If it’s not duplicatable and scalable it’s not worth doing.

“Most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working IN your business rather than ON your business.”  – Michael Gerber

            If you have created a product or service that only you or an elite few can do, you have not created a VIABLE BUSINESS TO GET RICH. YOU HAVE CREATED A JOB that no one will want. If you are the only person in your company who can render the product or service, you are going to have to work all the time, and people will always ask for you personally. If you have a design company and you are the only designer on staff that you can ever trust, this is problem. If you start a DJ company and you are the only “good entertainer” this is problem. You must create a product or service that is easily scalable and duplicatable.

If you can’t train someone to do tasks needed to perform their job in 40 hours or less, you have a big problem. How would you grow quickly if it takes you 2 years to train people “to do it your way”? I meet entrepreneurs all the time who have been in business for 25 years who don’t get this. I met a dude recently who is an older photographer and he actually said, “In my company, I don’t just trust anybody to take photos. In fact, that is why I take all of the photos myself for all of my clients.” This is BLASPHEMY for any successful entrepreneur. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE BIG MONEY, you are going to have to delegate everything but the crucial decision making. This photographer needs to quit calling himself an entrepreneurship before he demotivates everybody around him.

I realize that the process of building a duplicatable process seems daunting, however you can do this. I took Algebra 3 times and I never did pass my CPR class. Learning is generally tough for me, so I can tell you with confidence, you can learn how to do this. As you begin to create this duplicatable system just keep 3 quick rules of thumb in mind and you will be off and running.

1) Common sense is not common – Whenever you find yourself saying, “that should be common sense” go ahead and get out the stapler and staple a Post-It Note to your forehead to remind yourself not to do this. If you are truly creating a service or product that does add tremendous value to people’s lives then your customers currently should be experiencing these unique value adds elsewhere in the marketplace already. Thus, your employees most certainly have not seen this high-value system in action either.

2) You must be able to train someone to do every core competency within 15 hours or less – The system that you build should be easy to train and it should be written down. I am always amazed by the businesses I work with that claim to have a “unique system” or the “best staff processes,” but upon further examination you realize that everything the company does is not written down, and thus it does not happen systematically. Imagine if the Bible was just a verbal history. That would be one crazy book at this point. You must write things down. You must turn your value-add thoughts into things.

3) You must condense value-add into a series of checklists to be appropriately delegated – If your systems consist of huge lengthy binders and documents, congratulations you are going to be the only one who will ever read these! You must turn your ideals and your value-add systems into checklist that can easily be inspected on a daily basis by the management staff or you.

**Use the rest of this page to write out the step-by-step process needed to provide your product and services to the MASS-AUDIENCE.

**If you need help build a duplicatable and scalable process for your business you are not alone. We worked with one major national appliance store that had great products but nothing in the way of checklists and operational systems to run things effectively on the store level. Simply by equipping their team with the right tools, they made huge improvements and increases in revenue within the first 2 months. If you need more information about our on-site or phone conferencing business coaching sessions contact us today by going to www.MakeYourLifeEpic.com or give us a call today at 918-851-0102 and we will help you do this. Creating a “workflow” (the duplicatable and scalable process for your business) can be over-whelming. The best book / resource for build a work-flow that works is “The E-myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.”

Clay Clark

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