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This blog post was written by Denver Colorado ID systems provider, ID Edge.

When you purchase an ID system package you will experience the following five benefits immediately.

1.  Ease of use – with our packages, we offer free phone technical support for all of your questions.  In fact most of our customers find themselves feeling overwhelmed with all of the options that are available to them, and that these feelings quickly go away with a simple phone call to our friend technicians.

2.  Increased Security – Most of our clients report that before utilizing our system, their security was being compromized on an almost daily or hourly basis.  Random solicitors and people would just walk through their office from time to time.  Which created a large opportunity for theft.  Now with visual identification, anyone who shouldn’t be in the building are easily identified.

3.  Professionalism – Even companies like Starbucks have benefited from using identification badges.  Customers can associate a name with their friendly face.  This not only helps the customer service experience, but it also helps add to the credibility of the brand.

4.  Efficiency – When using technology cards, you can add the extra benefit of having the card actually let your people in and out of your buildings and log them onto their computers.  Save time and effort.

5.  Decreased Costs – With identification systems, some businesses now no longer need a human to work up front to allow patrons to access their building.  For example, local fitness gyms can now offer customers 24 hour access without having to staff full time.


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