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Thus far my brain hurts as we are approaching the conclusion of the creation of the Employee Handbook Part 4, but I must press on. If you need help creating your own employee handbook, please contact our offices today.

Disability Accommodations
The Company is committed to complying fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ensuring equal opportunity in employment for qualified persons with disabilities. All employment practices and activities are conducted on a non-discriminatory basis.

The Company recognizes employees with life-threatening disabilities, such as cancer, heart disease, and AIDS may wish to continue their normal pursuits, including work, to the extent that their condition allows. The decision to continue work will be based on the employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation, to the Company’s expected performance standards. The Company will reasonably accommodate a qualified person’s disability provided it does not cause undue hardship to the Company. Should an employee believe that an accommodation may be needed in order to perform the essential functions of the employee’s position; the employee should discuss the matter with their manager and human resource department.

Criminal Convictions / Background Checks
The Company has the right not to employ or continue to employ anyone who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving dishonesty or breach of trust, theft, shoplifting, robbery or any crime involving violence or the sale, use, possession or trafficking of illegal drugs. Also, to ensure that we don’t get incorrect or second-hand information, any such conviction that occurs after you are employed must be brought to the attention of your manager within twenty-four hours.

The Company may also conduct background checks that may include criminal convictions, motor vehicle records, and other relevant background information. You may also be required to provide proof of automobile insurance coverage if you operate your personal vehicle to conduct company business. This includes, but is not limited to, running errands for the Company, picking up or returning products from other workplaces, taking the deposit to the Company’s approved bank, or going to / coming from an event, etc.


Introductory Period
The ten (10) calendar days of continuous employment at the Company during which you learn your responsibilities and get acquainted with your fellow employees and the Company is considered an introductory period. During this time you have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to handle candid feedback. You can showcase your ability to be adaptable, while over-delivering and working in a spirit of humorous enthusiasm. You will get to show that you have the ability to meet the on-going learning requirements. During this time, you will have a chance to decide whether you would be a good fit for the job. Your supervisor will have the opportunity to determine whether you are adapting to your new position with the Company.
The Company has the right to lengthen the introductory period if it is deemed necessary, or to terminate the employment relationship at any time during this period. Completion of the introductory period does not change your “at will” employment status or entitle you to remain employed by the Company. Both you and the Company are free, at any time, during or after the ten (10) day introductory period, with or without advance notice, and with or without “cause”, to end the employment relationship and your compensation.


Unemployment Compensation
The Company contributes to the Unemployment Insurance Fund on behalf of its employees.
Employees make no contribution for this coverage.  The Company pays the entire cost.
Social Security Social Security is an important part of every employee’s retirement benefit.  The Company pays a matching contribution to each employee’s Social Security taxes.

Business Travel
Travel expenses shall be reimbursed based on the most economical mode of transportation and the most commonly traveled route (Google Maps) consistent with the authorized purpose of the trip. All receipts must be kept & turned in to the Accounting Office in order to be reimbursed. This includes, but is not limited to: Hotel / Lodging, Toll Roads, Parking Fees, Meals, or Gas / Mileage. Employs will not be reimbursed for undocumented travel expenses.

Vacation Schedule
For Office Employees: To request for Vacation, fill out the Vacation Leave Request Form and turn in to Manager for approval.

For all employees not working within the office, you must call in to the Manager or Production Manager for approval.

The Company will grant holiday time off to all exempt personnel for the holidays listed below:
Thanksgiving Day (November)
Christmas Day (December 25th)

Additionally, the Company will observe the following additional holidays:
New Years Day (January 1st) we will leave work early this day
Independence Day (July 4th) we will leave work early this day

Unfortunately, at this time we will not be recognizing the following holidays:
National Hip-Hop Weekend
The 5th of July
Valentine’s Day
Your Birthday
Failure To Plan Day

Meal Policy
All meals in the office during the work hours should be eaten at the area designated by your Manager. The only exception is your Manager, who has earned the right to eat wherever he would like.


Leaves of Absence
The Company may grant leaves of absence to employees in certain circumstances. It is important to request any leave in writing as far in advance as possible. It is important to keep in touch with your supervisor during your leave, and to give prompt notice if there is any change in your return date. Random, unplanned leaves of absence are viewed as events indicating that you are no longer interested in maintaining employment with our company. If your scheduled leave expires and you have not contacted your supervisor or the Human Resources department, the Company will assume that you do not plan to return and wish to terminate your employment. If you are unwilling or unable to return to work at the conclusion of any leave, your employment may be terminated.

Funeral or Bereavement Leave of Absence
In the event of the death of your close-friend, current spouse, child, parent, legal guardian, brother, sister, grandparent, grand child or mother-, father-, sister-, brother-, son-, or daughter-in-law, you may take up to three (3) consecutive scheduled workdays off with the approval of your supervisor. A Vacation Leave form must be completed indicating the number of days requested, your relationship to the deceased, and have the Manager’s approval.

Personal Leave Of Absence
A personal leave of absence may be granted at the discretion of the Company. It is understood that you will not obtain or seek other employment while you are on a leave of absence. Seeking employment elsewhere while taking an official leave of absence indicates that you no longer want to work at the Company. Acceptance of other employment while on leave, unless otherwise agreed to in advance, will be treated as a voluntary resignation from employment at the Company.

Military Leave of Absence
The Company grants full and part-time employees who are members of the United States
Uniformed Services leaves of absence to fulfill military obligations and reemployment rights following separation from service, in accordance with state and federal law.  Employees requiring leave must provide their supervisor with advance notice of the need for leave, unless notice is impossible or prevented by military necessity.
Members of the National Guard or Reserve components of the armed forces will be granted leaves to attend annual training exercises and periodic drills.
Returning to work will be at the discretion of the Manager or Owner.

Family and Medical Leave Policy
Leave requests by employees for Family and Medical Leave may be granted by the Company at its sole discretion. Documentation showing that a Doctor’s visit has occurred must be made available upon request. Over the years numerous individuals have used the “Medical Emergency Card” to the extent that we have found it wise to ask employees from time to time to provide evidence that such an accurence actually took place on the planet Earth.

Requests for Family and Medical Leave
All requests for Family and Medical Leave (or extensions) must be submitted on a Vacation Leave form for approval.  If the need for the leave is foreseeable, you must provide at least thirty (30) days advance notice. If unforeseeable, leave requests must be made as soon as practicable under the circumstances.

Scheduling of Leave
If the leave is for the care of a child after birth or adoption, you must complete the leave within one (1) year of the birth or adoption.
Family Leave and Medical Leave may be taken intermittently or on a reduced schedule if it is medically necessary to care for a spouse, parent, or child with a serious health condition or for your own serious health condition. Leave for the birth or adoption of a child or placement of a foster child may be taken in amounts approved by the Company.  Intermittent leaves, reduced schedules, and leaves that are foreseeable must be scheduled in a manner that will minimize disruption to operations.

Outside Employment
If you are eligible and your leave is approved, you may not be employed with any employer, other than the Company during your leave.
Outside employment during your leave will result in immediate termination.

When you are able to return to work, you should give the Company at least two (2) weeks notice. This is important so that your return to work is properly scheduled. Upon your return, a doctor’s certificate stating that you are physically able to return to your normal duties will be required.

You should understand that you have no greater right to reinstatement or to other benefits of employment than if you had continued to work during your leave. On that basis, the Company will reinstate you to your former job or an equivalent position if you return from your Family and Medical Leave within twelve (12) weeks, unless you would not otherwise have been employed if leave had not been taken.

Pregnancy Disability Leave
For employees, pregnancy disability leave may also be available to employees in addition to Family and Medical Leave, and the Family Rights Act leave.  The twelve (12) week maximum Family and Medical Leave Act leave does not include leave time for an employee is allowed because of pregnancy disability. Pregnancy disability leave begins on the first day that the employee’s health care provider certifies she is unable to work and ends when her health care provider certifies she is able to return to work, or after a total of four months of leave, whichever occurs first. Family leave to care for a newborn child may be available following pregnancy disability leave. If requested leave qualifies for FMLA leave and leave under state law, the leave used counts against the employee’s entitlement under both laws unless otherwise prohibited.
Employees are encouraged to direct any questions regarding the limitation and conditions that apply under this policy to the Human Resources department. Taking off of work because your friend is pregnant or contemplating becoming pregnant is not a valid reason to miss work.

Voting Time Off
The Company encourages you to fulfill your civic responsibilities by voting. For all employees, if you cannot vote before or after working hours in statewide public elections, then you will be allowed sufficient time off to go to the polls. It is important that you make the right choice when voting.

You must give reasonable notice of the need to have time off to vote, and you must give at least three (3) days notice when three (3) days notice is possible.

Child’s School Discipline
If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child who lives with you, and you receive written notice from the principal of the child’s school requesting your attendance at a disciplinary conference, you are entitled to take an unpaid leave to attend the conference.  Check with your supervisor for eligibility and scheduling before taking any leave to attend a disciplinary conference. Calling into the Doctor Laura show after hours is acceptable behavior within the guidelines of this documentation.

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