How To Provide Great Entertainment For A Wedding 

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Having personally dj’ed for well over 1,000 events, I have “been there” and “done that” when it comes to nearly every venue, every holiday, every scenario and every wedding reception theme idea. So to add value to the brides and the grooms out there who are wishing truly entertain their guests on their big day, I have put together my 2 Rules for Putting On A Party That People Will Love.

Rule #1 – Don’t have an outdoor event. Now I realize that sometimes for budget reasons it is absolutely required for your event to be outside and if this is the case with your event, I’m deeply sorry. But for everyone else out there, you must do whatever you need to do to avoid having an outdoor event. They are just simply not practical. Let me give you just a few recent situations that I have personally witnessed over the years involving an outdoor where. The 1st situation that comes to mind is “the great windy veil of 2002.” We had a situation where we provided entertainment for a girl that was getting married outdoors on a golf course green. When the day of her wedding came the wind of steady and harsh. Thus, during the entire ceremony it kept blowing her veil and hair into her face. In the wedding video and during the event it was a complete distraction, she ended up looking more like Chewbacca than a bride with all of that hair in her face.

Another situation that constantly arises when a bride chooses to have an outdoor wedding is the constant heat problems. You see when you get married all of the grandparents where their nicest clothes and they simply want to look their best. However, when they are profusely sweating to the point that it is just ridiculous, it is very hard for them to look dignified or respectable. They start sweating like they have been playing in an NBA basketball game, and their makeup starts running. Grandpas start sweating out the armpits of their shirts and it just gets gross. And this situation literally seems to happen 95% of the time that we work an outdoor wedding.

The final huge problem area that arises when you have an outdoor wedding is the “bugs, the rain and the things you simply cannot control while outside.” Years ago I did a wedding where the bride and groom wanted to have their wedding outdoors and under a gazebo. It was hot, it was intense and their were bugs. In fact their wedding cake basically became one big ant hill. Bugs love sugar and they love to bite people. Thus, the entire night bugs ate the food and bit people. People tried to be nice, but eventually their patience wore out and so did their resolve for attending the wedding. One by one they all left one hour into the reception. Does this situation happen a lot when a wedding is outdoors? Oh yes. In fact I would state that it is safe to say that at least 50% of outdoor weddings are destroyed or semi-destroyed by “bugs, rain and things you cannot control.”

Rule #2 – Don’t take 2 hours to take your family photos. Whenever your big day finally gets here I know that you are going to want to have photos taken with your family, friends and love-ones. This is really the whole purpose of having your big day in a public format. You want your family and friends to be there with you to celebrate your marriage. I get that and I believe in that dream. However, when your photos start taking more than 1 hour to do after the ceremony, your guests at the reception hall start to leave. And when I say, “start to leave” I mean that there is usually a “mass exodus” of your guests. People simply start leaving one by one if they don’t know when you are going to arrive at the reception hall. They’ll drop of their gifts and then they will take off, and they won’t really feel all too guilty about it.

I remember being at a wedding one time where the bride and groom had hired a photographer who took 2 hours to get their post ceremony shots done. Much to the couple’s horrific surprise when they arrived for the wedding reception, they were introduced into a nearly empty room. Literally more than 50% of their guests had gone home. This is not a good situation. Our djs had been on the mic encouraging people to “stick around for the grand introduction” by people had already made up their mind that they were leaving at the 1.5 hours of waiting point. It was terrible, and it really happened. In fact it really happens all the time. Thus, if you want to avoid this you need to connect with your Tulsa wedding photographers ahead of time to map out a plan that makes sense for your wedding day. Build a timeline that keeps the ball rolling and that does not keep your guests waiting for vast portions of time. If you would like more information on how to make your Tulsa wedding dj experience the best it can be visit our website or simply give us a call today.

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