Day 3

The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success

DON’T Accept Failure

**This article was written by Tulsa Personal Trainer & Founder of Tulsa’s #1 Fitness Program, Bootcamp Tulsa

The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success
DON’T Accept Failure

Don’t Accept Failure Any More!
Failure is not an option. Today and from here on out, you will establish the no-quit mentality; the no-quit attitude.

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Today for your transformation, you will draw up a contract. This contract will be between you and you. Okay, I know that seems silly, but I am serious! This contract will be a declaration that you will finish and that you will finish strong!
Today, you will sign a contract stating that you will complete this entire 27-day game plan. You will finish it! In this contract, you will also set a deadline for yourself. When will you have it completed by? Hint: it should be 24 days from now! Once you draft and sign this contract, I want you to give a copy to your accountability partner and file one for yourself.
Now get focused on it. Never quit! Start today and begin to allow your vision to expand!
Here is the contract that you will use:

“I hereby state that I will abide by my goals listed above. This contract is between me and me. I know that I can do it! I know that I will achieve them! There is no stopping me! I have the discipline, determination, and the will to achieve all of my goals! From this day forward I consider it done! I will complete my goals by___________________(Date)”
Signature______________________ Date_________


Transform Your Eating
How much are you eating?

We are not talking about counting calories here. Who has time to count calories? What we are talking about is how much are you eating at each meal? What do your portion sizes look like? You have probably heard that a portion should be the size of a deck of cards or the size of your palm. That is a great rule of thumb and the simplest way to control how many calories you are consuming. I train athletes for a living so I am really big on visualization. Just visualize it! What does a portion size look like? I like to use the ball analogy. If you are trying to lose weight, your portion size will never be the size of a basketball or even the size of a volleyball. In America, our portion sizes have become distorted. You go out to eat and you receive a meal that is enough for three people instead of just you. What do you do? You eat it; all of it. Everywhere you turn, people are encouraging you to upsize or supersize because you can save a few pennies. Not any more! From here on out, your health and your desired body are more important than a few cents. When you go out to eat at a restaurant, I want you to ask the server for a to-go box before you even receive your meal. When your meal arrives, leave only your portion size on the plate and box the rest up for later. I am actually helping you to save money because now you have a couple more meals for later! Portion control is a huge component, and you must master it if you want to take control of your health and look and feel great again.
Okay, now let’s go back to the ball analogy. Start to visualize a baseball or a tennis ball; this will be the size of your meat, poultry, or fish serving. This will also be the size of your fruit servings and vegetable servings. Now, I want you to picture a half of a baseball. This will be the size of your carbohydrate serving. With salad dressing, peanut butter, and other dressings, just think of a golf ball. These different-sized balls should give you a visual reference for serving sizes. Starting today at every meal, you must eat just one right-size portion of each food.
Ideally, every person’s portion size should be based on his or her gender, activity levels, body type, body fat, and calorie needs, but for now, just keep it the size of a bal – as long as you pick the right size ball! Transform your eating today by transforming your portion sizes.


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