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A Case Study of Clay Staires

It has been an absolute joy and honor to work with Clay Staires and his Leadership Initiative. Very few people on the planet can say that they have been a school teacher and yet have gone on to become a millionaire, and yet that is exactly what Clay has done. I first interacted with Clay when he was serving as the Director of the Shepherd’s Fold Christian Camp. He was in need of some assistance running a call campaign and heard that Clay Clark and Make Your Life Epic were just the people to help him. We sat down and our team and I quickly identified the biggest limiting factors that the camp team was facing when it came to raising the money they needed and then we immediately went to work creating a winning game plan for the telemarketing, fundraising and internet optimization campaigns needed to achieve their financial goals.

The good folks at Shepherd’s Fold were diligent, kind and committed to excellence so in very little time we were able to help them achieve their goals. It was at this time that Clay informed me that he wanted to hire me to help him grow his personal business that he was starting. A few conversations later, and boom…we are helping him to turn his dream into a reality.

While working with Clay we helped him in the following areas and more:

1) Brand Creation

2) Website Creation

3) Search Engine Optimization

4) Book Writing

5) Speaking Event Career Management

6) Sales Conversion

7) Service Delivery Workflow Mapping

8) Public Relations

9) Videography Services

10) Photography Services

11) PR Kit Creation

12) Sales Tool Creation

13) Business Card Creation

14) Professional high-fiving and countless other services…

What made Clay great to work with is that he is actually a doer and someone who get things done. Essentially Clay just wanted to know what to do, because once you showed him what to do he was like a steroid enhanced honey badger and he just got it done.

1) Brand Creation – When it came to brand creation, we worked with Clay to explore what his end-desire and end-goal was for his new business. Over time we learned of his deep passion for helping people to grow their and develop as people. His experience as a school teacher and counselor began to show up and show up often as we learned about his deep commitment to helping teach people about the power of personal development. It was then our job to create a brand that reflected his passion and a brand that would resonate with his ideal and likely buyers in a powerful and meaningful way. We created brochures, powerpoint slides, business cards and countless other deliverables to help him communicate his message in a way that would inspire trust and excitement to his potential new customers.

2) Website Creation – As with every client we work with, most people don’t have a website that is professionally done and if they do it is not search engine friendly. We devoted the time to discovering what Clay was looking for out of his website and then we developed a mock-up (“wire frame” – that’s nerd talk) of his website. We custom tailored the website to his needs and then helped him to write the content for it as well. While Clay was developing the content we created the search engine friendly HTML platform that the site currently sits on. Once the site was completed we taught Clay the “Dark Art of Search Engine Optimization” and how vitally important it is for the health of his business.

3) Search Engine Optimization – Having a beautiful site that your ideal and likely buyers don’t find is about as useful as putting an incredible billboard and salesman in an empty forest. It just doesn’t make sense. However, once you have a site that is consistently being discovered by your ideal and likely buyers, look out!!! With Clay we helped him to develop the original HTML-based powerful content that Google is looking for while helping him to secure legitimate 3rd party links from authority websites that boosted his search engine ranking. We also made sure that all aspects of his website were “Google Friendly” and “Human Friendly.” Having a site that is top in internet search results, but that repels humans is also not good. We helped Clay measure and improve the results that he was generating of the site’s inbound traffic and then we have just watched the man take off! It’s been exciting to see to say the least.

4) Book Writing – Where does one begin when they want to start writing a book? What is the first step? For Clay that first step was calling Make Your Life Epic. Book writing can be overwhelming and for most people it never actually gets done. But at Make Your Life Epic Tulsa PR Firm and Tulsa Marketing Firm we help you get it done. We have done this with numerous authors and we were able to help Clay to get it done in the same manner. Clay is a phenomenal speaker and teacher with year’s of experience and we just had to show him the step by step approach one needs to take to writing a quality book in a timely manner that readers will actually want to read.

5) Speaking Event Career Management – As the “Millionaire School Teacher” people reach to Clay Staires all of the time for speaking events, but how should be charge? How much is enough? How much is too much? What contracts should somebody use? What are the best items to bring to every event? What is the way to deliver the most value to speaking event attendees? These questions and more were all questions that we helped Clay Staires to work through and solve. Today he is speaking all over the country as a featured Keynote Speaker at some of America’s biggest conferences.

6) Sales Conversion – Converting inbound leads into happy and satisfied customers requires an art, a nuance and a plan. We helped Clay to develop a turn-key lead conversion system that allows him to quickly find the needs of ideal and likely buyers in a scalable and duplicable way.

7) Service Delivery Workflow Mapping – The goal of every client interaction is to provide them far more value than they paid for. Once you create a system that consistently wows customers great things begin to happen. Happy customers tell their friends and that is powerful. However, if you merely deliver on what you promise your business will not thrive it will merely survive. Clay already had the service and the value needed to wow his customers we just had to help him to this in a scalable way that would allow him to scale his success.

8) Public relations – As seen on this, as featured on that…these are things that we as consumers look for when deciding to buy the products and services we need. We say subconscious things to ourselves like, “Well, I should probably buy from that company because they are the same company that the big companies are using” or “Well, if that product or service is good enough for Kathy Ireland, then it’s probably good enough for me.” But, with this prevalent “herd mentality” towards buying already being common place, how can the small guys ever really get ahead? Public Relations is the answer. My friend, every day the members of the media wakeup looking for stories that will provide something of value and that will interest their target demographic. All you and I have to do as service and product providers is to provide them with newsworthy stories that add value to their constituents. Does the media have a bias? The better question is, does their audience have a bias? The media exists to provide news and quality content that is of value and interest to their readers and viewers. We simply helped Clay to position himself as the expert that he is in the area of leadership. Then we helped him secure and organize the litmus test items that the media is looking for before they agree to feature someone on their programming including: press releases, head shots, awards, biography, testimonials and verifiable third party evidence that he is in fact the real deal.

9) Videography Services – Every website must feature quality video on it if you are going to engage website viewers and the website project of Clay Staires was no different. We arranged our Tulsa videography team, wrote scripts, set up interviews, secured the lighting and did everything needed to produce the quality content that website visitors are looking for. We then took this content and showed Clay how to use these videos as a sales tool, search engine optimization tool, PR tool and lead generator.

10) Photography Services – It’s very important that the first impression that we all make is a good one. Unfortunately we all are not photographers and gurus just because we now have access to digital cameras. Thus, we worked with Clay to gather professional head shots that we were happy with and that helped him to convey his personal brand and personality to his ideal and likely buyers in a sincere and memorable way. Remember, a good picture is worth a thousand words. A bad picture is worth a stick in your ideal and likely buyers eye.

11) PR Kit creationMedia today have had to become ever more and more discerning about who they put on the air. As the 24/7 news cycle has greatly increased the demand that consumers have for accurate and up to the minute news, it has already created “15 seconds of fame moments” for many fraudulent people. Thus, before many members of the media are willing to feature you on their publications and news stories, they often want you and I to have a professionally produced PR Kit. This PR Kits should include a professional biography, third party endorsements, your core differentiator, head shots and testimonials.

12) Sales Tool Creation – When you speak professionally people come up and want to hire you on the spot all of the time. However, many “potential clients” are not actually potential clients. Many of the people that come up and ask to connect with you are “time-wasters” who don’t actually want to improve in life, they just want to come up and ask you an endless series of questions while at no point focusing on implementing any of the strategies and principles that they were just taught. Thus, we worked with Clay to develop a “filtering system” to best determine who was real and who was not while helping to find the areas where he could truly be of value to his ideal and likely buyers.

13) Business Card creation Business cards just have to look good. When you pass out a business card you want to feel confident about what you are doing on the most very basic level. When your cards look bad, you don’t have any confidence in what you are saying and if you do have confidence most people won’t believe what you are saying because your business cards look so bad. It’s important that your first impression is always a good one and we helped Clay to design business cards that are EPIC and wowing.

14) Professional high-fiving and countless other services – While working with Clay we experienced a ton of success and a ton of those “high-five” and “fist-pounding” moments. At Make Your Life Epic, we loved working with Clay Staires.

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