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Writing an Employee Handbook must feel very similar to being the guy that draws elaborate pictures on the walls of caves that he knows no one will see for 2,000 years. Empty…

DJ Connection Employee Handbook Continued (Part 8)

The Company retains the right to access and review any information or communication created or stored on electronic equipment provided at or by the Company, including but not limited to electronic files, e-mail, communication links, etc.  For the exception of the Manager, Employees should not be using cell phones to call or text while at work. Cell phones should be given to the Manager during your work hours.

The Company may, at its’ discretion, monitor the use of electronic communications to insure there is no misuse or violation of Company policy or existing State and Federal laws. Employees may not access the electronic communications of the Company, other employees or third parties, unless required to do so to perform their job duties or as directed to do so by management.

Employees are not to communicate confidential or sensitive information or any trade secrets over cellular phones, cordless phones, portable computers, fax communications or any other device.

Employees may not create or access Web sites or other electronically transmitted messages, which may violate another persons’ right to a workplace free from sexual harassment, harassment for any issue or circumstance protected by law, discrimination or threats of violence.

To prevent computer viruses from being transmitted through the company’s computer system, unauthorized downloading of any software is strictly prohibited. Only software registered through the Company may be downloaded, unless approved by your Manager.

Prohibited Email and Communication Activities
All emails sent during the workday from the workplace should be business related only. Utilizing company e-mail for personal use is strictly prohibited. Company e-mail should be used for company business only. Your company e-mail should only be given out for business purposes.
Utilizing personal e-mail during work hours is strictly prohibited and will result in a formal documentation of willful insubordination.

Any form of social media sites such as facebook, myspace, google(+), messengers, etc.
Unauthorized use, or forging, of email header information or anything with the Wedding Mall Logos (DJC, Epic, Juliet Films, or any other businesses associated within).
The use cellular phones / smart phones is not permitted during work hours.

Telephone Usage
Personal cell phones may be used during break time only. In emergency situations, the workplace telephone may be used by employees, but only with the permission of your supervisor.

The supervisor will take messages for Team Members. Misuse of Company telephones, computers, or other equipment is a violation of Company policy and will result in corrective action, up to and including termination.

The Company reserves the right, at any time, and without prior notice, to inspect any and all Company property or facilities to ensure that Company policy is being followed.  Such inspections may be conducted during or after business hours and in the presence or absence of any employee.

Personal Property
The Company is not liable for loss or damage to personal property.  Care should be taken in securing your belongings.  Any personal property, including purses, wallets, vehicles, etc. is the employee’s responsibility.

You are expected to report instances of loitering to your supervisor. Loitering is not allowed inside the workplace or on the property surrounding it. Loitering includes presence on Company property by anyone who is not a guest, a supplier, an employee or a service person. Anyone loitering will be asked to become a guest or to leave the premises. This policy applies to employees, their friends and families as well as other non-employees.

We always want to give our best presentation while serving our clients. Our workplaces have been smoke-free but the Act “prohibits smoking within and around all public places and places of employment”. Even outside, the person responsible for the building must ensure that smoke does not enter the enclosed area and employees, clients, and vendors do not have to breathe the smoke when entering or exiting the building. Smoking cannot enter the building through the doors. If you want to kill yourself slowly by smoking you must schedule time outside of work to engage in this behaviour.

Confidentiality of Information
All financial information and all information, including policies and procedures and personnel information of any workplace owned and operated by the Company, which may constitute trade secrets of the Company, is confidential and may not be disclosed to anyone, even after the employment relationship ends.  Employees are required to return all company documents upon termination.

Information covered by this policy may include, but is not limited to, verbal communication, photography, training aids, forms, documents, reports, videotapes or recordings.
Revealing trade secrets or financial information of the Company to anyone other than an employee of the Company without written approval will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and/or civil action.

Safety Policy
The Company is firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment free from recognized hazards that may cause injury. All employees of the Company are expected to be safety conscious on the job at all times. All unsafe conditions or hazards should be reported and/or corrected immediately. Company safety procedures must be followed at all times to ensure that Team Members and clients enjoy safe workplace conditions. It is your responsibility to read and understand the safety policies located in each workplace.

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