Case Study – Communicating the Value Your Organization Offers To the Marketplace

**This blog post was written by Tulsa Motivational Speaker, U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, U.S. Chamber of Commerce National Blue Ribbon Award Winner, Founder of Tulsa Videography Company (Juliet Films) – Clay Clark

If your business is anything like many of the businesses we work with, at times it might be tough for you to adequately communicate your true family the marketplace at large. Your service or career opportunity might be outstanding but if no one knows about it, it will be falling on deaf ears.

At the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute, we invest the time needed to assist our clients in creatively and effectively communicating the value of what they offer. Over the years we worked with Farmers Insurance to help them communicate the true value of their amazing career opportunities through the creation of their employee handbook and the on-going training workshops that we conduct with their new agents.

Listed below is an example of handbook content that we helped to create for them. If you have found this blog and are interested in pursuing a career with Farmers Insurance contact the District Career Development Center by calling 918-392-4000.

The Farmers Promise

Offering Financial Security During Times of Great Economic Turmoil

(Farmers is commercials are designed to make potential and customers laugh while building the trust that we will be there with solutions when life’s problems arise…) 

In 1928 John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavey founded Farmers Automobile Inter-Insurance Exchange in downtown Los Angeles, California. Since that time Farmersr has consistently grown by focusing on providing exceptional service, expert agents, and conservative financial principles. Farmers  financial strength and overall commitment to honoring the promises that we have made to our customers has kept us strong since that time.By maintaining our focus on providing families with money when life’s unfortunate events occur, we have established ourself as a brand people can trust.

With our financial services and life insurance products we help our clients prosper and provide while providing stability in difficult times.  When the sky was falling and as over-leveraged companies like AIG were seemingly coming apart at the seems, Farmers Insurance was financially strong. We are here when our customers need us because we know this is a noble profession. We know that no one plans to experience a major car accident, a sudden death or a tramatizing fire. However, we know that events like this will continue to happen, and when they do Farmers will continue to have financial strength to back up the promise we make to our clients. We are proud of our company and being part of the Zurich family and we want to share some information about us with you.


One of America’s Most Recognized Brands

  • Founded 1928
  • $15 billion in written premiums (property and casualty)
  • Operating in 41 states (50 including Foremost)
  • Customer reach of more than 10 million households
  • Third party rating agencies

S&P                  A                      Stable

Moody’s          A2                    Stable

AM Best          A                      Positive Outlook


Zurich Financial Services Group is an insurance-based financial services provider.  Our headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland.  Founded in 1872, we now have a global network of subsidiaries and offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and other markets.  Our 60,000 employees serve customers in more than 170 countries.

  • Group investments of nearly $200 billion

One tenth of one percent in sub prime exposure

Three tenths of one percent of impaired financial service firms

Low exposure to equities at 4.6%


  • Third Party Rating Agencies

S&P                  AA-                  Stable

Moody’s          A1                    Stable

AM Best          A                      Positive Outlook

Fitch                A+1                  Positive Outlook


“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.” – Line from the theme song to the iconic show “Cheers”

Although our financial ratings and history of success should speak for itself, sometimes you just want to work with a company where everyone knows your name, and where you are familiar with their name, their brand and their reputation. In fact countless studies show time and time again that most consumers would prefer to do business with a brand they are familiar with. And when it comes to name recognition, the “We Are Farmers” advertising campaign delivers.

Through the sponsorship of ESPN’s Sports Center, ESPN’S College Football, PGA Events, Nascar Events, the NFL, Pandora Streaming On-Line Music, FoxNews, and countless other national networking programming Farmers has established itself as a household name. It’s catchy “We are Farmers! BUM BA DA BUM BUM BUM BUM!” song is now stuck in the minds of millions of current and potential customers around the world. When you step out into the world wearing Farmers Insurance Apparel prepare yourself for going to a place where everybody knows your name.


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