Executive Coach Promotes Gift Buying

An article written by Redmond Growth Institute & Orlando Motivational Speakers

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Have you ever given a carefully selected gift to someone, like your executive coach? Let’s say that you shopped all day at various stores with your Orlando keynote speaker and carefully considered dozens of items for your Orlando motivational speaker. Exhausted, but happy, you finally found the perfect gift for your business coach! After carefully wrapping it with help from your Tulsa business owner coach, you presented your gift to your C-level coach. You were thrilled as her face filled with joy and gratitude and your Orlando business speaker warmly embraced you.

If you have an interest in scheduling Tim Redmond to speak to your organization please feel free to give us a call today. When you hire Tim, you will be getting a speaker who is skilled in 3 core areas of personal development. Whether you decide to hire him or not, it is important that you group or organization does not overlook the importance of these 3 nuances that are essential to your guests leaving feeling both inspired and empowered.

Core Area #1 – Tim understands the practical application of the theory. As a key executive at Tax and Accounting Software & Intuit, Tim helped grow a company from 2 employees to well over 450 employees. This company was later sold for nearly $150 million of profits. Because Tim and his team spent their time executing strategies they achieved results rather than earning philosophy degrees.

Core Area #2 – Tim understands the theory. Many trainers teach implementation of wrong strategies. You might be good at cold calling, however if your market is not best reached through cold-calling this could prove to be a waste of time. Doing the wrong activity right will only produce wrong results year after year. Tim is studies and well educated in the case study method of learning and teaching which will allow your group to master the concepts quickly.

Core Area #3 – Tim is equal parts inspirational and educational. Most people will never take action if they are not inspired to do so. It is very important that your group learns what to do, but it is also important that they want to do it. Without inspiration conference attendees leave knowing that their lives will not be improved. Attendees who are not inspired to act simply will resign themselves to watching someone else be successful, which oddly enough has the effect of hiring a demotivational speaker.

Article submitted by Tim Redmond, Redmond Growth Initiatives, with offices in Orlando, FL and Tulsa, OK, contact information: 918-298-7766; www.Redmondgrowth.com Twitter: @TImRedmond

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