Day 2

The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success

 What’s Your Plan of Action? – Game Plan

**This article was written by Tulsa Personal Trainer & Founder of Tulsa’s #1 Fitness Program, Bootcamp Tulsa

I want you to ask yourself a question: what do you need to do on a daily basis to follow the game plan? You have the game plan in your hands; now, I want you to put together your own game plan. Your game plan is going to detail how you are going to follow this game plan. Be specific! What time of the day will you read your transformation for the day? What time of the day will you do your physical workout? What steps are you going to take to follow your nutrition plan? Write it down and follow it on a daily basis. Be as specific as possible by listing the exact times, locations, and step-by step-approach that you will take to get it done.

Today, develop your personal game plan. This should be a written itinerary of when you will do each daily component to transform your life forever.



Transform Your Eating

Measure Your Results


Today for your transformation, I want you to take your measurements. Okay, I know this has nothing to do with your eating, but you will see why this is so important. A lot of people beat themselves up because they do not think they are making improvements. Most of the time, they are progressing, but they don’t realize it because they haven’t been tracking it. I believe in measurements for a few reasons. First of all, it assures you that your plan is working, or if it is not, then you need to change something. Secondly, it can help you track your progress and allow you to look back and see where you began. Here are the measurements I want you to take.


*All measurements and pictures are to be done on the first day of starting the game plan!


Measurements                                                                                    Measurements

Date      /        /                                                                                     Date       /        /


Neck:  _______                                                                       Neck:  _______


Chest:  _______                                                                      Chest:  _______


Waist:  _______                                                                      Waist:  _______


Hips:  ________                                                                      Hips:  ________


Thighs:  R ____  L _____                                                        Thighs:  R ____  L _____


Calves:  R _____L _____                                                        Calves:  R _____L _____


Upper Arm:  _______                                                             Upper Arm:  _______


Body Weight (in pounds):  _________                                                Body Weight (in pounds):  ________

*Be sure to measure the same locations, using the same measuring tool.

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