A Review of the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa, OK

Posted by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Las Vegas Motivational Speaker – Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs – Clay Clark

The folks at the Mayo Hotel have really done a tremendous job of “turning this house into a home” when they restored the hotel. At one point the Mayo Hotel was the hotel of choice for famous people, political leaders and tycoons. After the oil bust hit Tulsa hard, the hotel became vacant and it sat vacant for years. Homeless people moved into the hotel and eventually the building looked as though it was headed for the wrecking ball. Then the visionary Snyder family purchased the hotel and the future for the property began to look bright again.


After purchasing the property the Snyder family passionately worked to turn-around the property. They began feverishly renovating the proud old hotel. The began cleaning it up at a fast pace. Within months the property began to regain some of its old charm. Soon they began renting out the lobby for weddings, parties and other corporate galas. They began leasing out unused spaced to a restaurant and an interior designer. As the income streams began to increase so did the pace of their renovations. Today the hotel has now been completely redone, while the history has been preserved. It’s truly amazing.


Besides the incredible passion of the Snyder family that can be found throughout the Hotel, the Hotel has 4 other amazing amenities of note:


First off, the rooftop bar is amazing. This bar allows hotel guests an opportunity to get a rooftop view of the city unlike anywhere else. As Tulsa Wedding Photographers we go to many venues each week and few possess the magic of this place. It wows every guest. The buildout is grand and the staff does a wonderful job of bringing the charm of great customer service to the patrons.


Secondly, the Grand Ballroom is breath-taking. As photographers we are always looking for a great place to take photos and this place is amazing! When you walk in you are immediately wowed by the height of ceilings , the massive drapes, the beautiful stage area and the ballroom floor. It’s truly magical.


Third, the Lobby will blow your mind. The lobby has been buildout in a way that feels more like South Beach, Florida than downtown Tulsa. The style is profound. The sense of style and refinement is breath-taking. The Titanic-esc staircase that has been installed wows every guest. Literally every wedding we hear guests saying, “do you see that?” and “Can we get our pictures taken over there on the staircase?” Brides, grooms and guests are wowed every time.


Fourth, their staff is incredible. Their staff has been trained right by the Snyder family. At the Mayo the customer always comes first and they show it through their actions. Whenever a customer needs something they are on it right away. They don’t treat you like a customer. When you are a wedding guest or a corporate guest, they treat you like royalty. If you are looking for a venue to host your Tulsa wedding, we encourage you to check out the historic Mayo Hotel, it won’t disappoint.


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