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This blog has been designed for a narrowly focused audience known as the “entrepreneurs.” These rare birds are the people found within this great United States who continually find ways to solve problems for others in such a satisfactory way that others are actually willing to pay for it. These odd humans are people out there who are willing to endure adversity, the stresses that come with taking considerable risk and the occasional loneliness we often find at the top of our mountain. Mountain climbing is tough, and it requires fearlessness and determination to get to the top. Thus, when you get to the top you will often find that you will arrive their with very few others.

To succeed one must have a clear vision for their life, one must get up early, one must save diligently, one’s faith must not waiver, one must engage only in mutually beneficial relationships, one must be able to inspire others, one must be able to sell things effectively, one must be willing to deliver in promises, one must never-stop learning, one must be willing to put his / her skin in the game, one must have the courage to take action while others sit on the sidelines, and one must be willing to over-deliver to everyone they come in contact with.

Earning millions of dollars is not about the money one can make, earning millions of dollars is about becoming the kind of person that is worth millions of dollars. Slackers, those-with-only-good-intentions and those without the tenacity and resolve to get up when knocked down will not succeed in a capitalistic market. Coming to terms with the concepts that “you are the problem” and that “what you don’t know is truly killing you” has the power to change your life. Reading this blog will provide you with many of lessons, principles, case-studies and “best-practice” business solutions that you need.

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