Venues that are the hosts for Las Vegas motivational speakers are looking for the “BUZZ”. This means that the venues have found the speaker that effectively communicates with the audience in such a way that they want the speaker to host additional motivational seminars at their facilities. But, what is the “BUZZ”? This is when attendees of Las Vegas motivational seminars say, “hey, this guy knows what he’s talking about. And now I know what I’m going to do when I get back home.”

These are the type of responses that you get when the audience connects with the motivational speaker. They are not just hyped up to achieve their goals, but they have a roadmap for how to do it. The motivational speaker that provides “BUZZ” is Clay Clark. Clay doesn’t speak about theories for success. He speaks from the standpoint of current working knowledge. This comes from managing multiple businesses, not just in the past, but right now. He knows how to design specific action steps to help people achieve their goals, whether the goals be building scalable and duplicatable business models, or setting specific objectives for meeting their goals.

Clay is an in demand speaker to major corporations such as: Hewlett-Packard, Maytag University, Farmers Insurance, and the O’Reilly Auto Group. They recognize Clay’s ability to teach people how to develop the winning mindset. Many people say I think I know what I want to do, but it beats the heck out of me about how I’m going to get it done. That’s where Clay helps people to develop their own personal specific goals. His entertaining and witty delivery has audiences laughing all the while that they are trying to keep up with their note taking. It is common to see people leaving plays motivational seminars with multiple legal pads full of notes on how to achieve their personal goals. What Clay teaches works as evidenced by the awards that he is received such as: US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, The United States Chamber National Blue Ribbon Award Winner, And the Metro Chamber Of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year.

There are several motivational speakers in Las Vegas, but not many have the ability to create the “BUZZ”. People leaving Clay’s motivational seminars often say to themselves, “now I get it. I can do this. I’m glad that I attended Clay Clark’s seminar.” Do a Google search of Clay Clark and you will find multiple videos they give you just a small snippets of what he does for his audience. He’ll have you laughing and learning and putting a plan into action. In other words, he has created the “BUZZ”.

Check with Clay today for his availability as your next Las Vegas Motivational Speaker. Call his at 918-851-0102 or long on to his website,

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