The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success

 DON’T Make Excuses

**This article was written by Tulsa Personal Trainer & Founder of Tulsa’s #1 Fitness Program, Bootcamp Tulsa

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You will transform your thinking today by no longer making excuses in your life.

Start today to eliminate excuses from your life and your vocabulary. Start today to eliminate blame from your life and your vocabulary.

Today, I want you to listen to yourself when you speak. Are you taking responsibility for your actions or are you putting blame on someone else? You need to begin to do this at work with your co-workers, at home with your family, and throughout your daily activities. Listen to yourself! Today, you will begin to take responsibility for your life and no longer make excuses. This is a hard thing to do, and the only way to master it is to listen to yourself when you speak. When you are about to speak negatively or make an excuse, just don’t do it! If you do, then correct it right there by rephrasing what you said so that it is positive. You will transform your thinking by eliminating excuses from your life. Here are a few keys to your success.

Have confidence in yourself and what you are doing. You have the best game plan!

Seize the opportunity to transform your life forever. Now is your time!

Learn from your mistakes and focus on your strengths!

Be honest with yourself. Take responsibility for your life and make no more excuses.



Transform Your Eating

Carbs Are Not From The Devil!

Are you one of those people who hears the word carbs and you automatically think, “those are bad?” Let me start by stating that all carbohydrates are not bad and your body needs them to survive and function properly. It makes a difference what kind of carbs you are eating and when are you eating them. See, most people are addicted to the wrong kinds of carbs like sweets and processed carbs. These kinds of carbs lack the nutritional value that you need but are high in calories to add to fat gain. The obvious carbs that are detrimental to your health and physique are the ones like soda, cookies, crackers, cakes, candies, etc. However, there are others that are silent assassins and are not so obvious like breads, pastas, and potatoes. These silent assassins are not horrible, but you can do better by making sure you are eating whole grain and whole wheat rather than white breads and pastas.

We always tell our clients that those silent assassin carbs are earned. If you want to eat those starchy carbs, you must exercise first and then only eat them after your workout.


Good carbs = high fiber and low glycemic        Bad carbs = high in sugar with empty calories

Fruits                                                                    Most breakfast cereals

Veggies                                                                Soda, fruit juices, bagels, muffins, crackers

Whole grain breads                                              Sugary desserts, ice cream, doughnuts

Whole grain pasta

Whole grain rice

Sweet potatoes

Whole oats

Grain cereals


If you want to lose fat, then you must control your carbohydrate intake. We are not talking about a low-carb diet here. I am simply talking about being able to distinguish between a good carb and a bad carb and knowing when you should be eating them. Now, don’t forget that veggies and fruits are also carbs and that veggies are free game. Eat away! Starting today, you will only eat bad carbs on your “free” day, which we will talk about on Day 10. Also, you will only eat starchy carbs as a reward after exercising. If you don’t exercise, you will get your carbs from eating fruits and veggies.

Transform your eating today by mastering your carb intake!

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