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We’re excited to see that you have taken the first step to transforming your organization and your life. We will get in touch with your group shortly!

Over the years, we’ve had an opportunity to coach people from all walks of life who were once just surviving and are now thriving like never before.

We are huge believers I n practicing what we preach so that is why we make sure to schedule time to take care of our health, maintain great relationships and see to it that our businesses are thriving.

Because of this we can only schedule a limited number of speaking and coaching clients per month. If we are unable to accommodate you at this time we sincerely apologize. If we can take you as a client please know that Napoleon Hill was right when he wrote, “Action is the real measure of intelligence.” We will teach you and your organization the SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE TO GET FROM A TO B, but it is up to you to ultimately take action.

This could be you. The results of taking the right action steps:

(Within 2 months) my percentage of success on calls is drastically improving by using humor (4 new contracts with 5 calls). We’ve increased our profits by $2,800 per week (12K per month of gross income). We are above 1,100 staffing hours, we had been stuck at 700. The procedures make me feel better. We are not there yet, but we are getting close. We almost have all of our templates for client responses written. Are scripts are almost uniform. My way of thinking is changing g and I am looking for ways to connect with people of influence. Our consistency is getting better. I am becoming a better manager and much more confident.”

Cory Mentor
CEO / President of Trinity Employment & Staffing
(918) 622-2588
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  • At the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute, we believe that the purpose of any organization / business or service is help you accomplish your goals while adding the most value possible to your ideal customers (members) and likely buyers (participants).
  • At Make Your Life Epic, we believe that marketing is simply getting your products or services in front of your ideal customers and likely buyers in a memorable way that compels people to take action. We only focus on ideal customers and likely buyers? (known as ICLB)

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