A Review of One Republic’s Album – “Dreaming Out Loud

This review was posted by DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJ Founder, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author and U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark.

As a man who is “into music” and as a man who has personally entertained for our 1,500 events I definitely know my music. Now to be fare and unbiased, I do know a little too much about wedding music for my own good. I also listen to more pop than almost anyone else because at weddings people are not interested in hearing the most “deep and meaningful music” because they just want to hear song that they know and that will keep them dancing. With that being said, I feel very confident in my credibility as a music critic. And so I felt inspired to write a review of the best-selling OneRepublic album, “Dreaming Out Loud.”

To make this review the best it can be I will be reviewing the album track by track with absolute candor. However, overall I will say that this album is honestly the only album that I have ever spiritually connected with in this way since U2’s the “Joshua Tree” album.

Say (All I Need) – This song is a game-changer. Truly, this song will move you. It says, “All I need is the air I breathe and a place to lay my head.” As an entrepreneur this is the only way you will ever make it big. You have to be “ok” with the thought of losing everything to gain anything in capitalism. Having started numerous businesses, and having experienced the extreme highs and lows of being a business owner, I can relate to this song.

Mercy – This song is about the “Angel of Mercy.” During this song Ryan repeatedly asks, “Angel of Mercy, how did you find me?” I can relate to this song on so many levels because my son was born blind and yet the “Angel of Mercy” found me. The passion in Ryan’s voice and the sincerity of the lyrics in this song is overwhelming.

Stop & Stare – This song was made into a music video that was popular on MTV and received considerable radio play. It’s mellow in it’s overall tone. I prefer the more passionate songs, but this song was loved by America. No I guess my opinion doesn’t matter in that regard.

Goodbye, Apathy – I believe that we live in a time when many Americans are apathetic about everything. We are all supposed to be politically correct to the point that people have decided to withdraw from the conversation. Some people have begun to feel that it would be better to say nothing than to say the wrong thing. I love this song because it says, “goodbye apathy” over and over. Amen!

All Fall Down – This song is overwhelmingly good. This song refers to the fact that “we all fall down.” It talks about “swim till you drown,” and “strong till you break,” but essentially “we all fall down.” This song is great because putting on a facade that we are not breakable is good in business, but it is not healthy spiritually. I believe that we all are broken and fall short of the glory of God and that this song refers to our flawed nature in a way that we can all related to.

Tyrant – Honestly, I don’t think I’m smart enough to figure out this song. Listen to the song a dozen times or so and maybe you can figure it out. I know it has meaning, I’m just not sure what that meaning is.

Prodigal – This song refers to the “Prodigal Son” reference in the Bible. It says, “run away, run away like a prodigal, yet you wait for me.” I believe that this song is in reference to God never losing his love for us regardless of what we do. I could be way off base here. It could be about running away from a tree-toilet-papering run gone bad and your best friend is waiting for you in the “get-away” truck.

Won’t Stop – This song is a very poetic way of expressing that someone is in love with someone or is at least mesmerized with them. I love this song and I am a hopeless romantic so it appeals to be greatly.

All We Are – I believe this song is about confrontation of someone that you deeply care about. The melody in this song is amazing and the energy and passion in the vocals is tremendous. I recommend you listen to this song over and over until you run out of power coming from your electrical socket.

Someone To Save You – I believe this song is about someone attempting to recoup after a breakup. Things ended and they are trying to get their “mojo” back. This song has an infectious melody and it drives you through the entire song.

Too Late To Apologize – This was the “big hit” on the album. The original version is incredible. The beat that Timbaland gave it took this song to the next level. This song was the most played song on the planet for nearly a year. The meaning of the song is tremendous, but the production and the melody in it are out of this world.

Come Home – This song is about unconditional love for some who has left you. This song makes me sad because it’s the last track on the album. I literally can listen to every single track on this CD over and over. This an album without any throw away tracks and one that you must purchase.

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