Entrepreneur’s Journal #7 – Finding Food and A Bar/Grille Called “Hurricane’s”

This article was written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker – Clay Clark

Today is Sunday and it is our final day in Florida. We’ve been here since Thursday working on the SalesForce software platform that I believe will help us completely revolutionize the way we do business (if we can just figure out how to make it work). I know I need to learn this stuff, and Josh (our programmer) is being patient with me. It just feels as though my brain is going to explode at all times. I have not done the research yet, but I believe that is not healthy. Because it’s now time to fly back home, we headed back to the airport today. Before going to the Ft. Lauderdale Florida we thought it would be a good idea to take a moment to get some food. Due to an improper Yelp! search result we ended up driving around for white awhile. Ultimately after much searching we decided that we should eat at a place called “Hurricane’s” since we could’t find anything else.

Hurricane’s had its’ annual customer appreciate event scheduled, so we found ourselves eating Jamaican jerk chicken in a smoke filled part on a early Sunday afternoon. To stir it up and to make things interesting I decided to tell the band that it was Josh’ birthday. They sang to him and embarrassed him while I laughed. It was glorious. I believe Britney got it all on the video camera. I really enjoyed the bands rendition. These dudes played everything with a generic back track that was pre-recorded, an electric guitar (which the lead singer played) and a harmonica. It was too good to be true.

The music in the bar was so loud that no one herd me choking on the bones randomly left inside of the Jamaican Jerk chicken I was eating. Now I find myself facing a restaurant named Uno, as I sit next to my wife awaiting our Southwest Airlines flight to Houston and then back to Tulsa. In terms of progress on the SalesForce software, we made quite a bit actually. We determined that we definitely need the Enterprise Edition of the software because we have so many different companies. I learned that free form typing the devil. I learned that this project is going to take 30 days and I learned that each license is going to cost an upfront $1,600. Wow! It will cost a lot of money to make a lot more money. However, this software is going to make us much smarter than ever before. We are going to be able to communicate from one division of our company to another and things are going to come together in a way that improves the customer’s Tulsa wedding photography experience. I’m excited. Now It’s time to board the plane.

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