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“Half the battle is selling music, not singing it. It’s the image, not what you sing.” Rod Stewart (Famous Music Chart-Topper and Pop Artist)

            If you are going to make BIG MONEY you are going to have to convert the clicks onto your website into cash. Building your website is only half the battle, selling your product is the hard part. In the next Chapter we are going to teach you how to come up in the top of “Google Search Results” but this would be a complete waste of time if your website was not good at converting clicks into cash and online visitors into leads. Getting people to your website is only 1/2 the battle. Monetizing each visitor in a way that helps them and helps you is critical. If you don’t do this, you will be the large retail store in the mall with the huge lease, which never has anyone available at the cash registers. Eventually, clients begin to get frustrated as they stand in line and before long they just quit coming back. Although it is as awkward as being the person who smells bad in a crowded elevator, each year I make my annual trek to Victoria’s Secret. I go there to buy my wife lip balm, underwear and the various other things needed to keep my wife feeling sexy on an annual basis. Whenever I go there, I always take my young kids and I always go during the holidays. And every time I go there is always someone on staff, right there ready to assist me in my speed-shopping adventure of awkwardness. They always have a salesperson that is eager and ready to help me get what I want before my brain explodes due to awkwardness. Your website needs to be as helpful as these sales people. Your website needs to be obvious and it needs to show people in an obvious way where they need to go to get the items and services they want quickly.

Don’t make your clients guess at what you do. Don’t make a website that screams, “I don’t have a purpose and we aren’t really sure what we do!” Listed below are my 7 rules for website project that you must use on every website creation project you ever undertake.

1. Your Website Must Build Trust & Credibility With 2 Seconds

If your website looks “janky” and “amateur” I am simply going to shut down mentally the first time I visit your site. I once did a huge search engine optimization project with one of my clients, only to discover that her actual website looked AWFUL at best. I almost had to staple my forehead when I first saw her site. I was excited to see her top in the local “Google Search” for her category and once I clicked on the site, I discovered the “Big Nasty” that was her website. My friend, be real with yourself. If your  site does not look BIG TIME you are going to always be SMALL TIME. If you have been featured on something, or if you have some national celebrity, put it on your website. The best example I can think of for making your NEW SITE look INCREDIBLE and BIG TIME from day 1 is Timothy Ferriss’ Before he was big his site looked big. And once he got big, his site just continued to look the part.


2. It Must Be Obvious What Problems Your Company / Website Solves Within the First 10 Seconds of Visiting Your Website

If you sell insurance make it obvious. If you sell real estate make it obvious. Make it obvious what problems your company solves to the website visitor within the first 10 seconds of visiting your website. If your site comes up top in Google, but no one understands what you do or what problems you solve that is simply not going to work. Customers are less curious than you think.


3. Your Website Must Supply Proof (Facts) That You Can Solve My Problem

Ultimately all sales involves finding the problem, solving the problem, showing that can and have solved the problem before and calling the client to action. It is critical that your website demonstrates that you can and have solved my problems before. Testimonials are game changing. Testimonials are merely benefits wrapped up in someone else’s words. They are powerful. I worked with a client recently who had a client that said something to the effect of, “Since I started working out with Company X, I have lost 32 lbs. in the past 4 months. I can fit in my favorite clothes again! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!” Folks these kinds of comments change the game. Potential customers want to know they are in good hands. Nobody wants to be your experimental project. Nobody wants to be the first client you have tested your theories on. You must demonstrate you have solved these problems before.

4. Contact Information Must Be Obvious

            Don’t make your clients hunt around your website for 10 minutes just to find your phone number and a way to contact you. Don’t think that you are being cute by hiding your number. Very few people have the patience to leave voicemails, to check voicemails to wait in a fast-food line for more than 2 minutes and even less people have the patience to hunt down your phone number that is hidden. Make sure your phone number appears clearly on every page of your website.

5. Your Website Must Offer Me Great Value & Free Things In Exchange For My Contact Information

             Naturally, you and I don’t want to just give our email address to any random dude, because we all know what it is like to wake up each morning to another inbox filled with unwanted E-Mail Spam. However, most people are willing to give their name, phone number and email address in exchange for a FREE E-BOOK COPY of “7 Secrets To Significant Weight Loss” by the Personal Trainer of the Stars John Smith. Most people are willing to submit their name, phone number and email address in exchange for “25% OFF OF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE” simply by registering on our website for our monthly online email catalog. Many people are willing to submit their name, phone number and email address for a “FREE 100 POINT BUSINESS ANALYSIS by the U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year.” Whatever your product or service is you must have COMPELLING “OPT-IN” opportunities on every page of your website. You want your website to solve your client’s problems and your problems. They want a solution and you want a lead, another person in your database and ultimately more revenue or what is the point?

6. Automated Sales & Followup Systems

             After someone submits their contact information your system must automatically jump into ALERT MODE. While you’re sleeping your website should be send your client and Auto-Responder email “congratulating them on their purchase” or “thanking them for visiting,” etc… Your automated system should begin sending those who chose to “OPT-IN” weekly newsletters from your business. Your system must be a machine that works while your sleep. Your website must also alert you every time a new deals comes in so that you can call them within 5 minutes, no 5 hours. People equate skill with speed and your automated system should make you look really good, really quick.

7. A Shopping Cart That Works

            There is a certain percentage of the population that just “prefers to shop online.” I found after working with hundreds of businesses, that certain people just like the anonymous, time-efficient method of buying things online. They don’t want to develop any relationships over the phone. They don’t want to get to know you and they simply want to get what they want and get out. These folks are like the “Self-Checkout Folks” at Walmart that would just prefer to checkout on their own. Don’t miss out on these people. Help them help you. Make it easy for them to buy now!


**Building a website that looks functionally great that also is compatible with Search Engine Optimization requirements can be challenging and very few web developers are up to the challenge. Most web developers build a site that looks great, but that is never viewed by clients because it was built upon a foundation of internet coding that Google does not recognize. Thus, to save you the headache, email us today by visiting our website today at or call us at the office today and we will let you know of the Web Developers that we personally use and who we would recommend.

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