Public Speaking

How can Clay Clark and the Make Your Life Epic team help you to improve your public speaking skills today?

“It was on my newly made to do list to send you a heartfelt “Thank You” for coming out to West Texas and giving a encouraging presentation. I know that I was really inspired by what you said, and I called on your words to help me through the presentation that I had to make at the Annual County Judges and Commissioner’s meeting this morning. You probably remember that I was pretty anxious about it, but I was prepared and it went fine. I remember your story about stuttering, so I decide just to be candid with the audience from the beginning, so I started my presentation with the fact that I had never given a presentation to such a large audience, never stood on a podium, and never spoken into a microphone. I then proceeded to tell them the story of my childhood disaster at my piano recital. I knew my piano piece perfectly, and my teacher told me that it didn’t matter if I made a mistake, just to keep going. After starting out well, I got nervous and my hands got on the wrong keys. I remembered her advice to keep going, so I finished the whole song with my hands on the wrong keys. I believe you helped me, by your words, to prepare, do the best I could do, and then go on to the next thing on my list. I would like to purchase your new book from you, and if you would be so kind as to autograph it for me, I would be delighted. Your fan for life!” – Gail Robinette – Conference Attendee – Midland Texas 911 Dispatchers

Sadly, many people struggle with an enormous fear of public speaking. Just the thought of speaking in front of one’s peers can make some people sick. If this is you, and your job demands that you must be able to speak and communicate publicly then the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute can help you. With our proven workshops, your skills will improve greatly and quickly!

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