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Make Your Life Epic is a Tulsa Public Relations Firm that is focused on helping our clients to make more money now.

But before we demonstrate how we can help your company grow quickly, take a moment to review our quick company profile:

Unlike most public relations companies throughout the United States we are not focused on “getting your name out there” or “getting your message out,” we are focused on helping you and your organization to land more customers as quickly as possible.

Why does your company need a public relations firm?

Companies that are looking to grow need a public relations firm for three primary reasons:

1 – You only have one chance to make a first impression. When your clients Google your company’s name or look you up on the Internet what will they find? What will they see? Will your clients look at your website and then wonder about the overall quality of the service ? Will potential customers wonder about the quality of the products that your company provides? Or will they feel 100% confident in the service you deliver because of your ability to systematically document past successes in a way that adds value to products and services?

2 – In a competitive marketplace it is absolutely essential that you package or products correctly. Stop for a moment and imagine that you actually purchased your wife Tiffany bracelet for the holidays. As you left the Tiffany store with the box in hand you felt excited to see the look on her face when she realizes that you invested in your relationship and purchased her a Tiffany’s piece of jewelry. Now imagine as you pop into your car and begin to head home you slip and fall, and you accidentally dropped the jewelry box onto the ground. Because the ground is covered with snow the Tiffany box is badly damaged and is wet, however the bracelet is still in great condition. So the night before Christmas as you begin to wrap all the gifts that you purchased or wife you realized that it would be unpreventable to give her this beautiful bracelet and that beat up Tiffany’s box. So innocently takes a Tiffany’s bracelet out of box and place it into the best box that you can find. The box that you find just happens to be from a piece of costume jewelry that you bought for your wife 12 years before from Kmart. After wrapping the gift you then place it underneath the tree eagerly anticipating the look on her face when she sees this beautiful Tiffany jewelry for the first time. On the day of Christmas when it becomes time to pass out the gifts and for everyone to open the presence you grow more and more excited with each passing second. Finally it is her time to open up the gifts. She begins to tear away at the gift wrapping and then she sees it. She sees the box. And she immediately thinks you are a low class individual who actually purchased her a tacky Kmart bracelet as a Christmas gift. Without even looking inside the box to see the contents of the box she throws the jewelry box at you and discussed. She then begins crying and walks out of the room. Uganda are left to wonder, did she not one to bracelet? Did she not want Tiffany’s jewelry? Or did she just not want jewelry from Kmart? My friend the difference between having a high-value product in a low value product has as much to do with the gift wrapping and the perception that it creates as anything. Perhaps your company is wrapping your product and service gifts incorrectly? At make your life epic we specialize in helping you rebrand your products and services in a way that will add value to the overall customer experience and the customer value proposition. To learn more about how we can increase the perceived value of the products and services that you offer give us a call today at 918-851-0102.

3 – if your company is not in the headlines then your company is invisible. Today we live in a time of unprecedented marketing clutter. Our ideal and likely buyers are constantly being bombarded with emails, texts, Facebook updates, Tweets, YouTube videos, and endless barrage of marketing mania. Is your company standing out? If you know that your company is not memorable in the marketplace than you need to give us a call today.

Meet the Make Your Life Epic Team

Make Your Life Epic PR is Tulsa’s leading public relations firm. In a time where the clutter of commerce has become so overwhelming that your potential customers and ideal buyers no longer even check their email for fear that it is filled with shameless advertisements you need to stand out or you will risk being forgotten. At MYLE we have a rich history of providing leading organizations, startups, and also businesses with the graphic design, search engine optimization, videography, commercial video production, professional photography, book writing, article writing, event planning, and event production services that they need to grow their companies quickly.

Did you know?

Make Your Life Epic is the home of the U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year
Make Your Life Epic and our sister companies have provided services for Maytag, Farmers Insurance, Valspar Paint, Trinity Employment and Tulsa Staffing, Eddie Sutton, Tulsa Sports Charities, etc…
We have provided services for companies in nearly every industry from banking and mortgage lending, to bakeries and basketball coaches. And not all of the industries that we work in start wth “the letter b.”
Since 2007, our client focused approach to marketing and PR has helped countless companies to grow quickly even in amidst the recession. At Make Your Life Epic, we know how to deliver a targeted message to your ideal and likely buyers. This is your year to grow your business and to Make Your Life Epic. Call us today, we would love to discover the unique factors that are limiting your business growth so that we can begin working together to solve them.

How We Provide Service To Our Clients.

At Make Your Life Epic, our overall PR expertise is the top amongst the industry. Rather than charging you a fee for PR as a standalone service we focus on providing you the entire range of services that you need to take your company from where you are to worry you want to be. At MYLE we offer award-winning photography, videography, PR consulting, graphic design, event planning, strategic counsel, article writing, press release scripting, grand opening event planning, product launch strategy consulting, search engine optimization, social media marketing strategy development and the endless variety of cost effective business marketing solutions.

So how can Make Your Life Epic help your company to grow?
• We can help you come up top in internet searches without strong-arming you into a pay-per click campaign.
• We can help you to develop your brand differentiation, your name, your logo and your overall marketing materials.
• We can help you create PR / Newsworth events that generate revenue for the charities you support and interest from your ideal and likely buyers.
• We can help you to turn your social media marketing from an measurable time-waster into a profit center.
• We can help you create series of viral internet commercials.
• We can help you create memorable TV commercials.
• We can do it all just give us a call.

A Cast Study of Success:

Here is example of how MYLE is helping companies to grow within Tulsa involves the work we did with a local bakery. This bakery was formerly located at 46th & Mingo in Tulsa Oklahoma and was one of Tulsa’s best kep secrets. Or if you want to look at another way, nobody knew that this business existed. This business produced fabulous cakes, and every bride and groom who saw the cakes for the first time was absolutely wowed. However, not many people knew that some of the best cakes and Oklahoma were being made at this small hole in the wall kitchen. To make matters worse, the business itself wasn’t producing enough profit to sustain the owner.

So after meeting with the owner in discovering her unique needs our company went to work to help get the message out to the city of Tulsa without breaking the bank. First, we set down with the owner to identify who are ideal and likely buyers were. After this discussion it was determined that the entire focus of the marketing campaign should be on the wedding industry and the vendors that work within the industry. In the wedding industry nearly all brides and grooms first select their bridal gown then they select their venue. After they’ve selected the venue then they move on to finding their entertainment, their photographer, and their bakery. So we developed a strategy that was designed to wow the businesses that were above the bakery in the food chain and it had the capacity and the inclination to refer a local bakery to the brides and grooms that they were working with.

We then developed what we call a hot 100 list. This hot 100 list consisted of the vendors located within Tulsa who were the most likely to refer and award-winning bakery. We then created a step-by-step system to reach out to these vendors in a methodical and relationship building way.

We then spent time with brides and grooms asking them where they learned about the wedding vendors that they chose for their big day. Couples continually told us that they read such publications specific publications within Tulsa. We then determined that we needed to tell the bakery’s story in the pages of these periodicals, news stories, wedding magazines, and blog content providers. In order to generate interest in our bakery into create newsworthy content so that the publications would be inclined to write about the bakery we created a plan to participate in various wedding cake and gourmet bakery competitions.

By the end of the calendar year this company had nearly doubled in size. In fact, their biggest issue that they dealt with was fulfillment. More and more brides and grooms continued calling inquiring about the services that they provided. So a decision was made to actually no longer take anymore orders above a certain threshold on peak dates. This is a nice problem to have. Essentially the company went from having a lack of demand problem to having a lack of supply problem.

In addition to focusing on the off-line marketing, and the PR marketing, we also simultaneously begin optimizing the company’s website so that they would come up top in various Internet searches. These search terms that we focused on were determined after spending considerable amounts of time interviewing ideal and likely buyers of the wedding cakes. Thus, when the brides and grooms went on to the Internet to find wedding cakes in Tulsa, Tulsa cupcakes or the various other terms that they were looking for they found this bakery.

If your business would like to grow quickly into go from having a demand problem to having a supply problem then give us a call today. Because we only take a maximum number of 15 clients at a time it is important that we meet with you as soon as possible so that we can forecast for you when we will have an availability to work with you and help your business grow.

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