Clay teaches 3 Ways To Build Wealth to a group of business to business sales people:

Clay teaches Dramatically Increase Your Sales to the Universal Windows Direct chain of store owners:

Clay teaches Customer Service 101: The Art of Providing Excellence Customer Service:

Clay teaches Sales 101 to a group of sales professionals:

Clay teaches success principles to a group of recent college graduates:

Clay teaches how to entrepreneurship 101 at the University level:

Clay emcees for a group of 700 people at an annual awards banquet:

Clay Clark speaks at the U.S. Government Accountability office annual training:

Clay teaches the “Wheel of Wealth System” at the Historic Mayo Hotel:

Clay conducts a motivational seminar for a group of inner-city college students:

Clay teaches customer service 101 to a group of business owners:

Clay teaches about the importance of finding the intersection of passion & profits:

Clay teaches a group of jewelry store sales professionals how to sell more effectively:

Clay teaches conducts a motivational speaking keynote address at a major university:

Clay teaches Search Engine Optimization to a group of professionals at a workshop:

Clay teaches a group of Chamber members how to network more effectively:

Clay teaches social media marketing basics to a group of appliance store owners:

Clay teaches branding 101 to a group of Chamber members:

Clay Clark teaches “Winning Management 101” at a professional workshop:

Clay teaches sales customer service management to a group of wholesalers:

Clay teaches the “Winning Mindset” at the University level:

Clay teaches the importance of goal setting:

An overview of Make Your Life Epic and Clay Clark’s mission:


  • United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year
  • U.S. Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award Winner
  • Metro Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Member of the Journal Record’s  Fast 40 Club (Oklahoma’s fastest growing privately held companies)
  • Featured In the New York Times    
  • Featured In A Washington Post Editorial By Jeff Jarvis
  • “Serial Entrepreneurship” Nominee for Tulsey Awards
  • Award-Winning MC / Host of 1,500 + Events For Companies Including (Bama Companies, QuikTrip, American Airlines, countless High Schools, Colleges etc…)
  • “Best of Weddings Winner”
  • Vice President / Founder of Fears & Clark Realty Group –
  • Cofounder of the Downtown Tulsa Deco District
  • Brand developer behind Icing On the Top Bakery
  • Author of “Make Your Life Epic – From the Dorm Room to the Board Room
  • Founder of DJ Connection –
  • Founder of Juliet Films –
  • Chief Operations Officer of Bootcamp Tulsa –
  • Co-Founder of Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge –
  • Marketing Partner with Revolution Health & Wellness–
  • Founder of Tulsa’s Downtown Deco District –
  • Sales Trainer for Farmers University / Eastern Oklahoma from 2007 – 2013
  • Founder of Cherished Traditions Videography –
  • Founder of the Tulsa Bridal Association –
  • Co-owner of Epic Photography –


Links To Recent Videos Featuring Clay In Action: – This presentation was given in Dallas, TX to a group of IRS agents / government auditors (the fun people). – This presentation was given in Dallas, TX to a group of IRS agents / government auditors (the fun people). – This presentation was given on a college campus in workshop / lecture format for college students. – This presentation was given for High School / Middle School students as part of a city-wide “Entrepreneur Day.” – This presentation was given at a professional “Chamber of Commerce” sponsored “Web-Optimization” Workshop

You can reach Clay &  the Make Your Life Epic Institute today by calling 918-851-6920 or by e-mailing at or by visiting our website at