Case Study | Communicating the Value Your Organization Offers To the Marketplace

Case Study – Communicating the Value Your Organization Offers To the Marketplace

**This blog post was written by Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author, U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, and co-founder of Tulsa Videography Company (Juliet Films) – Clay Clark

If your business is anything like most American businesses, you probably struggle at times to fully communicate your value to the marketplace. You might have an unbelievable product or service and yet at times it might feel as though no one even knows what you are talking about. Unfortunately, most of the times those feelings you are having are right.

At the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute, we sit down with our clients to help creatively and effectively communicate the value of what they offer. Over the years we worked with Farmers Insurance to help them communicate the true value of their amazing career opportunities through the creation of their employee handbook and the on-going training workshops that we conduct with their new agents.

Listed below is an example of handbook content that we helped to create for them. If you have found this blog and are interested in pursuing a career with Farmers Insurance contact the District Career Development Center by calling 918-392-4000.

Work for the Best

Stepping Outside of the Box

Farmers Insurance Tulsa - Avenger

(scene from Farmers commercial featuring “The Avengers”)


“A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.”  – Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple & Pixar

(Steve’s philosophy was true at Apple and it is true at Farmers Insurance as well)


Farmers Insurance Group of Companies

  • Established in 1928 by John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavey after receiving an initial loan from Bank of America. Charles Briscoe became the company’s first customer when he decided to insure hi 1925 Cadillac Phaeton.
  • Farmers has now grown to become the 3rd largest auto and home insurer in the United States. The company has differentiated itself by focusing on offering a high value agent experience that online companies, lizards and 1-800 companies cannot compete with.
  • To meet the unique demands of our ever-growing customer base, the company now consists of 13 different companies including: 21st Century Insurance, Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, Bristol West Insurance Group, the Foremost Insurance Group, Zurich Financial Services Ltd. and others.
  • Farmers offers over 30 different lines of business ( Auto, Home, Commercial, Life, Financial services).
  • We have been the #1 Rated claims service numerous times through JD Powers & Associates and numerous other quality assessment services.
  • #1 P&C writer in one of America’s largest states, California.


Be Your Own Boss

  • Unlimited Income – As a Farmers Insurance agents you are uniquely positioned behind a brand that American can trust, (as demonstrated through America’s familiarity with our brand “The We Are Farmers Commercials”, sponsorship of Nascar, sponsorship of PGA, etc…) yet you have they have the freedom to set your own hours, to work out of your own office and the set your own income goals.
  • Better tax Position – As a Farmers Agent you will have more access to pre-taxed income. Although you need to speak with a financial advisor to receive clarity on the subject, this will allow you to run more expenses through your income. This allows you to limit your tax liability and keep more of what you earn.
  • Similar to a Franchise – Most entrepreneurs looking to own their own business while desiring to enjoy the freedom of owning their own businesses have to make one of two choices. They can either start their own company with zero brand recognition and massive start up costs or they can go and buy an existing business or franchise at an average price tag of over $400,000. Farmers gives you a game-changing 3rd option. You can own your business while working for a brand people can trust and you won’t have the massive startup costs.
  • Complete Independence – As a Farmers Insurance you have nearly complete independence. If you and your family want to attend a sporting event or a piano recital you do not have to get approval from anyone. Although we have a brand that we are focused on keeping strong, you will not experience the micro-management that is so common in corporate America today.

Pick Your Own Office Location

  • Will Assist with finding a location
  • No direct boundaries
  • Farmers branding and signage

Excellent Starting Compensation Package

  • Commissions and $100,000 in marketing assistance
  • Travel and Promotions Bonus
  • Bonus Opportunities
  • Personal Achievements
  • Group Life and Health Package

Industry Acclaimed Training Programs

  • University of Farmers was rated #1 training program by J.D. Power
  • Continuing education
  • Income Projections
  • Marketing plans
  • Assist with hiring and training of staff

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