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A Case Study of BRB Roofing

BRB Roofing is an award-winning metal roofing company based in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The company opened up for business in 1975 when the founder of BRB, Benny Briggs first learned about a system of roof building that was being called, “The Standing Seam.” This might not carry much meaning to your or I, but this technology allowed for continuous metal panels that use both male and female components to put together in a way that creates an incredibly durable, weather-tight and leak proof shield against the weather. This technology made it possible to install a high-quality roof without the use of screws to hold the actual building materials together. Thus, water, snow and the other unfriendly Oklahoma weather elements had no point of entry.

Our job with BRB Roofing has really been to increase their branding up the level of their actual product. These folks already had a great company and we have simply worked with them in the following 4 areas:

1) Website Design

2) Internet Optimization

3) Professional Photography

4) Professional Videography

1) Website Design – In order to create a world-class web design we sat down with our team of web-developers and asked ourselves what they best way would be to capture and incorporate the company’s rich history into a new website design. We wanted the new site to look and feel familiar to the existing customers, yet we wanted it to clearly explain BRB’s value proposition to new and potential customers. The new site had to look great visually, yet had to be HTML-based and search engine friendly. The end result has allowed BRB to climb to the top of search engine results while creating a look that their entire team is proud of.

2) Internet Optimization – Nearly every business that we have ever worked with has wanted to get to the top of Google search results, yet Google has standards that they hold clients to. Essentially, you can’t “trick” Google or “game” Google. Google wants to offers its users the most accurate and SPAM FREE search results possible, and thus they reward companies that follow their rules. What are their rules. Essentially Google ranks websites based upon 3 major criteria: A) The amount of original and high quality content that can be found on a website. B) The amount of high quality websites that link back to a website. C) The website’s compliance to their XML, HTML site-mapping system and their overall website layout preferences. When working with BRB we helped them to make their entire site search engine and customer friendly.

3) Professional Photography – It is absolutely important that every image / photo a company uses to market themselves is of the highest quality possible. However, when you are starting and growing a business you don’t want to just get stuck marinating about the perfect photo to use either. This is where we come in. We sat down with the BRB team to discuss the images that we felt would best share their story and then we worked with our team of photographers to create images that could turn this vision into reality. The results…the photos turned out wonderfully.

4) Professional Videography – Building a successful website today absolutely requires incorporating the use of professional videography services. Nearly all research continues to show the same statistics time and time again. Essentially people spend exponentially more time on a website that has video. Because you are human, I’m sure that this is not shocking or new information to you. However, when working with BRB or any other company we must all keep in mind that the best videos for marketing need incorporate a mountain of customer testimonials when possible. When working with companies like BRB that have a rich history of success, this is much less difficult than when working with startups that don’t actually have satisfied customers yet. With BRB we focused on filming interviews with their satisfied clients so that prospect clients would be aware of high levels of customer service and metal roofing that they continue to provide and have provided for over 35 years.

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