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Although Sean Elliott has worked on this handbook more than I have, I feel like I’ve worked on it longer than he has. I have no proof of this, this is just something I choose to believe. If you could like more information about our incredible employee handbook visit us today online at http://www.djconnectiontulsa.com


Team Member Training Program
Our Team Member Training program is a weekly (continual) training. This training includes:
Learning the scripts & watching the training videos.
Learning the processes and procedures required to meet/exceed expectations and
Improving performance to ensure your continuous growth and success.
Developing each employee’s self-sufficiency in running your station.
Meeting specific guidelines for appropriate certifications in the training system.
Role playing exercises.
Group discussions.
Teaching from the leadership in a group format.
Workshop style training classes.

When you read this portion of the handbook you are required to write the words “Captain Kirk” at the bottom of the handbook so that we know you have read it.

Please see your Manager for specific deadlines and certifications required.
Training Topics Instructions are provided for learning about a specific job responsibility or procedure. Each lesson refers you to the appropriate reference materials, which are defined below, and provides exercises that you complete to practice what you learn from the reference materials.

“Setting the Pace” (STP) Training Program
“Setting the Pace” is the Company training program for the Sales Team which is implemented in the workplace to ensure that team builds the skills needed to book our clients properly. This training includes:
Listening to recorded calls.
Finding weak points in calls & developing ways to improve.
Improving performance to your continuous growth and success.

Setting the Pace Lessons
Instructions are provided for learning about a specific job responsibility or procedure.  Each lesson refers you to the appropriate reference materials, which are defined below, and provides exercises that you can complete to practice what you learn from the references.


Employee Performance Appraisals
Performance appraisals are a tool for supporting communication between you, your supervisor, and management.  Supervisors and employees are strongly encouraged to discuss job performance and goals on an informal, day-to-day basis. Performance appraisal discussions and documentation may reflect the following areas but are not limited to these areas alone:
the work being done
ways it could be improved
ways performance exceeds expectations
goals to consider or requirements to be set
agreements or disagreements on performance and other work-related issues
possible results or ramifications
You are encouraged to give your view. Use this opportunity to add to what is said or written. You should state any concerns or disagreements you have. No false kindness will be tolerated during these appraisals. It is the Manager’s job to let all employees know where they stand, what they are doing well and what they can do better.

There are (12) twelve monthly Employee Performance Assessments completed each month for employees.
All employees will need to have completed their 30-day introductory period prior to receiving a performance appraisal. Any employee with less than 30-days of service at the performance appraisal time will be reviewed for increase at the next cycle. Any employee on an approved leave of absence (LOA) of 30 days or more will have their performance appraisal cycle delayed by an amount of time equal to the length of their LOA.

Employee Files
The information recorded in your personnel file is extremely important to you and to the Company. It is your responsibility to make sure that the personal data in the file is accurate and up to date. Immediately report, in writing, any change of address, phone number, etc. to the HR department. Current employees of the Company are allowed to inspect their personnel file on the premises of the Company at a scheduled time mutually convenient for the employee and the Company. If you want to inspect your personnel file, discuss it with the Human Resources department. You may add, to your file, your version of any disputed item in your personnel file. If you wish to add a colorful picture to your personal file you will be allowed to do that provided that the picture is appropriate.

Open Door Policy
At some time or another, you may have a complaint, suggestion, or question about your job, your working conditions, treatment you are receiving, etc. Your suggestions for improving the Company’s operations are always welcome. Your complaints or questions are also of concern to the Company. For issues other than prohibited harassment and discrimination, we ask that you take your concerns first to your Manager or Human Resources Director, following these steps:
1. Bring the situation to the attention of your Manager or HR team during the appropriately assigned times who will investigate and provide a solution or explanation.
2. If the problem is not addressed in a reasonable period, you may put it in writing to
the Owner.

Please consider the Open Door Policy your right and responsibility. Your front line position makes your comments invaluable. If your immediate supervisor is in the best position to respond to you, please speak to him/her in person. In addition, you may call anyone in a management position that is listed in the Company Directory.

Nothing in this Open Door Policy is intended to, or should be taken to limit the employment-at-will relationship between you and the Company. Either you or the Company can terminate your employment at any time with or without “cause” and with or without advance notice.

Employee Suggestions
The Company encourages employees to use creativity and job knowledge to discover ways to save time, simplify work procedures, and improve quality. Please submit ideas for improving departmental procedures to your supervisor. Suggestions regarding overall Company policies and procedures may be submitted to the Human Resource department. Do not submit your employee suggestions to your Facebook News Feed or the News Feed of others.

Arbitration Agreement
To resolve disputes, which might otherwise become civil court cases, you are required as a condition of employment to agree that the following disputes will be submitted to final and binding arbitration before a neutral arbitrator and not to any court:
1. Claims of unlawful harassment or discrimination, which cannot be resolved by the parties or during an investigation by an administrative agency (such as the state’s Civil Rights Division or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).
2. Claims of wrongful discharge or termination.
3. Any claims of breach of contract or tort claims arising out of your employment or termination with the Company, including, but not limited to, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, intentional interference with contract, or right to privacy.

You begin the arbitration process by delivering a written request for arbitration to the Company within the time limits, which would apply to the filing of a civil complaint in court. A late request will be void. If we are unable to agree upon a neutral arbitrator, we will obtain a list of arbitrations from the American Arbitration Association. You and the company agree that your portion of the arbitrator’s fee and any other type of expense unique to the arbitration will be covered by you. The parties will pay their own attorneys’ fees unless the arbitrator awards such fees as may be authorized by a statute or contract at issue in the dispute.

This arbitration shall be the exclusive means of resolving any dispute(s) listed in this agreement and no other action will be brought in any court or administrative forum.
If any court of competent jurisdiction declares that any part of this Arbitration Agreement is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such a declaration will not affect the legality, validity of enforceability of the remaining parts of the Agreement, and the illegal, invalid or unenforceable part will no longer be a part of the Agreement.

This agreement is a waiver of all rights to a civil jury trial for a disputed termination, demotion, and/or a claim for unlawful harassment or employment discrimination, and/or a claim for breach of contract or any tort claim arising out of your employment or termination with the company.


Dress and Grooming
To become upwardly mobile in a capitalist system, it is important that you dress for the role that you want to have not for the role you currently have. Your image is our image. Customers judge us based on their first impressions of us. You were hired to work here because of the excellent impression that you made. We feel that you represent the qualities, motivation and responsible attitude to become an integral part of our team. We have worked very hard to establish the positive image that our Company has in this community. Several things have contributed to that: over-delivery of our products and services, a high-quality product priced for a good value, comfortable and clean surroundings, community service, volunteerism, philanthropic work within the city, professional construction, public relations management, social media management, and, most important, top notch people such as you providing friendly, efficient service. Our image is critical to our success, so we have very high expectations of all our team members in terms of performance and behavior. For instance, it is unacceptable to wear a shirt that smells awful, that has not been washed in several weeks, and a pink tie that is half as long as it should be when meeting with a client.

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