The Wheel of Wealth

If it is not scalable and duplicatable it is not worth doing or it is a hobby.

            At the core, nearly every successful business is the same. And at the end of the day every business exists to build wealth for its owner by providing a solution for the problems that people have. If you want to become rich you have to find a BIG PROBLEM and then you have to SOLVE IT over and over again. People had a problem. They wanted to get from A to B quickly for business or personal travel without losing their bags, without arriving late, without being charged huge prices, without encountering hidden fees, and without the hassle of unfriendly employees. Southwest Airlines solved this problem. That is why Southwest Airlines has made many people wealthy. People had a problem. They wanted to enjoy coffee in environment that felt like home, but that was not home. They wanted a place where they could enjoy a cup of coffee with their business associates and friends that felt classy and comfortable. People wanted to enjoy coffee that didn’t have floating chunks of burnt coffee floating in it. People wanted to enjoy premium coffee in a premium environment. Starbucks solved this problem. That is why Starbucks Coffee has made many people wealthy. What problems are people still having? How will you become wealthy by solving these problems?

Before you get a loan, before you spend your hard earned money on tuition studying entrepreneurship, before you lease space, before you spend a dime and before you spend your precious time, you must be able to answer these eight questions:

1. What is a problem people have?

2. What solutions can I provide for these problems?

3. How much will people be willing to pay for the solutions I provide?

4. Is my solution duplicatable & scalable? _

5. What are my ideal lifestyle goals?

6. How much money annually will it cost me to live my ideal lifestyle?

7. How many problems will I have to solve in order to afford to live my ideal lifestyle?

8. Is it possible to live my ideal lifestyle by solving this problem with my solutions?

If the answer to question 8 is no, then you need to come up with a different problem to solve. Don’t spend your hard earned money and the precious few hours you have on the planet solving problems for people if solving these problems doesn’t have the potential to make you wealthy.

It costs money to live your ideal lifestyle. It costs profound amounts of money to fund all the charities you like, to feed all the kids have (or will have), to buy all the houses, cars & boats you want to have, to go on vacation when you want and to buy that really cool cowboy that your 4 year-old son “needs” to have. Those “American Girl” dolls are expensive. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t waste your time on this planet starting a business that is a WASTE OF YOUR TIME.

Assuming that your answer to question 8 is yes, then it’s time for you to get to work. Starting a successful business is not tricky. Starting a successful business does not require above average intelligence. Starting a successful business does require having a pig-headed, purpose-driven tenacity about achieving your life goals and fulfilling your life’s vision through providing products and services that offer uncompromising quality in a scalable and duplicatable way.

As you read this incredibly-humble, practical, and ultra-action orientated entrepreneurship guide-book, I will walk you through the “Wheel of Wealth” and the 8 areas of every successful business. If you master these 8 areas, you will become wealthy. If you can’t master these 8 areas, find a partner who can help you master some of the parts that you aren’t good at, or hire a business coach who can help you through this process. The pragmatic, cut and dry reality of these 8 parts excites me!

My friend, mentally marinate on the profoundness of this. IF YOU MASTER THESE 8 AREAS YOU WILL BE RICH. What would that feel like? No more coupons. No more looking-around for good deals all the time. No more delaying maintenance on your car to afford the payment. No more life without AC in your apartment. No more years without vacations. No more inability to pay your bills. My friend, I once lived without AC during Tulsa, Oklahoma’s hot summers, I’ve been there too! It is not fun, but I am telling you from personal experience. YOU CAN DO THIS. MASTER THESE 8 AREAS AND YOU WILL MAKE BIG MONEY! Let’s get started!

Make your life epic, life is not a dress rehearsal,


Clay Clark

U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year

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