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A Major Grand Opening Is Essential For Your Business

**This was posted by Tulsa PR Firm, Make Your Life Epic.

Have your ever wondered why Hollywood goes all out for a movie’s premier celebration? Have you ever wondered why big companies go crazy for the grand openings of new locations? Have you ever wondered why “golden shovels” are used for the ceremonial “ground breaking celebration?” Have you ever wondered why A-List celebrities are invited to big events and are often given special gift samples of new products that they can easily afford?

The reason is simple. Their are certain people whose opinions matter more than others. If Oprah likes your book, it will be a best-seller. Let me repeat. If Oprah likes your book it will be a best-seller. If Sarah down the street likes your book, it might be really nice to hear her feedback, but it does not guarantee your book success. If George Foreman endorses your product it will sell a million units. If the Minnesota Twins hitting coach endorses your product it will sell more units to baseball players and only to baseball players.

At MYLE Public Relations of Tulsa, we will help you to organize an event that will put your business on the map from the moment your doors first open. Then we will make sure that everyone in your city knows that it was put on the map just to remind them. In order for your product to become famous, it must be well received by those unique individuals who can control what becomes popular. If a trusted editor and journalist writes a glowing story about your local new restaurant it will initially experience a rush of traffic. Let me repeat again. IF A TRUSTED EDITOR AND JOURNALISTS WRITES A GLOWING STORY ABOUT YOUR LOCAL RESTAURANT IT WILL INITIALLY EXPERIENCE A RUSH OF TRAFFIC.

Why does this matter for you? My friend, your business must get the influencers and the trend-setters to like your products and services. Because once they do it will change your game and exponentially increase your sales even if you pay of the endorsements and everyone knows that you paid for the endorsements.

Think about this for a second…Michael Jordan is paid by Hanes to say how much he likes their underwear. Does he really wear Hanes underwear? I don’t know, but I know that you and I probably do. It’s about the credibility of the person writing the endorsement. And once you get a few credible endorsements for your product or service, it’s game over for your competition because you will win.

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