A Review of the Five Oaks Lodge In Jenks, Oklahoma

This post was written by the founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker & U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark


I am proud to say that I am one of the first DJs to have ever DJ’ed at the Five Oaks Lodge in Jenks, Oklahoma. When in I was still enrolled in college at Oral Roberts University, I got the call from a man named Adam Spuler. Adam told me that he was going to be hosting a graduation party at this new venue in Jenks, Oklahoma. He explained to me that the event center was located where the former Jenks Amusement Park used to be. First off, I didn’t know where this place was. 2nd, I did not even know that Jenks ever had an amusement park. I knew of Bealls Amusement Park but that was about the extent of my knowledge of the Tulsa amusement park industry.


When the day of the event came I loaded up my DJ gear from the 101st and Riverside storage location and headed across the river on the Jenks Bridge. Then I turned left on Elm and drove out to 121st. Soon I pulled into the road that lead up to this new venue. As I drove down the long and winding road I was not ready for what I saw. As I winded the turn, I began to catch a glimpse of this glorious establishment. Built by Randy and Claudia, this place was absolutely gorgeous. It appeared to be that kind of structure you would find in Colorado serving as a ski lodge. It was clearly something that Tulsa had never scene. The building resembled a big log cabin and when it came to detail, Randy and Claudia didn’t forget anything.


This beautiful facility overlooked the lake behind it and provided the guests with an unobstructed view of nature yet it was located in Jenks, Oklahoma amidst the suburban sprawl. Various portions of the old amusement park had been used to construct this facility. Old railroad ties had been used and various other parts left over from the old amusement park were used in ways that would have made MacGyver proud. The bathrooms had beautiful stained concrete floors, the bar was incredible and the ceilings were vaulted and wide open. The fireplace inside the facility was break taking and the smell of burning firewood was in the air because of the wood burning chimney they built in the front of the facility.


The decorations that Claudia filled the venue with were spectacular as well. From the very first second I walked in I knew that this place would become one of the top venues in Tulsa for weddings. I knew this place would become the new weekend home of many of our Tulsa wedding djs because brides would love this place and they would instantly catch the vision of the ambiance being created at the Five Oaks Lodge in Jenks, Oklahoma.


That night the Spuler family had a great time dancing and celebrating the graduates from Oral Roberts University. I enjoyed getting people involved in the fun that was designed to cap off a wonderful 4 year academic career of those being honored.

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