Learn How To Become the Ultimate Wedding DJ

Written by the founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs, the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author & Award-Winning Entertainer – Clay Clark

When I started DJ Connection out of my college dorm room in 1999, I had a big vision for what it could become, but I had no idea what it would take for me to turn my vision into reality. I had no idea of how hard I would have to work. I had no idea how challenging it would be to find quality people who were capable of learning how to entertain the masses. Training people to DJ has never been tough, it’s just always been rather challenging to find decent people.

Essentially top companies like QuikTrip, Southwest Airlines and Disney are on the look out for quality people, not people who already posses the core skills they’ll need to have to perform the jobs well. Once they find a quality person, these top companies believe that they can then train them to do whatever they need for them to do. When it comes to DJ-ing, it took awhile for me to grasp this concept, but I now embrace it and fully understand it. We can train quality people on how to become a great DJ. But we cannot train great DJs on how to become quality people. We can’t train morality, dependability and that inner conscience that one needs to be successful. Our brides, grooms and clients deserve integrity, honesty, fairness and a great work ethic on the day of their wedding. In fact, they demand it. So at DJ Connection we are now and will always be looking to hire great people whom we can train the “Art of DJ-ing.”

So, if you are a great person and you want to learn how to become a great DJ, we have put this page together for you. This page of the website will show you how to introduce events and how to get the crowd going. This page will also model for you many of the DJ “Jedi Moves” that you will need to know to have profound success at each show. Watch and enjoy. May the “Force” be with you.

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