Entrepreneur’s Journal #6 – The Epic Tulsa Wedding Photography School 

This article was written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker – Clay Clark

Each year our wedding companies provide outstanding service for roughly 4,000 events per year including weddings, private events and corporate events. In route to providing services for these events we interview, hire and train hundreds of people on the fundamentals and nuances of professional photography. At Epic Photography we are of the opinion that we can train everything other than a person’s attitude and overall life expectations. Essentially if someone wants to well and is will to work hard, then we believe we can train them how to become an incredible professional photographer.

In Tulsa there are several professional photography degree programs, schools and technical institutes, however from our experience most of them miss the mark. Most people learn by doing and most schools and training courses focus heavily on book learning. At the Epic Photography Tulsa Wedding Photography school we focus on the the 50/25/25 ratio. 50% of a student’s time is spent hands on with the equipment. 25% of the student’s time is spent being verbally trained on the concepts and course material. 25% of the student’s time is spent reading and learning about the nuances of professional photography.

This focus on providing a massive amount of hands on time, is what has made our students and our company successful. Each week, we have students come to us and say, “I learned more with you in 1 weekend than I learned during the 4 years I went to college!” Although we would like to say that we are super smart and that our program features some amazing secret, it really all comes down to our focus on being GREAT TEACHERS to our GREAT STUDENTS.

If you are student and you are serious about becoming a professional photographer, then you need to enroll in the Epic Photography School today. Don’t throw away $40,000 by earning a photography degree. Customers both large and small don’t care about your degree, they care about your portfolio. Start building your portfolio today at the Epic Photography School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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