Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

by Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author & U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark

1. Successful people study other successful people and companies in order to stimulate new ideas – Successful entrepreneurs don’t spend alot of time saying to themselves, “I think this” or “I think that.” They do spend alot of time asking successful people, “what did you do to get where you are?”

2. Successful people search for new ideas and don’t wish for things – America’s top business leaders put their faith in the actions that they are taking and that have been proven to work. Top entrepreneurs don’t hope their ideas will work. They act as pirates and not pioneers. They take ideas that work and modify them to fit the nuances of their businesses.

3. Successful people write things down – Unsuccessful people don’t ever write their ideas down, however successful people turn their intangible ideas into tangible things simply by writing them down and committing to take action. Sam Walton said his biggest contribution to Walmart was writing things down and following up.

4. Successful people commit to getting things done – Successful don’t focus on potential, they focus on the practical action steps they must take in order to turn their ideas into a reality. Successful people declare, “this will happen” and then ask “what must I do to get things done?”

5. Successful people schedule times to get their to do list done – Successful actually ask the question, “when will I do this?” They don’t just make big lists and hope that they will find the time to get things done. They schedule time and “make the time” needed to get things done.

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