What is entrepreneurship?

Why the world always needs another problem solver.

“Entrepreneurs solve the world’s problems and unapologetically charge for it.” – Clay Clark (United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year)

            Bottom line, entrepreneurs solve problems for people and then they charge them for the solutions. If your business idea does not solve problems for people in a compelling way, it is not going to work.

Problem 1: People need natural gas for their homes.

Solution 1: Helmrich & Payne – The Company that comes up with the best way to drill horizontally to find gas that was previously not available can charge natural gas companies for their solution.

Problem 2: People want to be entertained at wedding receptions, and they have a budget of $1,000.

Solution 2: DJ Connection – The Company that can consistently deliver the most fun entertainment and the most professional customer service system will make the most money.

Problem 3: People want to know how to start a business NOW, and they don’t want to sit in a classroom for 4 years in a classroom getting entrepreneurship tips from a professor who has never started a business before.

Solution 3: This book – The book than can teach you the SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE to start a successful business that most quickly will be purchased by you.

Problem 4: You aren’t exactly sure what problem you are going to solve for the world.

Solution 4: Write down 50 (I like that number) problems that you experienced this week, and a service / product that could solve those problems.

Problem 5: You have an existing business is not making enough money.

Solution 5: Write down 50 problems that your business could solve for your existing customers.

**Note: Use the rest of this page to write down problems and solutions. If you can’t do this part, stop reading this book, use it as fuel for your fireplace and go get a job working for someone who already solves problems.

Clay Clark

U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year

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