The Tim Tebow Effect – How To Bring Passion & Enthusiasm To Your Business

Written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs – Clay Clark

Regardless of whether you like Tim Tebow or not, you must acknowledge the fact that he has made a positive impact on every organization he has ever touched. Some call this God’s effect on Tim Tebow’s life, others call it “indescribable.” However, from a business perspective, I think it is something that every business in American desperately needs. It’s servant leadership, sincerity of purpose and passion.

What is servant leadership?

As a leader, Tim could be difficult, brooding and he could blame others. Other quarterbacks certainly have. In high school, college and the pros he could have screamed at people that dropped passes. He could have cursed at officials and teammates, however he didn’t. Why ? Why is Tim Tebow choosing to lead in a positive way? Tim is embracing the concept of servant leadership. This was first modeled by Christ in the Bible. Jesus focused on serving others. He focused on washing the feet of his men. He focused on showing that he was willing to literally die for others.

On the football field and in the public eye, Tim Tebow has shown that he is all about servant leadership as well. When people drop a pass he blames himself. When things go wrong he blames himself. He never blames teammates and he is always there to help them get up and to encourage them. Watch this live video of Tim Tebow at work and you see what I am talking about first hand.

What is sincerity of purpose?

Sincerity of purpose is a commitment to accomplishing something worthwhile. What is worthwhile after all? In college, Tim would spend the summers in the mission field ministering to the world’s poorest people. In the pros, Tim has used his celebrity to open a hospital and to raise awareness for those what are dying and in need of a savior. Tim has unapologetically witnessed and shared his testimony at every opportunity. He doesn’t have a hidden agenda. He has a sincerity of purpose that incredibly strong. People might not like what he stands for but they know he stands. Watch this interview and you will quickly see sincerity of purpose at work.

What is passion?

Passion is living with a fiery ardor about you. Passion is that extra enthusiasm you bring to everything you do. If nothing else Tim Tebow is passionate. He is passionate about being on the Broncos. He’s passionate about being on the Jets. He is passionate about being in the NFL. He feels blessed for having the opportunity to bless others. Tim’s passion is contagious and because of that the organizations he is a part of win.

How can you bring passion to your organization to reignite that spark?

Focus on providing servant leadership. Find what your purpose is and be sincere about achieving it. Decide to become passionate about your life and the lives of others and you will reignite that spark in your organization and soon you too will be experiencing the “Tim Tebow Effect.”

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