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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube who cares and who as the time?… YOUR CUSTOMERS!

“It’s never the platform, it’s always the message.” – Gary Vaynerchuk (Author of “Crush It!” Social Media Gur & Serial Entrepreneur)

            My friends, the internet has given more and more power to the people. Some people in San Francisco did not agree with the way that their subway system was being managed, so they hacked into the system and published the personal information members of the law enforcement community. The people of American got upset with President George Bush, so they used social media in HUGE numbers that had never been seen before to help get President Barack Obama elected. Social Media is massive and it is growing. Recent studies are now showing time and time again that people are staying connected to their Facebook all day. When they are awake, they are connected via their smart phones. Now more than ever, your company has to “stay in conversation” with your clients. They will post comments on your Facebook’s “Wall”. They will Tweet you a complaint. They will post comments on your “YouTube” videos. Your clients want to stay in this “conversation” with your company.

Today, people want a company to showcase their personalities. If you only talk at your clients and potential clients, you will irritate your clients and they will move on a company that is more willing to converse with them. Does this sound fun? I personally don’t think so. It drives me nuts personally. If it were up to me, we would only have LAN lines again. But, it is not up to me and because this is the case. We are going to have to converse with our clients starting now. However, to keep your brain from exploding you must focus only on the big three. Sure there are tons of Social Media sites out there, but you are going to be Tweeting about your homelessness if all you do is post on your Social Media every day. Find the balance my friend.

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1) YouTube – Your company really needs to post YouTube content on a weekly basis at a minimum. This footage does not have to be great, but it does have to fit in with your company’s brand and identity. One great way to leverage your time here is to record 52 (1 minute) videos all at one time. Change your shirt, change your topic, but record it all on 1 day. This will help you leverage your time better. Just upload the videos once per week and you are good. Make sure to title your videos after something that people actually search for and you are good to go.

Your company must have a dedicated YouTube Channel. Your company must have a fully-filled out YouTube profile and your company must post videos every week.


2) Facebook – Your company needs a business page. You simply have to have one. If you don’t you run the risk of looking like the 90 year-old guy at a sorority pool party. It is just weird. For examples of what your company’s Facebook page should look like, simply do a “Google Search” for Terrell Owens. Terrell is a former NFL star player and he makes his living and stays relevant by Tweeting, and constantly posting on Facebook.

Your company must post to its “Facebook Wall” at least once per week. It must respond to comments diligently. You must have a fully filled out profile.


3) Twitter – Your company needs a fully-filled out Twitter profile page and you must post at least once per week. Great brands post everyday. Posting everyday is great, but only if your team is willing to converse with people that want to interact with your company.

All other social media platforms will just make your brain explode. Make sure you implement Social Media marketing as a part of your company’s overall marketing strategy. You must stay in touch with your clients while building your brand and your company’s loyalists.


**If you need help with your social media management you can also contact our team through our website at The best book ever written about social media marketing is “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk.

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