Growing A Wedding Business One Employee At A Time

Written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder of Tulsa Wedding DJs and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Clay Clark

I know that the elections are going on and thus every candidate is busy running around the country telling everyone how great they are. In fact this is being done so much that Will Ferrell and his team are mocking this in their current movie called “The Campaign” that is out right now. Essentially everyone that is running for President runs over to a group of people and tells them that what they do is the “backbone of America.” It would kind of be like President Obama telling a bunch of wedding djs that “wedding djs are the backbone of America.” It’s hilarious to say the least. But the point is both candidates love to talk about the great American worker and the great work ethic that most Americans have. However, I can tell you that I believe that this is very far from the truth. In fact I would say that around 25% of the American employees that are out there today only have a job because companies couldn’t find a robot to do it. Our team is phenomenal, but we have had to interview some serious morons before we could find the right team.

In fact finding quality people has been the biggest limiter on our growth. We consistently spend money on and nearly every other job site that is out there. Then once people come in for an interview and discover that they actually have to work and that the “DJ SETUP EQUIPMENT FOR YOU FAIRY” is not real, they find if hard to become motivated to work for $15 – $30 per hour. It’s amazing. In fact Harvard has a series of studies out that show that more people are quitting jobs than are fired from jobs all across the nation. Essentially we have a people group that will not work. That is incredible to me. But there seriously are people out there today that will not work during a recession. Sure they need money, but they won’t work. And that is what makes growing a business challenging. We can do it. We always find the right people, but the average American worker is simply not hirable most of the time.

For any of the young entrepreneurs who are out there today I would encourage you that in order to transform your dream into a reality, you must focus your attention on hiring the best people possible once you have your systems in place.

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