Entrepreneur’s Journal #8 – Observations From the Houston Airport

This article was written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker – Clay Clark

As I sit and wait for the plane I cannot help but to notice many interesting things all happening at the same time. I probably wouldn’t notice them if I wasn’t trying to type coherent thoughts. But because I am constantly being distracted by the random conversations around me I notice them greatly. The lady next to me is dressed like a tropical fish and she is continually talking about the weather. The guy next to her said, “I guess they done have moved the chance of rain. It’s clouded up for sure.” This type of country Oklahoma talk is truly amazing to listen to. He is wearing an O’Reilly’s Auto Parts shirt and he has told about 4 people how much he loves Nascar and racing.

He is now telling the man across from me that he has gotten too old to work in the oil field and now he “drives truck.” The gentlemen to the left of him looks a lot like a young Mark Hammel (the guy that played the part of Luke Skywalker). The gentleman off to my left is on the phone having an intense conversation about nothing discernible from where I am sitting. He keeps mentioning “burning” and he keeps asking “was it on before?” I’m not sure what is going on there.

The television to my right is showing CNN footage of Rodney King getting beat over and over again. I think there idea is to show it over and over again until people get irritated about racism again. The footage seriously has shown 25 times in the last 30 minutes. A couple just sat down and the lady is wearing a see-through shirt. I’m not sure why that is happening. She has a wedding ring on her finger and he looks he has a wedding ring on to. My assumption is that they are married. He looks like Mark Sanchez, the quarterback for the New York Jets.

I’m not sure what his wife is trying to accomplish by dressing like that. Does she want men to stare at her married body in a lustful way? Does she like attention from men who are staring at her lustfully? Is she into shocking everyone around her? What makes someone dress like that? What is her husband thinking right now? I bet he’s thinking, “Honey, I’m not really comfortable with you wearing a giant look but don’t sign over your body as you prance around the airport.” That is what I would be thinking.

Now a young girl has sat down behind me. She appears to be 7 and she is talking about cupcakes. She reminds me a lot of my daughter who is currently in Tulsa right now being watched by her uncle while Vanessa (my wife) and I make our way back home. Across from me the dude who looks like Mark Hammel is now bare foot and he is banging his foot into the ground in a way that indicates he has a problem. People are now staring to gather around as their excitement to board the plane grows and grows. Maybe they aren’t excited to board the plane, maybe they just want to get home. Either way they are staring to now gather around.

I’ve tried to get onto the airport free wi-fi network about 6 times, so I have decided to not even try to log on again until I get home. I just got a text message from the Tulsa Wedding Photography team telling me that they had a great week and for that I am very thankful. I really enjoy working with Michael Hassan, Geneva King, Patrick Garcia and Jacob Aldrich. The guy who looks like Mark Hammel just laughed.

Tomorrow I have a busy day planned. I need to get some type of reward to celebrate the outstanding performance of our sales team. I need to get caught up on my to-do-list. I need to get the Juliet website online and I need to resolve a legal issue. We hired a contractor to do the buildout for our new building. He hired a plumber. The plumber hired a worker. The worker cut off his toe. He sued the plumber. The plumber didn’t have insurance. The dude who is missing a toe then sued the general contractor. The general contractor didn’t have insurance. The general contractor tried to convince the guy that is missing a toe to sue our company. How does this work? We hired a company and now they are going to sue us because they didn’t have insurance? What does this all have to do with Tulsa wedding photography? Nothing, and that is the point. If the plumber would quit cutting of his toes that would really help us get back to business more quickly.

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