Part III – Time To Get Moving

The The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success Game Plan

**This article was written by Tulsa Personal Trainer & Founder of Tulsa’s #1 Fitness Program, Bootcamp Tulsa

Each day for the next 27 days you will be given your three keys to success. The Transform Your Thinking Workout, The Transform Your Body Workout, and The Transform Your Eating Workout. You must master each key for that day. Once you master the key for all three aspects, then you move on to the next day. Here is where true success lies! Once you have moved on to the next day, you still must continue to implement the components that you learned and mastered in previous workouts. So when you are on Day 27 of the game plan, you should have mastered days 1 through 26, and they should be working in your life each and everyday. Now it is time to get after it and have fun! Just 27 days to a new you!!!

Day 1


The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success

You Must Want It! – Desire

How much do you really desire for change in your life? How much do you desire to lose weight and get healthy? Remember, it all starts with desire! That is the one thing that I cannot give you.

Now, I want you to ask yourself these few questions. Write down your answers and be as specific and honest with yourself as you possibly can.

  1. What is it that I really desire?  ________________________________________
  2. How much do I really desire this?  _____________________________________
  3. When do I desire this by?  ___________________________________________
  4. Who do I know also desires this?  _____________________________________
  5. What is the purpose? Why is it that you do what you do?   __________________

The purpose is what will drive you, what is going to keep you motivated, and what is going to make this dream, this desire, become a reality. Without a purpose you will not succeed!



Transform Your Eating

When Was the Last Time You Ate?

This is always such a popular topic with our clients who are trying to lose weight. When I tell them that they should be eating every two to three hours they think that I’m crazy! You may be thinking the same thing. Most Americans are use to eating only two or three meals a day. Eating every two to three hours is one of the most beneficial things you can do for both overall health and body composition. When you feed your body small frequent meals you will speed up your metabolism and help balance out your blood sugar, which will enable your body to burn off some extra calories. So, starting today you need to begin to eat every two to three hours. Okay, I know you are probably thinking, how am I going to do that? Here is how:


  • Start by eating five meals each day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a snack in between each meal. Every day you will eat three meals and two or three snacks.


  • Eat every three hours – period! When it is time to eat, it is time to eat. I don’t care what time it is, if it has been three hours, you need to eat.


  • Eat smaller meals. Never eat until you are full, just eat until you are content. We will address portion sizes on day three.


Yes, it is as simple as that! Get after it… and oh yeah, have fun!

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