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**Best-Selling Author, Seth Godin speaks about the importance of spreading your product and your message by using PR and innovative marketing.

How Can MYLE PR Help You Package Your Product In A Tiffany’s Box?

**This posted was written by the Make Your Life Epic Tulsa Public Relations Firm

To a large extent the amount that people are willing to pay for your product or service is based upon your customer’s perception of the value of the product or service. Think about how being able to answer “yes” when asked the following questions could dramatically and positively impact your business?

Has the your company or product been written about in the New York Times?

Was your product featured on The View?

Were your gown featured on the hit reality TV show, Say Yes to the Dress?

Was your grooming lounge featured in Tulsa People?

Was your entertainment company named by as the Best of the Best?

Was one of your gourmet cakes featured in a picture with Martha Stewart?

Did your company handle the real estate marketing for the most successful real estate mogul in Tulsa?

Did your company build a website for a grammy-award winning artist and major music star?

Is your medical practice the official medical facility of choice for America’s Biggest Loser? 

Was your book endorsed by best-selling author, Brian Tracy?

Was your photography studio featured in Tulsa World, Oklahoma Magazine, and countless other media outlets this year?

Was your product carried in Vitamin World and featured in Forbes Magazine?

**Over the years, we have helped many of our clients grow dramatically by taking advantage of the PR opportunities presented above.

Whom Do We Contact & When?

Based on years of experience producing results for our clients, we work with every client to produced a custom campaign designed to help them achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Through the unique systems of “Headline Incorporation,” “Pop Culture Connection” and “Bias Plays” we are able to help our clients to get their word out to the masses in personable way. Many PR Firms throughout the country forget that members of the media are people too. The members of the media aren’t just bias-free pawns that businesses and pr firms can use to get their message across. The members of the media are humans with goals, dreams, biases, agendas, areas of focus, motives and personalities. As a leading PR Consulting Firm we help to steer your business into the areas of biggest opportunity by investing the time to get to know you, your business and your strengths and weaknesses. When the pair up your strengths with the right media outlets and the right members of the media.

As an example…Recently we worked with a client who had a very pro-military opinion. In fact this vendor loved the military, as he was a former member of the U.S. army. Over the years, he had a strong desire to help raise support, awareness and donations for those who had been badly hurt or injured while serving our country. However, over the years as his business had grown he had lost contact with his true passion for the military.

After investing a few hours getting to know our client and learning of his professional and personal goals we recommend that he begin using his love of the military as a differentiator for his business. He simply became known as the business that supported the military every time an item was bought or sold at his business. His customers loved hearing of his support for the military and were happy to know that his business supported those and help to keep our country safe from the bad guys.

We then however took it a step further. We invested the time to identify the members of the media who were also in favor the military. We then looked for the articles, stories, and blog posts that had been written by the members of the media with a very pro-military slant. After carefully researching these members of the media the client agreed that we could begin sending out press releases on his behalf announcing his company’s support of the wounded military veterans.

Much to our client’s surprise (but, not to ours) the media begin featuring our clients business in the news time and time again. This added media coverage proved to be priceless as we assisted our client in using this favorable media coverage in all its marketing materials. The company begin writing, “as seen on TV” on nearly every piece of marketing material they used.

Bottom line, the client made more money, more awareness and donations were raised than ever before and the stars quickly aligned themselves in favor of our client, his cause and his overall profitability?

**The video featured above showcases just a small glimpse at the power of public relations.

Public Relations For Your Business

**This was posted by the Make Your Life Epic Tulsa Public Relations Firm

When Was the Last Time Your Business Was In the News For A Good Reason?

If you haven’t been in the news for awhile or you are struggling to recall the last time the media called this is not a good thing. In fact entrepreneur, philanthropist, tech giant and billionaire businessman Bill Gates is famous for saying, “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.”

Cause Your Clients To Prejudge You Favorably.

Although we’ve all been told our lives that we should not “judge” people, we all do and our clients especially do. In fact endless amounts of research data shows that your customers often formulate an opinion about the value of the products and services you sell within the first 15 seconds of their first interaction with your business.

  • Does your website wow them?
  • Is the content in brochure compelling them or boring them?
  • Has your business been featured in the news or does it appear to be reputation less?
  • Has your business won any industry relevant awards or does it appear to be mediocre?
  • Does your business appear to be new and risky or fresh and innovative?
  • Does your business appear to be old and boring or experienced and trusted?

At the Make Your Life Epic Tulsa Public Relations Firm we specialize in helping you and your business to share your story with your ideal and likely buyers in a way that causes your client to prejudge you in a positive way. Because everyone is going to judge your business anyway, you might as well invest your resources into turning their first impression into a favorable impression.

When your ideal and likely buyers find your business online, what are they finding? When they search for the products and services you sell will the even find you at all or will they find your competition?

Where Is MYLE Tulsa Publications Located?

With offices in downtown Tulsa and Dallas, Make Your Life Epic Public Relations specializes in securing top-level media placements of our clients through customized campaign creation, consistent networking with our contacts within the media, targeted pitching and an unmatched level of passion for the businesses which we represent. This commitment to excellence directly and dramatically impacts our clients bottom line profitability.

As Tulsa’s Leading PR Firm, We Understand How To Communicate Your Message To Your Ideal Clients & Likely Buyers Through the Careful Crafting of Your Media Message.

As one of the top public relations firms in Oklahoma, MYLE’s client roster has included Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Moguls, Hair Salons, Prolific Inventors, Entertainment Companies, Pop Music Stars, Non-Profit / Foundation Fundraising, Gourmet Bakeries, Lawyers, Doctors, Fitness Experts, Photographers and Authors.

MYLE sincerely believes that at the very foundation of any successful pr marketing campaign you will discover strong relationships with the members of the media. Because we have invested years in the development of an incredible network of top writers, reporters, editors and producers we are able keep our collective fingers on the pulse and the existing and new media resources that are available and becoming available to ideal and likely buyers. This allows us to quickly achieve media saturation across the designated market areas that we service. Bottom line, we help your company to share your message quickly with your customers.

**The video above features MYLE friend, Jonathan Barnett appearing on FoxNews.

Custom-Tailored PR Results For Your Business.

**This content was posted by Tulsa PR FirmMake Your Life Epic 

MYLE custom tailors of mass-media marketing communications plans to meet the unique and very business-niche specific needs of our clients. For example, if your business offers medical staffing services to hospital administrators and office managers it does not make much sense for your business to be doing mass-mailers to everyone in the city. In that specific case it would make much more sense to focus our efforts on getting your business featured in the publications that are commonly read by hospital administrators and office managers.

However, if you owned a custom-wedding focused gourmet bakery, it would make much more sense for your business to focus its attention on getting write-ups in wedding-focuses publications. It would also make sense for your business to develop and powerful print piece designed specifically to be mailed out to newly engaged brides to be.

Basically it all comes down to matching the message with the audience and the right media outlet to reach your key audience of likely and ideal buyers.

Media Relations For Your Business And For Your Audience.

When it comes right down to it, Tulsa’s journalists, writers, producers, editors and bloggers all want newsworthy content that is provided to them from sources that can be trusted when and they need them. To this end, MYLE works diligently with national, local, regional and global media outlets to generate positive publicity and attention for your business. Press releases, media training and talking point preparation are all services that we proudly provide for our clients.

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