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Written by Las Vegas Motivational Speaker & U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark

“Ode To Billy: The Difference Between Delivering & Over-Delivering” (see article below about the author section)

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“Ode To Billy: The Difference Between Delivering & Over-Delivering”

Today is Monday and I have just arrived to work. It’s 3:12 AM, and Billy has amazed me again. The warehouse is cleaner this week than it was last week. And it’s more organized this week than it was last week. It’s almost like Billy is trying to get me to think about him in a favorable way? As our “Maintenance Manager” it’s Billy’s job to make sure that things stay clean, neat, organized and that things are kept in good working order. However, he is doing these tasks better than any of his predecessors. As I walked in I couldn’t help but notice that the bar was put over the door like it should be. The floor was clean and there was not a ton of stuff laying everywhere and in random locations. As an entrepreneur and business owner, this excites me. This wows me. This is turns me on in a way that is almost not appropriate for this blog post. I arrived to work today and every Monday before 4:00 AM because adding value, getting things done, accomplishing goals and achieving results gets me excited. As I travel around the country I have met thousands of entrepreneurs and I would arguer that nearly all of us share this same desire to succeed. It’s really not about the pay, it’s not about the success. It’s not about the awards, it’s about getting things done and the tremendous feeling we get from completing tasks and achieving goals. For us, relaxation at the beach, downtime and idle conversation is tough to do. For us, when we work, we are “in our zone.” I think Billy has this same disorder. It’s almost like he’s on his way to achieving success…

Much like everyone else in our company, Billy has a “to do list,” however unlike most people I have had the pleasure of meeting, he is committed to getting his “to do list” done. Why is that? Is Billy super smart? Does Billy have the ability to work faster than others? Does Billy have a brain that works at a faster rate than everyone else? Or does Billy just decide each week that he will get things done. Maybe Billy is just trying to manipulate us into giving him a raise? Maybe he thinks that just because he works his butt off, his bosses would be crazy enough to write a blog post about him? Maybe he thinks just because he works hard, we’ll start to notice after awhile? Oh no Billy, ou can’t control my mind…

What is Billy expected to do for DJ Connection – Tulsa Wedding DJs?

Billy is supposed to unload all of the Tulsa Wedding DJs after their events.

When all the DJs return from their shows they all have various broken items to report on their “fix list.” A mic will break, or a mic stand will stop working. A light bulb will burn out or a speaker stand will stop standing. The disk jockeys are supposed to report these problems to the Warehouse Manager and he is supposed to fix it. And magically Billy gets it done every weekend? Why does this guy always deliver when the majority of his predecessors couldn’t seem to figure it out? Does he have magical powers or does he simply hold himself accountable to a higher standard? Does he get things done because he makes a “to-do list” that he commits himself to completing? Is he just doing this because he wants a raise? The audacity of this guy is amazing and I find it to be offensive.

Billy is supposed to fix all broken equipment.

After the guys have reported their problems to the Warehouse Manager, there is always a ton of repairs to do. Yet, Billy always seems solve all these problems. Does he solve these problems because he has “super-Bruce-Lee-esc” focus powers, or does he get things done because he makes a “to-do-list” that he commits himself to completing? I’m catching on to this guy’s game. I know he is only doing a good job because he’s trying to force us to take notice of his quality work…Billy, we’re on to you.

Billy is supposed to answer technical support related questions from DJs in the field. Billy is supposed to be on time. Be is supposed to keep the warehouse clean.

Miraculously Billy gets all this stuff done too. And as I sit here at 3:34 AM, I am amazed to notice Billy also made time to give the bathroom a face-lift. He installed a mirror and installed a shelf. What? Why would this guy to his job and then go over and above? Not only did he fix the bathroom, but it also looks like he built the chairs for the conference room. How is that possible? Why would this guy go over and above? Could it be that he wants to get the attention of management? Could it be that he wants to get promoted? Could it be that he wants to get noticed? I don’t know why Billy get works so hard, but I’m starting to notice.

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