How To Find the Right DJ Company For Your Wedding

Written by Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs, Author, U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year & Las Vegas Motivatioal Speaker – Clay Clark

You have decided to say “I Do.” And this is a BIG DEAL! Your family is excited. Your date has been set! You updated your Facebook Status ! It’s almost crazy how excited and how motivated you feel. Now, however you find yourself being bombarded with calls, and in endless meetings as you try to assemble to perfect wedding team of vendors. You are looking for the right Tulsa wedding photographers, and the right Tulsa Wedding DJs. You are looking for florists, you are looking for food and you are looking for gifts for the groomsmen.

Because you are booking so many things at the same time it can get overwhelming for multiple reasons. The costs can be extreme and the time commitment can be intense. So how do you prioritize what is important and what is not? How do you decide who is the best vendor for you and who is not.

From my perspective, here is what I have discovered. 90% of couples plan out every detail of their wedding and then they just hire “a dude they know” to entertain their guests. When the “dude they know” fails to show up or fails to entertain, people leave early. When they leave the reception early, the couple feels like they wasted alot of money on things that people never got to enjoy because they all left so quickly at the reception.

However, 10% of couples decide that they are not booking anything unless it’s the best. They know that entertainment can make or break the big event and they go on a quest looking for the best entertainers they can afford. These people have great wedding receptions and their guests stay all night. They feel great about their entertainment and they feel like all of the money they invested was a “good investment.”

So how are you going to find great entertainment?

Regardless of whether you book DJ Connection or not, you need to look for a few simple things to make sure that your event is great. If you find a DJ or band that can do these things you will be happy and you will feel like you spent your time and money wisely.

1) Get an entertainer that can host your event. Don’t book a human IPOD.

2) Book an entertainer that is full of energy. If the person can’t muster up the energy to answer their phone with passion, they are going to bomb your reception if they are feeling tired their as well.

3) Book the award-winners and they record breakers. Book the people with a track record of getting it done. Don’t let people experiment on your big day. Book proven winners!

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