A Review of Tarp Chapel and Gardens In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

This review has been written by the Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author and U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark

The first time I went to Tarp Chapel and Gardens was back when I was attempting to plan my own wedding with my beautiful 19 year old fiancé, Vanessa Moore. We were both attending Oral Roberts University, and apart from knowing who we were going to use for our Tulsa wedding DJ, virtually every aspect of our wedding was up in the air. We were paying for most of our own wedding so that finances were tight, yet we wanted to host an elegant wedding that told our friends and family we actually valued our marriage and weren’t rushing into it. Because she was 19 and I was 20, people assumed that we must be rushing into the wedding, so we wanted to make sure that our wedding ceremony and reception didn’t appear to be rushed in planning. We wanted our event to wow our friends and family.


Thus, as we searched for a great venue, we were very discerning. However, eventually our searching took us to Tarp Chapel & Gardens in Broken Arrow, OK. When we arrived at the venue we were wowed. The glass windows were awe inspiring and the Chapel had a simple refined elegance about it that we enjoyed. Since I was from Minnesota and she was from Louisville we didn’t have a home Church in Tulsa yet and it was very important to us that the facility felt like a church and didn’t feel like some super-cheesey “hey-let’s-get-married-in-Vegas” type of feel.


The windows of the Chapel showcased the beautiful greenery of the trees behind the chapel and the beautiful gazebo out back. The pews in the facility gave the look of a church and the facility comfortably accommodate 100+ guests, which we needed as we both invited a ton of people. I think when it was all said and done we had standing room only in the back, but none the less it worked out well.


On the day of the wedding we loved the acoustics in the place that aloud our musician to perform without requiring a big production set up so that he could be heard. We were blessed to have Ryan Tedder (who is now the lead singer of OneRepublic and the song writer for the stars Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Gym Class Heroes, Adele, etc…) perform during our ceremony and it was wonderful that everyone could hear him.


Overall our experience at Tarp Chapel was wonderful and since that time we have probably performed their entertainers nearly 200 times since the day of our wedding. If you are looking to have a wedding reception in the Tulsa area we would definitely recommend that you would consider exploring the possibilities of hosting your big event at Tarp Chapel. And if you are looking for a DJ we would highly recommend that you check out our company DJ Connection Tulsa wedding djs.

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