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This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Make Your Life Epic was started by Clay Clark, U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, and should be your number one choice in Tulsa business consulting firms. At Make Your Life Epic, we understand that no amount of marketing efforts are meaningful unless they are producing sales. Unlike other marketing companies, we focus how the marketing strategies that we help put in place for you are going to generate sales. We are always keeping the end goal in mind when creating your custom marketing package, and that is our bottom line. Our award winning team focuses on your company’s strengths and what you can offer your potential clients that is different than your competition. Call us at 918–851–6920 and let’s get started today.

At Make Your Life Epic, we have a team that produces award winning results based on our proven marketing methods. There is no guess work here. We have been the choice of countless companies, such as Farmers Insurance, Oral Roberts University, Maytag University, Hewlett Packard, Valspar Paint, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and many others. We will help you grow your business by getting your name in front of your target market in a way that is meaningful and memorable. Our Tulsa business consulting team will also show you how to turn leads into sales, and then turn those new customers into repeat customers. Call us today and we’ll wow you with everything that we can offer your company.

The team at Make Your Life Epic can also help your business with public relations. Other Tulsa business consulting companies just can’t compare to our custom designed PR strategies. We focus on discovering what makes your business and stand out from the competition, and then focus on telling your story to the public across all of the major media networks. We know how important it is to have a stellar public relations team, and we will work with yours on the skills that they need. Call us and we’ll get started right away on your marketing and PR strategies today.

Make Your Life Epic will also help your company with our sales coaching. Just because your website is generating a lot of traffic, you’re getting more incoming phone calls and e-mails because of your new marketing strategies, doesn’t mean you are closing the deals. You need to proper coaching to know how to close a deal once those deals start pouring in. Our interactive sales coaches have helped many big name companies, and those companies have turned to us again and again because we have a proven strategy that gives results. Choose Make Your Life Epic to victoryag.org
coach your sales team today.

Make Your Life Epic also will help you expand your business and client base through social media marketing and management. We will help your company manage and navigate the most popular social media sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. We will help you to know just what to say that will make your target market want to choose your business over your competitors. We will work with you and your staff to teach you how to implement a proven strategy that is designed to help your company catch on fire on the social media. Social media is a resource that has huge impact on businesses that can’t be left untapped. We will help you gain even more business through social media outlets.

Make Your Life Epic Versus Other Tulsa Business Consulting Firms

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Make Your Life Epic was created by Clay Clark, U.S. Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay and his team have consistently been the Tulsa business consulting company of choice for several big name businesses, such as Maytag University, Farmers Insurance, Valspar Paint, Oral Roberts University, O’Reilly’s Auto Paint, Hewlett Packard and many more. Make Your Life Epic produces award winning results for it’s clients. Our bottom line is nothing matters until something sells. Call Make Your Life Epic today at 918-851-0102, and let’s get on the way to bringing in more sales for your company.

Make Your Life Epic understands the importance of your business having a presence throughout the various social media networks. This is why we offer social media management to our clients. We will work with you and your staff on how to implement a proven strategy that will help your company get noticed. We also offer sales coaching. No amount of marketing techniques will matter if you and your team don’t have the knowledge it takes to convert leads into closed deals. At Make Your Life Epic, we focus on helping you turn leads into sales and first time buyers into repeat customers.

We also offer photography services. Have you ever looked in a magazine and then you just HAD to have that pair of jeans? Or have you ever looked at a picture on a billboard and you couldn’t stop thinking of that new restaurant? This is exactly how great photography works in marketing. The same hold true for bad photography, you are likely to be remembered in a negative way rather than positive. Our professional photographers will take photos that will captivate your target market and lead them to want to check out your company further.

Other Tulsa business consulting firms don’t understand how to design an individualized public relations strategy quite like Make Your Life Epic. We focus on discovering why you are in business, and what makes your company unique from your competition. We then focus on broadcasting your story to the masses through all of the major networks. Make Your Life Epic also offers videography. We have one of the top videography teams in the industry. We will sit down with you and figure out the most memorable and compelling way to share the products and services you offer to your potential customers.

Make Your Life Epic has an internet marketing system that is designed to quickly get your company to the top of the Google search engine. Unlike most Tulsa business consulting companies, we will take the time to sit down with and explain exactly how internet marketing works, and why this system is so successful. We will then design a custom solution that will work best for your business and attract your target market. Make Your Life Epic also offers creative writing services. We have discovered that our clients have awesome products and services to offer, but often struggle with how to put what they have to offer into words. We will sit down with you to discover exactly which services and products your business has to offer, and then we will help you write the words that will convey this in the most meaningful and memorable way.

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