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– This article was written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Tulsa Motivational Speaker, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Coach, Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs, and Juliet Tulsa Videography, Clay Clark.


(Learn how to think in a more innovative way like Steve Jobs did – pictured above – And less like your broke and highly-opinionated Cousin Eddie)

You only have finite amount of time on this planet. This book has been written to teach you how to make more money so that you can enjoy more of your time and help others to enjoy more of their time. Imagine for a second that you had $10,000,000 in the bank. If you had this money in your account what would you spend your time doing?

You see when it comes right down to it money (currency) is really just a unit of time. When you have lots of money you can spend your time doing whatever you want to do. You can simply pay somebody else to mow your lawn, clean your house and take out the trash. When you have lots of money you can afford to take time off to go and visit the ones you love. When you have lots of money you can help others extend the amount of time they are on the Earth by giving the charities that feed people in third world countries. When you have lots of money you can simply use it to improve the quality of your life during your short time on the Earth.

In the time from 1999 – today I’ve read countless business case studies and success orientated books. I’ve started numerous successful businesses. I’ve been featured in the New York Times. In 2002 (when I was 20) I was named the Metro Chamber of Commerce “Young Entrepreneur of the Year.” In 2007 I was named the U.S. Small Business Administration “Entrepreneur of the Year.” Since that time, people have asked me countless times if they could “take me out to lunch to pick my brain.” Inevitably I sit down with them. I invest the time to help them by discover their goals and what is stopping them from achieving them. Then I show them the step by step action steps it will take for them to go from point A to point B. The action-oriented humans (that are serious about achieving success) follow the plan and they they start making a lot of money. However, 6 months later they come back with more questions. And although I do appreciate all the time, I have spent with them, I too only have a limited amount of time. Thus I recommend that they join one of my business coaching classes. If they can afford it, they enroll and they become very successful. If can’t afford the classes, I try to coach them along when I have the time, but I rarely have much available because I have 5 kids and 1 beautiful wife who deserve my time as well.

So where does that leave the guy or the lady that is serious about being successful, but does not have the finances available to pay for some coaching time? I will personally recommend that books that taught me how to become successful and then our communication becomes very limited, because I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to spend with them and my family.

I attribute much of my success to my learned ability to think in an innovative way and I am passionate about helping you to learn how to think the same way so that you can unleash your potential! I want to see you thrive and I you have the capacity to do it! However, I also know that it will be impossible for you to achieve if you don’t fundamentally change the way you think.

What you think about is what you do. And what you do becomes what you have done. What you keep doing become a habit. What you habitually do becomes your reputation. And your reputation ultimately determines the amount of money you have the potential to make. If you are known for keeping your head in your rear at all times, people will avoid you like the plague and money can’t possibly find you. If you are known for being positive and successful money and opportunities will find you. My friend this short book was designed to be a quick reference that you can come back to time and time again during your time on this Earth to help you make more money so that you can enjoy more of life.

**If you are looking for a timeless and classic way to waste more time, spend the next 3 minutes figuring out how many times I used the word, “time.” For the record, this is the sort of activity that keeps most people poor.

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