Day 4

The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success

  DISCOVER The Power of The Mind

**This article was written by Coach JC, Tulsa Personal Trainer & Founder of Tulsa’s #1 Fitness Program, Bootcamp Tulsa

Today, it is time to start dreaming big once again!

What dreams have you given up on?

Today I want you to write down those dreams, and I want you to place this sheet of paper near your bed. You will say these dreams out loud every night for the next 24 days before you go to sleep and again first thing when you awake.

What does your dream body look like? What would make you feel good about yourself again?

Remember, a dream without action will always just be a dream. Start to see that image of you being successful. You must see the final product! Don’t see yourself as being fat any more or unfit any more. Don’t see yourself any more as being broke! By the time these 27 days are complete, you will be on your way to making those dreams a true reality. This day is dedicated to dreaming big again and developing that mental picture of what you will look like. Remember to make it as definite and specific as possible. Remember what it is that you desire!

Transform your thinking today by writing down those dreams and saying those dreams out loud every night before you go to sleep and first thing in the morning.




Transform Your Eating

Get Those Veggies!

I feel like your grandma: “Don’t forget to eat your vegetables!” You have probably been hearing this reminder your entire life; there is a reason for it. Vegetables are your source of life! Do you want to live long? Eat veggies! Do you want to lose weight? Eat veggies! Do you want to get stronger? Eat veggies! I don’t care what your goal is you must eat vegetables. Vegetables have too many benefits to name them all here, but I have listed a few off the top of my head:

-Provide micronutrients that are low in fat and calories

-Provide minerals and vitamins to support function and energy

-Provide phytochemicals for proper physiological functioning

-Provide balanced alkaline levels to the blood

-Provide dietary fiber

-Provide nutrients that fight free radicals and cancer

Here is the cool thing! A lot of research shows a correlation of vegetable intake and fat loss. Listen, no one can argue with this key to success. To keep it simple: you have to eat your vegetables each day. Starting today, you will eat a minimum of one serving of vegetables with each meal. Therefore, you will be getting at least five servings of vegetables a day since you are eating every two to three hours. You will see what I really mean by greens when I give you my top superfoods. For now, go get those greens!

Transform your eating by increasing you intake of greens today!

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