Crazy, Yet True Stories From A Tulsa Wedding DJ

Written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder of Tulsa Wedding DJs and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Clay Clark

Having DJed for over 12 years at well over 1,000 events I have worked some great weddings. I have also been apart of some that were hilarious and some that were embarrassing and even others that were just uplifting and enjoyable to be a part of. However, today I am going to focus on an odd wedding that I entertained for years ago. To make sure that this story doesn’t offend anyone I have changed the names, the dates, and the city in which this took place, but you’ll get the point.

Ok, so it all started when I looked at my show file after loading out. I had grabbed all of my equipment and I was trying to strategize in my mind how to make this wedding awesome. Then I noticed, it was going to be outside. The temperature was going to be 107 degrees. The bride was coming down the aisle on a horse. They would be honoring a dead person by burying them in the lawn where the wedding was taking place. The father of the bride would be blowing a ceremonial indian burial sea shell during the ceremony. The father of the groom would be conducting the traditional Christian ceremony. Once the ceremony was concluded the 2nd ceremony would start that would be done in the traditional Indian culture. Then after this happened they would “honor the dead.” The event was going to start a 2 pm and would go until 2 am and their was an open bar. And this is pretty much the story.

The entire wedding was bizarre. Everything odd that could possibly happen did happen and none of the guests thought it was weird. People sweated the entire night and then they sweated some more. The 2 ceremonies and the “celebration of life / funeral” took about 3 hours to wrap up, and everyone was in suits and formal attire outside in 107 degree whether while this was going on.

As I died, I found myself wondering if this was normal and if this was going to be how I was going to end up spending my life. It was truly a crazy event. For more information about how you can transform your event into a truly epic event visit our website today or call our Tulsa wedding djs at 918-481-2010.

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